“Poise” & Confidence Better Than Mascara?

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Are “Poise” & Confidence Better Than Mascara?

Ladies will you set your makeup brushes down for a moment? Or IF you’re about to hit “send “on a text to your lash extension girl to book your next appointment, hang on, you can do this in a second. Or better yet: IF you’re in the reception area at your derm’s office reading this while waiting for your appointment to “retox” with some botox… I’m all for it sister… but do me a favor and read this little ditty first.

I just had the good fortune of spending 3 days with my best friend and fellow beauty scout, Romy Schorr, at The Oaks Spa in Ojai, CA. My blog about all the interesting things we experienced and why you should run not walk to book you’re own stay there is on it’s way to you! However my biggest take away from The Oaks Spa was this: Ladies far too often put ourselves last. We prioritize our spouses, children, extended family/friends and our careers first and neglect ourselves. Everyone at this wellness retreat whether they were 40 or just turned 80 echoed the same sentiment: “I’m here for me, to recharge my batteries and take time to rediscover my self-confidence and take better care of ME!” Rediscover my self-confidence? “Novel concept!” I thought to myself. I must have misplaced that bad boy somewhere between the recent 5 pounds I packed on and my hair that needs a trim or perhaps a cut so badly my “disheveled bun look” reads painfully like a messy mop instead of something intentionally effortless.

This illuminated… I drafted a small laundry list of D.I.Y. tips and three awesome, affordable, quality products that have the ability to elevate your appearance, quality of life and ask you to consider if having poise and some kick butt confidence is more powerful than at times mascara? Think about it.


  • Drink Warm Water W/Lemon Every Morning
  • Take the stairs at work or the airport instead of the escalator or elevator
  • Park your car in the farthest spot VS snagging the one closest to your work, gym, church or mall entrance
  • Try a hot/warm vinyasa (flowing) yoga class… often feels like a warm bath on a stressful day… Stress can hold the weight on! Chilling out, finding your breath, opening up your mind and heart, warming up your muscles and getting moving is a win/win!



  • IF we feel better and have more energy… automatically we look better, receive more compliments and in turn our self confidence starts to build.
  • Did you know we burn body fat while we’re at rest?
  • Anti-aging products work more thoroughly, effectively AND FASTER while we sleep to reverse skin damage caused during the day. It’s a proven fact.

beauty sleep


  • Yes you read this correctly! I didn’t mean a LBD A.K.A Little Black Dress… I really meant LBL. This acronym stands for Light Bladder Leakage. And nothing can lower your confidence more than trying to get outside, be active and enjoy your day when you suddenly don’t feel fresh nor dry.
  • It’s probably more common then you and I even realized. 1 in 3 women are affected and often age has nothing to do with it. I’m 41 and think it’s fun to power jump rope during my boot camp classes which is all good well and fine. But truth be told I experienced LBL just this week and realize I wanted to know what to do!
  • Lots of woman immediately turn to period pads as a logical solution because they don’t realize there’s actually a product custom designed specifically for this.
  • Poise Pads: These are liners made for bladder leaks with S.A.M. (Super Absorbent Material). It’s an ah-ha moment when you try them because Poise Pads and period pads are just tots different. See what I’m talking about by getting a FREE sample when you surf the web site.
  • The sunny side: This brand clearly has a sense of humor and big community spirit. You gotta take a few minutes to surf their social media and take in what people creatively did with unused period pads (which aren’t made for LBL). They re-invented the wheel here turning them into useful and clever items. SURF FOR A CHUCKLE… TRUST ME!

Poise Recycle 1


  • Research suggests treating yourself to a new lipstick can elevate you self esteem, lift your spirits and make you feel better.
  • TRY: Amazing Cosmetics Lip Color ($21) For voluminous lips in 4 great shades: “Olivia” “Audrey” “Sophia” or “Ginger”

Amazing Cosmetics Lip Stick


  • TRY: A new haircut has a similar impact and effect. Just be sure to consult and really talk with your hair stylist beforehand to create a plan of action that you know you’ll love and won’t have “after-the-haircut” remorse.
  • CONSIDER: A well executed “Lob” (Longer, layered bob) See here for some examples of what I’m talking about I must admit Kim K’s recent LOB was well done and looks lovely on her. Agree/Disagree? Chime in!

Kim K Lob

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