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NATIONAL… It never ceases to be a thrill when I get the email from a National Talk Show to be a guest expert and report on a beauty trend causing a buzz with it’s claims and results.  My most recent experience aired today on “The Doctors” and I gotta tell you… it held up to my excitement and really put my “Nancy Drew, Detective” skills to the test which is always fun.

MY ASSIGNMENT… Was to research and experiment with Adonia Organics Tummy Tone Serum AND Venice MD Lift Serum. The first claims to reduce the appearance of love handles and your waistline by approximately 2 inches in about 43 minutes. The later  (Venice MD) promises to improve the appearance of puffy eyes, sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration in 3 minutes flat. So both have to the ability to be “magic bullets…” IF and only if they deliver on their claims and results.

WHAT DO WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EACH BRAND… The first thing I always consider is ingredients. In each product… is there some trigger or hero ingredient that I can place my finger on that really lends itself to results?

  • Adonia Tummy Tone Serum: This stomach reducing serum has 15 all natural ingredients built into the equation. The one that jumped out the strongest is Capsaician. Which is chili pepper extract! They blend it together with grapefruit extract, peppermint extract, ginger extract and dandelion extract plus others. The intention, in my eyes is to allow the body to warm up naturally, get your metabolism humming and then push it along to aid it in letting go of some excess water weight. There by quickly helping you drop up to 2 inches in under an hour. The application process is fast and easy which I’m a fan of. Liberally applying the serum to your abdominal region twice within moments of one another (deep massaging it in on the first pass and then lightly patting a layer on in the second application) and then wrapping oneself I’m plastic wrap snugly 4 times around  your midline.  The next step is to lay down for 43 mins to allow the treatment to process and work into your body chemistry. I did this on myself the morning of the segment was to shoot to see for myself if my lovely burgundy dress would be this much easier to zip up… and I’ll be darned… IT WAS!

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  • Venice MD Lift: This anti-aging wonder serum geared for your face, neck and throat claims it will minimize and dramatically improve the appearance of sagging under eye skin, fine lines, deeper wrinkles and age spots all in 3 minutes. In short it’s the “magic pill” we’ve been hoping someone could come up with. This ingredients list boasts 10 all natural ingredients. The one that stood out to me is “Caulerpa” a plant caviar (also know as sea grapes, it’s the juicy part of a plant). They marry it with a DNA  boosting agent and along with 9 other natural ingredients such as organic peppermint, organic lemon, organic olive and resveratrol. The secret to this application is to lightly wet the brush the include with the Lift Serum and apply a controlled about of the serum to the targeted areas you want to impact and improve. Think: Your laugh lines, crows feet, saggy neck or perhaps under your eyes to help improve the puffiness you always wake up with. Once you apply the serum for 3 minutes you have to avoid any muscle contractions and movement in your face allowing the ingredients to work their magic. So no talking, no eating, no laughing… you get my drift? Hold tight for 3 minutes.

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Both brands faired very well on TV today. My Models, Cindy & Janine, after relaxing with the Adonia Tummy Tone Serum DIDN’T lose 2 inches around their waist… they each dropped 2 and a half inches! They said they both felt more confident afterward and Janine said she was eager to try this toning serum on her underarms as well now that she saw the transformation.

Cindy's Before & After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

Cindy’s Before & After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

Janine's Before & After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum! Both Ladies shed 2/5 inches off their waistline!

Janine’s Before & After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum! Both Ladies shed 2.5 inches off their waistline!

Christine who was my model for the VeniceMD Lift has a fantastic reduction in her puffiness in one eye (we only did one eye on air so we could compare the two). Immediately following the segment, I did the other eye to balanced her out. The results last until you do your beauty regimen at day’s end and wash your face. But the cool thing is by applying and reapplying that Caulerpa extract day after day to your complexion along with the whole blend of anti-aging ingredients… over time you will notice a nice long term benefit in your appearance.

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Applying VeniceMD Lift Serum to one of Christine’s eyes to gauge IF there’s a reduction in under eye puffiness


Will both of these miracles-in-a-bottle replace more aggressive and expensive types of treatments like liposuction and botox injections and fillers? Well I think they are the perfect compliment for folks who do wind up getting those treatments and want to be proactive on a daily basis taking measures to support and extend the life of their investments in the procedures. I also think way before you take these more drastic steps, measures and investments in you… Adonia Tummy Tone Serum & Venice MD Lift Serum are safe, gentle ways to make a major impact on your figure and your face for under $100! These are products you can use regularly and expect instant “wow” results from! However because the ingredients are so natural and well blended together, their’s some nice long term results that will emerge with being consistent. I have to be one of the biggest skeptics out there, BUT both brands are gaining my endorsement simply because they WORK!


Both brands shipped me the products to experiment with BUT neither compensated me for my time to experiment and test them and then explain them on TV on The Doctors. This pure editorial coverage by me.


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On set 2/8 on The Doctors

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