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Does your Mom, Grandma or Aunt always say the same leading up to Mother’s Day ‘Whatever you do, I don’t want you to spend a lot of money on me!’  They’re so sweet to worry about us and not to mention our budgets right? But this Sunday, May 10th, it’s all about honoring and celebrating these wonderful ladies in a thoughtful manner.  So I hit the internet, called my sources, went on foot to stores and came up with 7 great ways to pamper Mom that won’t break the bank AND are things our Moms likely won’t treat themselves to! (below a pic of me with my mom, Gail, in 2011)

 HALLMARK MOMENT: “Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart!”


Now This Will Definitely Surprise Her…
WHAT: Xeomin (incobotulinmotoxinA)
WHY: Xeomin is a prescription medication used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults. It’s an alternative to Botox, both part the neuro-modulator category. It differs because it’s the only neuro-modulator on the market that’s purified meaning it has no accessory protein. It only has the active product you need. Think of it like buying organic produce at the market VS regular produce. Xeomin would be considered the “organic” in this case. IF your mom has been telling you she doesn’t feel her age recently, but thinks she looks it…getting her a gift certificate to visit a local area doctor for this quick, in and out treatment will have her exclaiming “you shouldn’t have, but since you did…thanks!” Make an afternoon out of it and once she books the appointment, go with her, take her out to lunch before or afterward.
COST: Hmm… this is hard to articulate because dependent upon the part the country your in, what price that doctor has set per unit and the amount needed to complete the treatment cost varies between patients. This is why I suggest scheduling a consultation beforehand to ask questions and get information.


  • Kristin Tarbet, MD, Bellevue, Seattle
  • Craig Jonov, MD, Lynnwood, Seattle
  • Ava Shambam, MD, Beverly Hills, CA

IMPACT: Anticipate it will take approximately 2 weeks to see the full results/impact and expect it to endure for approximately 4 months.

HAVE I TRIED IT: Yes, one wk ago. It takes 2 weeks to see the full result, BUT I’ve already been receiving tons of compliments from friends and co-workers which makes me feel good.


Home Town Hero…
WHAT: MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eye Shadow Palette
WHY: This is a Mom’s Day Gift giving essential! It features 15 best-selling, Nordstrom-curated shades that are super blendable, wearable and can provide endless matte/shimmery looks. I love how neutral the palette is and how it delivers you day-to-night looks seamlessly in one makeup tool. Also know that you can fill in your brows w/ this palette and  create a soft eyeliner effect with some of the darker shades as well. This is a run-don’t-walk to purchase one of a kind, limited edition beauty moment especially when you hear the price point, read on…
PRICE: This palette retails for $85 with an incredible $160 value! Yes, you read this correctly!!
SHOP IT: It’s EXCLUSIVE to Nordstrom &

Naturals MAC Nordstrom

The Useful Gift That Will Look Great Even If Winds Up On Your Coffee Table
WHAT: Ponds + Jonathan Adler Wet Cleansing Towelettes Vanity Case
WHY: Ponds and renowned home designer Jonathan Adler have teamed up to give the brand a thoroughly modern makeover w/ limited-edition vanity cases for Ponds popular Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes. The case, which features one of Jonathan Adler’s geometric patterns, was designed to make a statement on any vanity or nightstand. Translation ladies will be tempted to leave their Towelettes out in the open, for easy access and as a chic way to accessorize their vanity space. What’s cool is once you finish the pack of wipes that comes with the first purchase…you can easily refill the case with any of the 4 Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes. The towelettes are little multi-tasking work horses removing all traces of makeup plus instantly hydrating just like a leave-on moisturizer.
PRICE: $7.49
SHOP IT: The green vanity case is available NOW at Target stores & & later this month a pale blue vanity case will be available at Walgreens Stores… plus has all the product info.

Ponds Jonathan Adler


An “Amazing” Treat…
WHAT: Amazing Cosmetics Line Smoother + Primer
WHY: Pro makeup artists are calling this “Photoshop In a Tube” and with all the pics we’re about to take this Sunday… use it to get camera ready and enjoy a flawless complexion AND gift a tube to Mom so she’s “in” on your little beauty secret. It all started with their award winning “amazing” concealer which has achieved “cult” level status when you want to perfect your complexion. The whole point of launching the Line Smoother + Primer was to take it to the next level with a scientifically advanced wonder product that harnessed Neodermyl technology. It hydrates, firms, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while priming the skin for a flawless makeup application. It also acts like a skin care product and delivers noticeable and sustainable results in 2 weeks. It will resurface your skin so makeup applied afterwards glides on effortlessly. What’s smart is now you will need less concealer and less foundation. The secret sauce is a powerful cocktail of peptides, ceramide-3, HA, Botanicals and that Neodermyl technology I was mentioning. 100% of their trial participants said their skin looked and felt smoother, were satisfied with it’s performance and would recommend it to a friend.
PRICE: $35 BUT from today through midnight 5/8 receive 20% off site wide at enter the code MOTHERSDAYNBC
SHOP IT: Ulta, Sephora &

amazing cosmetics primer

“Me” Time…
WHAT: Me! Bath Mini Bath Ice Cream Bath Soaks, Body Wash & Shower Sherbet
WHY: This is all about smell good shower & bath luxury at a truly affordable price point. The bath soaks resemble a scoop of ice cream BUT good news is this indulgence is guilt free! The detoxifying effervescent bath bomb instantly fizzes and melts when submerged in water. Infused with organic minerals and oils as well as hydrating epsom salt. Fill your tube and drop one in, talk about affordably turning your bath into a spa experience! 3 flavors: Lavender Lullaby, Summer Rain and my personal favorite for 14 years now…Gotta Have It Pomegranate. The Shower Sherbet (body scrub) is sugar based, loaded with organic jojoba oil and loads of Vitamin E…cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes all in one. And as for the lotion, it’s used for pedicures at The Ritz Carlton’s Spa Del Rey in the Marina Del Rey uses all the products in their Me Bath Spa services. The icing lotion is a highlight of the pedicure and sends many a spa-goer into a state of bliss.  When a Ritz Spa is a fan and using a particular product on their clients… you have to realize that for under $13 dollars these body care products are on a whole other level of fab!
PRICE: $7.99 to $12.99
SHOP IT: Target Stores, and

me bath

The Perfect Gift For Seattle Moms…

WHAT:The Handbag Raincoat
WHY: Keep your handbag dry with one of three sized handbag raincoats. It turns any rainy walk into a fun, care-free outing. The design includes an easy-to-grab, easy pull-tab, to effortlessly open the universal Velcro top closure. It comes w/a pouch to store it between uses in any size handbag. I first heard about this recently when the lovely Kelly Ripa was singing it’s praises on her talk show and I thought for all of us here in Seattle! This might just be the most appropriate accessory ever invented for the Pacific Northwest and a fun gift for Mother’s Day.
PRICE: $25 to $30 Depending on size

handbag raincoat

Get Ready For Summer, TSA Friendly Travels…
WHAT: Tree Hut Essential Travel Kit Coconut Lime
WHY: Great gift idea so mom can grab-and-go beauty essentials whenever she’s ready to travel and keep her skin healthy and hydrated with body wash, shea butter, body lotion and a body scrub infused with vacation-in-a-bottle coconut and lime essence.
PRICE: $13.99

Tree hut

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