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Summer Beauty RX
From The Doctor Of Beauty…ME!
We’re about 2 weeks away from the official start to summer on June 21st! So right now is the perfect time to arm yourself with knowledge. But not just any knowledge ladies and gentlemen! Lets look at what to do IF summer throws us an attitude (as if we need this, seriously!) and wrecks havoc on our hair, feet and complexion. This is my genius*** RX to fix frizz, callused feet and fried faces! Read on!
“***” = I’m up way past my bed time and my humility chip seems to have closed shop for the day. So just please humor me here! : )
Frizz is the wrong kind of volume, not exactly the fun summer look you’re going for.
Mixed Chicks Hair Care Target/Walmart/Walgreens is an innovator and leader in the industry specializing in curly hair. Because of the S pattern in curly hair, it takes the natural sebum that our body produces longer to work from roots to the ends of the hair.
  • Replenishing Oil – 6oz – $18.00 This lightweight oil is derived from natural essential plant oils and is safe for hair, scalp and body. It can be applied to wet, damp or dry hair and is perfect for beach days as a protectant from chlorine, salt water and the earths radical elements that threaten to dry out and deplete our hair and body of the hydration it needs. For use on body, works great just out of the shower and can be used as a hot oil treatment for the scalp.
  • Leave In Conditioner – 10 oz – $16.99 33 oz – $50.00 Designed to tame and define curls, eliminating drying and frizziness. It contains NO alcohol and is safe for ALL hair types. It also acts as a anti-humectant which fights humidity. For curl definition it is to be used on wet hair, applying from the roots to the ends of the hair and allow to air dry. Diffuser or hooded dryer may also be used. Can also be used to define two strand twists and coils and works miracles on coily, curly or wavy human and synthetic hair extensions and wigs.
  • MY POV: I’ve about died and gone to heaven w/both products because whether your hair is curly or not…they hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. BTW hay is for horses NOT my head and prior to using the leave in conditioner I had way too much in common with California Chrome and Secretariat!
Strappy sandals and flip flops are easy to throw on all summer BUT they often create havoc with blisters on our feet PLUS unflattering foot odor…
  • Since blisters and odor are intensified by moisture and friction applying a layer of the right Deodorant/Antipirspirant BEFORE putting on new flip flops or strappy sandals is the secret to avoiding the “stiletto summer limp.”
  • Best One To Try + Travels Well: Green Virgin Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone $5.99 A.K.A. Crystal Deodorant. The stone leaves a thin film of salts on your skin which is the secret here because bacteria and friction can’t thrive in the mineral salt environment. Therefore you create an invisible barrier that halts odors and protects your feet from summer sandal wear and tear. Bonus is it’s also a natural astringent and you can use it like a styptic pencil to stop bleeding from shaving legs! Won’t clog pores nor compromise your shoes thanks to it being 100% potassium alum mineral salts plus it has NO toxic chemicals in it. It’s great to grab and go w/you so you can do a re-app at any pt during day.
  • 20% off not just a Stone BUT your entire order through Sunday 6/9 Midnight if you use “KTLA” as the code at checkout.
  • Diaper Rash Cream? If you do get a blister, consider treating it with diaper rash cream! It helps prevent infection.
  • MY POV: Green Virgin products especially the Deodorant Stone are quickly overtaking my Sound Of Music “There are a few of my favorite things list” which no one has been able to break onto for years now. Top five include: Chocolate, US Weekly arriving in the mail on Fridays, E! Fashion Police, Free City sweat pants (overpriced cotton blends) and every funny expression my dog makes.GVP is gaining momentum at lightning speed because Soap Nuts and Salt Mineral Stones in a word…WORK GREAT…oops! 2 words.

These same shoe options plus going around with bare feet are causing more summer issues encouraging calluses to develop on the bottoms of feet!
  • Crush 5 aspirin pills
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon water to form a thick paste
  • Apply to the affected area and cover with a plastic wrap
  • Cover with a wet towel. Let sit for about 30 minutes. After rinsing with warm water, rub the callus with a wet pumice stone.
  • Bare Foot Repair! For Callus Softening ($6.99) …Soften unsightly, painful calluses and ready them for removal without the use of a harsh abrasive. Contains hydrating Urea, Karanja Oil, Neem Oil, and Rosemary Oil to nourish and moisturize. Paraffin leaves skin feeling buttery soft from heel to toe. For an added surge of smooth: Wrap feet in a some shrink wrap or put socks on for added depth to get the balm to penetrate feet faster! Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes and voila!
  • MY POV: Dear Manicurists: this works way better than the $8 add-on callus removal treatment you always tack onto my bill. My honest advice is…IF you can’t beat’em…join’em. #biggirlsdontcry Love, Stacy
Lobsters look pale compared to your complexion because you O.D.’ed on too much sun!
The plain old potato makes for a wonderful pain reliever. It’s a time-tested technique known throughout the world.
  • Take two washed potatoes, cut them into small chunks, and place them in a blender or food processor.
  • Blend or process until the potatoes are in liquid form. Add water if they look dry.
  • Pat the burned areas with the pulverized potatos.
  • Wait until the potatos dry, then take a cool shower.
MY POV: Potato slices work great on tired, puffy eyes! Leave over eyes for minimum of 10 minutes.
When the sun goes down mosquitos come out & play…leaving you w/itchy, red welts that last for days.
For a chemical-free solutions, try this simple recipe:
  • Mix two teaspoons of any of the following oils: catnip, basil, cedarwood, citronella, juniper, lemon, myrrh, pine, rose geranium or rosemary with one cup of 190-proof grain alcohol. Place in a jar & shake vigorously. Then transfer to a spray bottle and spritz liberally. OR TRY…
  • Rub inside of a banana peel on bite. There’s something magical on the inside skin of a banana that calms down the itch. Has to do with acidity
Use the bananas to make chocolate chip banana bread or frozen bananas
Chlorine is needed in a pool to prevent e.coli bacteria from making us sick BUT it can impact our hair color, skin and bathing suits.
  • Hair:The carbonation in club soda and acid in the citrus juices work together to detox your hair and remove impurities like dirt, chlorine, and salt.
  • You can also apply baking soda to your hair for 5 minutes and then rinse this is another remedy
  • Bathing Suits: Add a few tablespoons full of vinegar to your wash this will help neutralize chlorine, eliminate the smell, and even stop discoloration.
Love the band but green hair unless you’re Katy Perry or Demi Lovato is “no bueno!” 

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