My 8 Summer Beauty Travel Must-Haves

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 How much do you love when the 4th of July falls on a Friday? It can mean only one thing: 3 Day Weekend! So if you’re in the midst of packing your bags for a little R & R lets touch base for a moment about which brands are the best suited to help you look “vacay chic:” easily, affordably and protected so TSA kindly leaves our travel beauty arsenal intact and alone!
Happy July 4th Party People!
“Beauty-ful” Quote:
“Paris is always a good idea!”  ~ Audrey Hepburn
My TOP 8 Travel Beauty Essentials:
1. I love this web site because: It’s one-stop shopping for an expert curated line of the best beauty and grooming products from around the globe. They do all the research so we don’t have to. And then to cap it off enlist a panel of the top hair, makeup and skincare experts to advise us even further on what works/what doesn’t no matter where your life and travels take you. 2 enterprising ladies took leaps of faith earlier this year, departed jobs and began the journey to birth together. It’s an inspiring story and an inspiring web site that upon surfing it makes you want to pack your bags and GO!
TB carries everything in full and travel size! Translation: You don’t have to skimp on your favorite products nor deviate from your beauty regimen/routine while you’re traveling.
TB offers a D.I.Y. travel kit, Translation: You can create your own customized travel kit w/the specific TSA friendly products you want, value and covet for your skin type.
2 Brands That Impress Me:
  • Heaven Skin Care Black Label Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream ($48)
  • Single biggest thing I’ve learned about traveling is: Your hands take the biggest beating on planes and lugging your bags from point A to point B over the course of a trip. Loved finding out Kate Middleton is a fan of the UK based brand that just recently launched in the U.S.! This bit of gossip is hot off the presses. Frequently referred to as a “Manicure in a Jar,” Vanilla Pod Cream is a multi-tasker is coveted for use not only on dry hands, nails and cuticles but also great for use on dry elbows, knees and heels. AND GET THIS: due to it’s high quality organic ingredients, you can use it as a daily facial moisturizer. That’s what sealed the deal for me! Done!
  • Alchimie Forever Antioxidant Skin Repair Gel ($55)  This Swiss based skin care brand realizes that travel can be stressful and men don’t like to fuss with lots of products. Alchimie gets it which I love. So they went ahead and invented this no-fuss, multi-tasking anti-aging, oil free gel/moisturizer and aftershave all-in-one! It’s all natural for sensitive skin and soaks right in eliminating any chance for a greasy feel. It immediately works to calm razor burn, prevent ingrown hairs and control shine. Great for men constantly on the go year round…BUT a must have in warmer weather.
  • SAVE 30%OFF  beauty & grooming essentials through this Sunday, July 6 using the code: SEATTLE30 at check out.
2. Venus Olay Razor ($10.99)
When I hit the road, I love the convenience of the Venus & Olay razor! This razor boasts five blades that get in there for a close shave, and what I’m finding incredibly user friendly is it’s paired with built-in Olay moisture bars! What the vanilla cream scented moisture bars do release skin conditioners that help lock-in moisture to minimize dryness. So the translation here is (may I please get a drum roll) there’s no separate shave cream required.  And I can’t stress enough how I believe dryness to be the No.1 travel beauty hazzard to contend with and how impressed I’ve been that this particular razor packs this much impact. It’s that one/two punch I’m always hunting for when I want to streamline my travel beauty regimen and pack less products.
3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70 ($10.99)
Have you ever opened your suitcase as you reached your destination and discovered SPF spilled everywhere? It’s a worst case travel scenario seriously people. The solution is to pack an SPF Face & Body Stick! It means your protection stays on your face and not your jeans. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Face & Body Sunscreen Stick is my go-to for this very reason. It delivers powerful sun protection in a breakthrough lightweight stick! It glides easily for a hands free, no mess application. The weightless texture and non-shiny finish are what caught my attention while delivering beach strength broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection! The best part is through this month, the brand is donating an SPF product to a family in need for every Neutrogena SPF product you purchase! 1 for 1. So you’re paying it forward and not merely protecting you and your family’s lives but other families too! This puts a smile on my face, you too?
4. Green Virgin Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone
When you pack your dopp or makeup bag for trips…this bad boy HAS to be included. I’ve discovered the magical looking stone is loaded with a variety of ways to use it…
  • Deodorant under arms and on feet is it’s primary job!
  • The goal here is for people to ditch conventional deodorant
  • Super comfortable to wear…no stickiness nor irritation
  • It’s non toxic and won’t stain your clothes either like a traditional deodorant will do!
  • You can run it over your face as an astringent AND
  • Use it as a styptic pencil should you get a cut from shaving or by any other means!
BUT this only scratches the Green Virgin Surface! They also have something called a “soap nut!” It’s a laundry detergent that grows on trees. I’m being totally serious here! They make your clothes cleaner and softer than you can imagine and cost about half as much as synthetic detergents. What I love about the brand is they’re a small family company doing things right using NO toxic chemicals in their products. They believe in using the magic of mother nature to make truly effective, sustainable and most importantly…products that WORK!. Show them your support by ordering on their web site and get 15% off at checkout w/the code NBC15
5. Clarisonic Mia 2 (Mia2 costs $149, collection ranges in price from $99 to $199)

We talked all segment about dry, dehydrated skin being one of the biggest travel hindrances. Well one of the best keep secrets in the aging battle that will help minimize dryness is traveling with a Clarisonic Cleansing System. It’s geared to you get your complexion deep cleansed and ready for the rest of your beauty regimen. Think about it, who desires laying an expensive anti-aging moisturizer on top of excess dirt and pollution? And the role pollution is playing…the way it’s expediting aging recently took center stage in the beauty community when Clarisonic released the findings of a study that clinically proves it effectively removes these small particles (pollution) 30x better than manual cleansing! In addition, it does a basic cleanse of your face 6x better than our hands can do. So since traveling takes you to lots of new places with varying levels of air quality, packing your travel Mia2 is that ounce of prevention we all need to be mindful and consistent with.
6. Urban Decay
You can’t pack every piece of makeup you own. Time to streamline! Here’s how to accomplish this with on-trend colors/tools!
Electric Pressed Pigment Palette ($49) or Sephora
  • Be your own firework this July 4th with the brightest, boldest, most pigmented palette of your neon dreams – this gorgeous palette is packed with ten of the brightest shades you’ve ever laid eyes on
  • If you want to go the patriotic route, try out shades like Chaos (neon matte cobalt) and Revolt (a stunning silver shimmer) to create a beautiful white & blue eye to pair with a red lip
  • The compact case is perfect for travel and fits neatly in your carry-on for the long weekend

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner ($20), & Sephora

  • You’re planning to hit the beach and then the BBQ, and THEN the bar… so why should your eyeliner leave the party before you?
  • This twist-up liner lays down intense, ultra shiny, blacker-than black lines (in UD’s iconic Perversion shade) that really lasts.
  • Don’t worry about getting splashed, even go for a full-on swan dive while you’re at it – the soft, creamy waterproof formula glides on smoothly

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