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Katy & Stacy

Jake Bailey Working Katy Perry & Me!

Net/Net… This notion at the top was my take away after spending my morning at Siren Studios LA with the CoverGirl and Herbal Essences Glam Squads this past Monday. It’s true when Katy Perry strutted the red carpet at Sunday evening’s Grammy Awards in her sparkly Zurhair Murad dress it no doubt cost MANY thousands of dollars, BUT her makeup was surprisingly  affordable!!!  The cosmetics were all compliments of CoverGirl and the blending, contouring and buffing was all masterfully engineered by the one and only Jake Bailey, “Katy and I decided on a dewy rose/nude palette for tonight’s look. This is what I call a “balanced” look…all key features are in play. Eyes, cheeks, and lips so one does not outdo the other. Often makeup looks are “all about the lips” or “all about the eyes” with the other features playing a supporting role. This is an ensemble cast of colors.” Awesome-town Jake! But how do we adapt all of this to our faces at home? Ladies here are some of my take aways from sitting in Jake’s makeup chair and listening to him share his beauty wisdom…

  1. Apply your foundation with a flat tipped kabuki foundation brush. This brush helps you buff away excess foundation and blend what remains into transparent perfection that evens out your skin tone. On Katie he used: CoverGirl Stay Fabulous Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation in “Natural Beige.” On me I think he used the “Medium Beige” shade. 
  2. For her eyes he used the CoverGirl Eyeshadow Quad in “Blooming Blushes.” and on both our eyes to create Katy’s signature cat eye Jake used CoverGirl’s Bombshell Intensity Liner
  3. Her lips were a combo of “Sultry Sicnna” lipstick from and “Melted Toffee Gloss” from the Colorlicious Collection and my lips were “Eternal Ruby” also from the Colorlicious Collection.
Makeup that Jake used on me!

Makeup that Jake used on me!

I think the best part was not feeling like I had pounds of makeup on my face. My face felt like it could breath. I was so impressed that the foundation delivered such awesome coverage without weighing my skin down or breaking me out.

At this point I realized I was hungry. Who knew being pampered by a glam squad builds up such an appetite? The craft service table was so cool. Clearly CoverGirl and Herbal Essences had put some thought into prepping for this. They placed little signs next to food that’s Katy Perry’s favorites at concerts and photo shoots. The guacamole and sencha shot are 2 of her essentials. First I’m working with Ms. Perry’s makeup artist and now I’m eating her fave foods??? Uh yes I think I could get use to this lifestyle. Now if only I could sing and carry a tune!

Katy's must haves at concerts and shoots

Katy’s must haves at concerts and shoots

With food in my tummy, I headed off to meet Charles Baker Strahan Herbal Essences go-to guru for all things hair. While Charles curled, teased and sprayed my tresses into “Grammy” fabulousness…he was equally awesome at educating me on the newest product launches from Herbal Essences.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around their new Wild Naturals Collections which offers a Shampoo and Conditioner that harnesses technology to remove trace minerals and copper from water. In addition, the products contain Cassia which is an ingredient that makes hair  2.5% stronger and experience a 60% reduction in breakage. The benefit here  is this will prolong your blow dry. And then Charles tried the Wild Naturals new dry oil spray on my hair that instantly amplified my hair’s shine.

Herbal Essences Hair Expert Charles Baker Strahan

Herbal Essences Hair Expert Charles Baker Strahan

Once my hair was in full “Cindy Crawford mode” I headed to set to meet up with Kevin Scott Hees the shoot’s photographer. Can you say “Nervous?” I was trying to look cool however was feeling anything but. Seriously I have new found respect for models and actresses…as with most things in life if it were this easy, everyone would be doing it!  Kevin was not only a great photographer…he was also a handy…what I call a “zushzer!” Translation someone who knows how to quickly tweak your hair and outfit so it photographs perfectly! Feel free to borrow my made up slang words. First I wore my Nannette Lepore colorful skirt and top I got at Macys recently and won’t be eating out much for the next month to pay down the credit card charge. Then I switched outfits to something that felt more “rocker chic:” black leggings, leopard high heeled boots and a cream leather, fringed tee shirt with one of my signature fedoras. By this point I was getting into the spirit of this shoot and having fun. No sooner than I popped out from 2 bouquets of black and gold balloons with the biggest mega watt smile I could muster and I was all done…”wrapped for the day” as they say in Hollywood.  And off I went with a bag of CoverGirl makeup and Herbal Essences hair care feeling enlightened that I got to walk a mile in Katy Perry’s Stilettos for the morning and confident that with the knowledge both brands imparted me with…I now #GetThatGlam and won’t have to give up eating, shopping and movies for the next 30 days just to afford it!

Pics From The Set

Pics From The Set

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