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SAN FRANCISCO & SACRAMENTO, CA… From a makeup meltdown to sweat stains… red carpet emergencies can and will happen to the best of us!  So whether you’re headed to the Oscars later today OR a class reunion, birthday celebration, wedding, or graduation for example… I’ve taken on my alter ego:  call her “Ms. McGuyVa” and crafted a survival guide to keep you looking fabulous every special occasion you attend.  It’s my mission is to protect you from the many potential beauty and fashion disasters that can unexpectedly cross your path like.  You will look pale skin and sore feet in the face and laugh! Read on…

“Dress shabbily and they will remember the dress; dress impeccably and they will remember the woman.” 

 ~ Coco Chanel ~ 


This past Friday I was trying to give myself enough time to head to the department store to buy a fancy dress for this segment and my day got away from me. So I diverted to “Plan B!  I went on line to and rented a designer evening dress for a fraction of what it would cost me to purchase one. What’s fun is designer dresses you’ll see this evening on the Oscar red carpet from the likes of: Monique Lhuillier and Badgley Mischka just to name 2… are the same designers who’s dresses can be rented on RTR but again you’re never stuck with a huge bill.  And the best part is when you’re done, you ship the dress back to Rent The Runway! So you never have to deal with the dilemma of wearing the same dress twice if you believe variety is the spice of life.  Tonight, while watching the Oscars, if you notice a celebrity wearing a dress you love, take a screen shot of it on your phone. You’ll most likely be able to find something similar on Rent The Runway. So whether you have a birthday coming up, class reunion or wedding… this site has gorgeous dresses to rent you that will blow your mind and save you precious time and money.                                                                                                                                                                                                              I’M WEARING: Badgley Mischka Corundum Sapphire Gown, $80 to rent!
COST: Dresses start as low as $29                                                                                                                                                                WEB:

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My dress suddenly won’t zip all the way up!!!!
Desperately wishing you didn’t make that mad dash to In N’ Out earlier? It’s rear view mirror now! Regardless we need to mobilize and resolve this. Want to lose 1 to 2 inches or possibly more in 43 minutes? Adonia Tummy Tone Serum is about to become your new best friend (it’s certainly now mine). This gentle oxygenated plant stem cell treatment is loaded with 15 waist whittling organic ingredients including the pepper “capsaicin,” dandelion, ginger and peppermint. When you apply this goodness to your abdomen, thighs or butt allowing it the 43 minutes to work, while wrapped in 4 layers of plastic wrap… you will be blown away with the results. Remeasure yourself once you call “time” and you will you notice the inches melted away. PLUS there’s even a long term benefit with consistent, weekly use: you’ll enjoy a 67% improvement in the tone, firmness and tightening of saggy skin. Your dress will zip up or pants button and the desire to stay home and hide will have faded right along with your waistline. The brand’s clinicals tell you to expect a 1 to 2 inch lose, BUT on February 8th when I featured this on “The Doctors” talk show, my 2 moms I tested this on didn’t lose 1 to 2 inches… they in fact lost 2 and a 1\2 inches!  So it exceeded the claims and my expectations.  Bearing this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you I’m working towards being the poster child for Adonia. I think it’s just so rare and worth shouting about when products work even better than I expect them to!
COST: $79 for a 60 Day Supply
PROS: Paraben & Cruelty FREE!
SAVE: 20% with discount code “2016” at checkout

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Cindy's Before & After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

This is one of my “Doctor’s” models from 2/8 Cindy’s Before And After using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum. She lost 2.5 inches in 43 minutes

Dancing, giving speeches and having fun is hard work at a red carpet event. And now your sporting body odor and sweat stains for all the world to see (& smell!)
One shocking red carpet admission I’ve heard from lots of ladies is they sometimes forego deodorant because they’re worried about that awkward white residue or getting wet marks on their dress. Dove Dry Spray is the perfect solution because it goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel, and leaves no visible residue. It also offers long lasting 48 hour odor and wetness protection, and is formulated with Dove’s ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms – perfect for those glam sleeveless looks. I think of it like a skincare product for your armpits! We’re so conscientious about caring for our faces… Dove is making it super easy to do the same for this often overlooked part on our bodies by infusing a moisturizer straight into the anti-perspirant/deodorant! No clue how they figured out how to do this BUT, it borders on genius.
COST: $5.59
SHOP: Drugstores Nationwide
WEB: for more information

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I’m a reformed pantyhose wearer, BUT my stems look paler than the North Pole! And my dress is strapless help… needing insta-color and glow quickly!
SOLUTION: When you wonder how those celebs on the red carpet achieve that gorgeous, shimmery, glow all over? Like J Lo for example she always look shiny like she’s covered in a dewy, glowing halo of light.  Well, it’s impart due to a product exactly like this one I’m about to introduce you to!  Bella Schneider’s Caviar & Carat Gleaming Gold Dry Oil Spray is the only accessory your skin needs for special occasions. Gives you a shimmery, sun kissed, gorgeous, illuminous glow. It’s the perfect finishing touch when you’re taking your look from day to night and from from basic to chic!
KEY INGREDIENTS: Go for the gold and adorn arms, legs and décolleté with this gorgeous golden dry body oil spray. Sweet almond and olive oils nourish and smooth, while rejuvenating moringa seed oil strengthens skin elasticity. The eye-catching shimmer will keep all heads turned in your direction.
DIRECTIONS: Spray on all needed areas. Gently massage & blend in, allowing it to set in for 1 to 3 minutes. Enjoy the hydrated feeling and polished, golden girl look.
COST: $42.50
SHOP: La Belle Day Spa & Salon, 233 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA (Union Square)
FUN FACT: Condoleezza Rice gets her facials here and so does Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer!
FAMOUS FOR: Bella Schneider is known for her Caviar and Carat Facial featured in Us Weekly Magazine! The $195 dollar treatment relies on a caviar ampoule, honey, sea buckthorn and gold to combat the signs of aging and to brighten the skin.

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I was too excited and nervous to sleep last night, I tossed and turned and now my eye’s are looking puffy and dark. I know I’m going to have a heck of a time getting my eye makeup to look glamourous. What will fix this fast?
SOLUTION: Is 3 seconds fast enough for you? Clinique’s NEW Pep-Start Eye Cream to the rescue. If pre-party nerves make you toss an turn the night before you have to get this on your radar and around your eyes! It brightens eyes in 3 seconds and smooths the way for your makeup. One unique feature you’re going to love is the spherical massaging applicator which helps to depuff your peepers! The secret sauce is a blend of 7 peptides that help to maintain collagen around our eyes where the thinest skin on our bodies is located. The peptides attack stress, fatigue and lack of sleep the tell tale signs of a busy life. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients for the eye area: Caffeine to further banish puffiness and irritation.
DIRECTIONS: Once you apply a pea size amount of Pep-Start, pop closed lid and massage the product in circular motions around the eye.
COST: $26
SHOP: Exclusively at Sephora and
WEB: (just launched this February)

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I’m wearing the hottest heels the world has ever laid eyes on BUT my feet are starting to hurt and I’m starting to walk like Quasimoto!
SOLUTION: The Body Shop’s Best Selling Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray has been my go-to for years! I always coordinate my purse to be big enough to fit this in too. It instantly refreshes and revives your hot, tired feet with an instant pick-me up of cooling deodorizing peppermint.
COST: $10
SHOP: Body Shop Retail Locations

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What can I do to stop my makeup from melting and fading, I just had it professionally done!
SOLUTION: All the dancing and excitement will heat your body up fast and you don’t even realize it. So to help touch up and preserve your glam makeup get a Body Shop Instamatte Compact into your beauty arsenal. It’s a multi-taking, mattifying makeup compact that keeps the skin looking and feeling fresh and naturally matte all event long. The transparent gel is suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Comes with a mirror and a sponge for on-the-go applications.
HOW COOL IS THIS? Best part is it can be used alone or on top of makeup.
COST: $22
SHOP: Body Shop Retail Locations

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~~~~ Buy a bunch of empty contact lens containers at the drugstore and fill them with all your beauty essentials to have with you on-the-go ~~~~~~~~~
THINK: tooth paste, stain remover, eye cream, hand cream, hair gel

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