Summer’s Beauty Blunders & How To Solve Them FAST!

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Summer’s Biggest Beauty Blunders &

The Tricks To Solve Them Fast!

Go ahead and steal a page from my playbook about how to resolve the worst beauty disasters that can mess with your “pretty” throughout summer 2017! If you’re suddenly stricken with a “Humidity Breakout,” a “Skunk Stripe,” a “Peel-culiar Disaster,” or “Face Melt” I have the on-the-go, easy remedies for all 4!  But first you need to understand the landscape here! So lets start with the “Humidity Breakout” and allow me to define it in terms you can all understand. I use to love Cliff Notes growing up, and this is my beauty themed homage to them right below.

Palm Trees

Ocean Breeze

Salty Air

Sun Kissed Hair

Endless Summer Take Me There!

The Humidity Breakout: When Hot Summer Temps & Humidity Over Stimulate Your Complexion


PRICE: $19.99, AAA battery included
SHOP IT: National Food, Drug & Mass Merchandisers Nationwide Starting THIS July
WHAT IS IT? A handheld gadget that resembles a pen uses red and blue, UV Free, FDA cleared, light to surround a blemish and heal it by reducing inflammation and bacteria. As soon a you feel a blemish forming under your skin don’t wait, mobilize with Neutrogena’s Acne Light Therapy Spot Treatment. The worst thing to do is pick or pop a blemish… it can cause the bacteria to spread and result in scarring and pigmentation. You use this light therapy device 3 times a day for 2 minutes at a time and results can be seen in just two days. It’s easy to use on clean skin and the device automatically turns off after the 2 minutes elapses. The blue light helps to destroy lingering bacteria while the red light works in tandem to reduce redness and inflammation. This is easy and essential to pack on a vacation so the unexpected doesn’t pop up (pun is totally intended!).

The Skunk Stripe: When Summer Sun Fades Your Color Quicker Then You Expected & Now You Resemble Pepe Le Pew (Don’t Let This Happen)

PRICE: $9.99
SHOP IT: Walgreens nationwide
This has been my go-to for covering my roots in between colorings. Grayaway is perfect for instantly and easily blending in with your hair color, letting you look your best without the need to re-dye roots (before you’re ready). EverPro Beauty’s secret to success is how they use self adjusting color-matching pigments to seamlessly blend into hair color, whether you’re coloring grays or lighter roots (if you dye your hair darker).  It comes in two delivery systems: The Root Concealer Spray & The Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder. The Magnetic Powder should be called “Magical Powder” because this protein-rich powder magnetically binds or lets say attaches along each hair strand like a magnet providing the ultimate coverage that stays put all day long. Either comes in handy when the summer sun attacks your tresses and your color fades faster then you anticipated. At that moment you need a quick fix especially if you’re on a vacation and no where near your hair stylist. Do not grab for your kids’ crayons or felt tipped markers ladies! Don’t do it. Get GrayAway!

A Peel-culiar Disaster: You’re Peeling From O.D’ing On Too Much Sun, Surf & Sand! Your Skin Resembles Mammoth After A Snow Storm!

PRICE: $42
SHOP IT: Here Free Shipping On U.S. Orders + 30% Off For You Type “KLEAN” At Checkout LEARN MORE: Generation Klean
If the summer sun, sea salt, chlorine and sweat have left both your face and body feeling dry and scaly… Generation Klean to your rescue with their Face & Body Kleanser. Men, women and teens can “180” the feel of their skin in the first application of this Korean inspired skincare product. In the shower or at the sink place some Generation Klean Kleanser in your fingertips, massage gently on the area needing some love and rinse. It’s that easy. It smooths and gently buff and exfoliates which results in glowing bright, soft skin. The magic trifecta of ingredients that work synergistically together are aloe vera, rosemary leaf extract and ginkgo biloba with zero synthetic fragrance, parabens or glycol. And GK throws us the coolest bonus ladies, as their Kleanser is great to use as a primer BEFORE you apply your makeup.  Hollywood makeup artists and estheticians are getting their celebrity clients hooked because it works so fast and delivers instant gratification in a variety of ways.  So to recap: 1 bottle, 3 things!  Cleanse/exfoliate WHOLE BODY AND Prime Face. For the gal-on-the-go with a limited budget or if you define yourself as a “lazy girl” and less is more getting ready daily, this one bottle is your ticket to easy results and tons of compliments about your glowing complexion head to toe.

Face Melt: You’ve Been A Social Butterfly From Weddings To Outdoor Concerts & The Lack Of Sleep Has Finally Caught Up With YOU!

PRICE: $32 Neck Masks (Box of 5) & $39 Eye Masks (Box Of 10)
SHOP IT: Neck Here & Eyes Here FREE SHIPPING W/orders over $25 & 20% OFF For My Readers! Type In Code: “Stacy20” At Checkout!
Summer is definitely the season to socialize! We have back-to-back weddings, impromptu get togethers, summer concerts, barbecues plus picnics and little vacations sprinkled all over the place. At the close of each day all you’re aiming for is your head to hit a pillow as quickly as possible. Well let it hit the pillow BUT before it does, think to apply Musely’s Eye Masks and Neck Masks THEN get your beauty rest! Everyone the lesson here is: Multi-task while you sleep and you’ll reap the benefits not to mention look fierce in photos. So what makes Hydrogel Mask material so ground breaking?  Well, turns out these masks were actually made possible by a medical lab’s discovery – they invented hydrogel to keep burn wounds moist. Musely saw the potential application to keep skin hydrated for beauty purposes, and made their first sheet mask with the same material. Designed to target specific concerns – neck, face, forehead and eye… the masks allow you to precisely deliver ingredients customized for each area of your face & décolletage.  So apply these under your eyes and neck and  SLEEP IN THEM!  YES, wear them overnight: The 3 layer hydrogel time-releases hydration and ingredients over 8 hours and increases skin hydration by 10%. No surprise they use only clean ingredients such as  prickly pear seed oil, cucumber fruit extract, green tea extract, pomegranate and starflower to amp up our complexion.  Knowing I had this big TV segment today, I slept with a set of the neck and eye masks on and woke up looking rested and ready for live TV!  It made applying my makeup smoother, faster and easier plus my self confidence felt a boost too.

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