Winter Beauty Survival Guide

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SMT Winter Beauty Survival Guide

We know you were prepared for Winter, but nobody expected the weather to be this harsh or the flu to find its way around this season’s flu shot vaccine. So it’s time to launch into skin care survival mode, with a little help from National Beauty and Lifestyle Correspondent Stacy Cox who put together a super easy Winter Beauty Survival Guide for us. How easy? Just four easy steps to a healthier and happier you…

“Yeah, it’s cold, it’s snowing out. And snowflakes are gorgeous and beautiful. But flaky dry skin? Not so much,” says Stacy. Step 1? Take your vitamins…as in Bright Now Vitamin C Beauty Drops from Lumene — they’re the #1 Skin Care brand in Finland, for those of us keeping track. So they know all about arctic elements and how to put them to good use. “What Lumene is passionate about is creating anti-aging products that add radiance and glow and brilliance back into your face, and they do so using arctic-inspired ingredients,” explains Stacy. Think Wildberry Seed Oil, Lingonberry Seed Oil… Combined with Vitamin C, this powerhouse potion used once a day for 28 days results in a long term brightening effect. Stacy adds, “And the capsules are interesting because they slowly release the Vitamin C into and onto your complexion. Then the capsules also help protect and insulate the potency of the Vitamin C from aggressors like light and air. 92% of women who tried them in this consumer study fed back that they saw an improvement and a softening of their fine lines.” Even better news? You don’t have to go to Finland to get some: the jar retails for $21.99, and you can find it at CVS and ULTA stores.”


Moving onto Step 2, it’s all about all-over hydration. Stacy says, “People always ask me, what’s the best razor I can use that’s going to moisturize, give me a great shave, has great bells and whistles, and it’s affordable? So my go-to for this is Schick Intuition with moisturizing ribbons.” What makes this razor so special is it’s a triple threat, in that it lathers, shaves and moisturizes in just one step. No shave gel or body wash required, saving you both time and money. Stacy explains, “It’s got this unique skin-conditioning solid above and beneath the blades, and so when it gets wet and it activates, it creates this beautiful lather that moisturizes and hydrates and makes shaving super-easy. You’ve got two options; I love my options. You can choose for dry skin, the Pure Nourishment option that has coconut milk in it and almond oil, or if sensitive skin is more your type, then go with the Naturals Sensitive Care that has 100% aloe vera gel infused in it, along with Vitamin E.” You don’t need your intuition to find them, either — they’re at drugstores and markets. And to check out their Facebook page (yes, the razors have their own Facebook page), just type in Schick Intuition.

Step 3 is the other skin hydrator Stacy wants on your radar: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Fragrance-Free Lotion, which doesn’t just deeply moisturize dry skin but heals it, too — and fast! Stacy says, “When you use it daily, it creates this healthy moisturization effect, and clinical trials said that it will heal – listen to what I’m saying, this is amazing – it heals dry skin in 5 days. And just that first application alone will start to alleviate the dry skin symptoms.” How is this all possible? A master blend of glycerin to infuse moisture into skin’s different surface layers, along with Vaseline jelly microdroplets to lock in the moisture. Adds Stacy, “It retails for $4.99 – super affordable and effective.”Schick

But what good is glowing hydrated skin if it’s not healthy? Enter Step 4, your winter health and wellness remedy: Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu QuickMelts. What makes it Stacy’s fave? “So, there’s an ingredient in this called zinc gluconate, and I always feel like that’s the secret sauce in helping to shorten the length of our colds and our flus,” she explains. And that secret sauce gets a little backup from licorice, peppermint and elderberry to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms like cough, congestion in the chest and sore throat.Vaseline

“Four awesome options to put the glow back in your skin, hydrate your body and keep your health at top level,” says Stacy. Let the hydrating and illuminating begin…



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