Mother’s Day Beauty Gift/Pamper Guide

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What if for next Sunday for Mother’s Day your Mom, Aunts, Sisters… your whole crew decides to stay in, instead of heading out to celebrate? I put my top 4 most thoughtful ideas together that are sure to make these special souls feel pampered and spoiled on a day to honor Moms and family!

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4 GREAT TREATS FOR MOTHER’S DAY: GIFT HER A NEW SIGNATURE SCENT… RALPH LAUREN FRAGRANCES “TENDER ROMANCE” SHOP: Macy’s & PRICE: Box Set/Full Size & Travel-friendly = $105 While 100ml = $96, 30ml = $54 & Rollerball = $24 WHAT’S INSIDE THIS BOTTLE? If mom’s been wearing the same fragrance for as long as you can remember, between shifting into the Spring season and celebrating Mother’s Day… I’m sharing 2 perfect reasons to surprise Mom with a bottle or box set of Ralph Lauren Tender Romance. I zoned in on this particular scent from Lauren because it’s incredibly soft with an infusion of pure white magnolia and silky cashmere. The inspiration behind this fragrance is meant to conjure the warmth of an affectionate embrace and capture the story of an unforgettable moment in someone’s life. Between the top, mid and base notes there’s something appealing for everyone’s senses whether you’re more a floral fan or a woody, earthy musk lover… Tender Romance has this unique, broad appeal. From a design perspective, the clear bottle with white and chrome accents will look elegant and chic on mom’s vanity or bathroom counter. Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.54.03 AM SHE’S ALWAYS MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER… NOW RETURN THE FAVOR… ROBIN MCGRAW REVELATION Me O’ My Collection (Or M.O.M. For Short) SHOP: PRICE RANGE: $1.25 TO $19.95 ONE STOP SHOP: I’m so excited about one of my newest favorite lines by Robin McGraw who launched purpose-driven, LIFESTYLE brand Robin McGraw Revelation just last year in April 2014 to empower women to embrace their beauty, health and happiness without any guilt. So the way it all began was when Robin first launched a record-breaking skincare line and then the second phase debuted with this incredibly fun and whimsical collection called Me O’ My (make no mistake the acronym is MOM) – how perfect for all the Moms, Grandmothers and ladies in your life with Mother’s Day right around the corner! The collection was inspired by Robin’s grandchildren, Avery & London but designed 100% with Moms in mind – so many fun and glamourous products to make you smile. The products are TSA friendly and all under $20. • So check this out! There’s 9 incredible products on display in the collection and Robin’s wheels are still turning so there’s even more coming soon. A couple of the highlights that jumped out me for Mother’s Day… • NOSEY COZY (Give your Cold a Cuddle): Every woman’s essential to carry in your purse, diaper bag, gym bag or travel bag – the Nosey Cozy. A pack of tissues, extra gentle on your nose – Price is: $2.45 for a 3 pack • LIPPY LOVEY (The Balm Your Lips Will Love): This is my absolute favorite, the Lippy Lovey! This here is Robin’s favorite dessert and flavor, The Wedding Cake. This is an easy twist off heart shaped balm, with jojoba oil and shea butter for the most kissable lips and available in 8 delicious flavors. Price is: $3.95 Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.50.40 AMSTICKY STACKERS (The Write Way to say I love You): Sometimes it’s just easier for people to express themselves in writing, especially to Mom, right? These are called Sticky Stackers, ‘the write way to say I love you!’ Why not start Mom’s Mother’s Day by leaving her a note in the kitchen or in the bathroom like “You are amazing!” or “You are fabulous,” or “XOXO” – these come in black and white pad sets with black and white pens. Price is: $19.95 • Other Products Available in Collection Include: o (1) Dog-Gone-It bandages (For When Thing Get “Ruff”) • Price: $3.95 o (2) Owie Meowie bandages (It’s Purrfect For Scrapes & Scratches) • Price: $3.95 o (3) Chickee Chew (The Girlee-Girl Gum) • Price: $2.25 o (4) Flossy Glossy (Sparkle, Shimmer, Twinkle, Shine – Flossy Glossy for after you Dine) • $4.50 o (5) Kissy Permissy (The Answer is always YES) • $5.00 o (6) Handy Candy (Stay Sweet and Stay Clean) • $2.95 Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.50.02 AM THE 2 SECRETS TO LOOKING 10 YEARS YOUNGER? MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER SHOP: Kohls & PRICES: Miracle Revival Mud $38 & Miracle Skin Transformer $48 This Mother’s Day IF you’re staying in why not give mom a mini facial and truly spoil her? I’m constantly being asked the secret to having flawless skin. So I alway ask right back if you’ve ever heard of “Miracle Skin Transformer?” I stumbled onto this wonder brand on my own at my local beauty supply store 3 years ago and have been nothing but loyal and addicted ever since. First get started by applying Miracle Revival Mud on you Mom’s face, neck, throat and the backs of her hands for 15 minutes. The “secret sauce” as I like to refer to it is actually bioactive silts sourced from European spring-fed lakes. The silts target age spots and help to reduce the appearance of find lines by stimulating the skin’s own natural collagen productions. They even infused the Resurrection Plant into the formula which in my books for ingredients is top notch and helps bring skin back to life. It works on minimizing redness and maximizing evening out skin tone. After you mask, step 2 is to apply much buzzed about 5-in-1 tinted Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 designed to Hydrate, Prime, Enhance, Mattify & Protect your skin in one simple step. This multi-tasking complexion enhancer instantly provides your skin with an antioxidant-rich hydrating base, primed smooth finish, weightless coverage, and SPF20. The translation from me to you is: Miracle Skin Transformer is my number one beauty tool I use to perfect my face whether I’m wearing foundation or going foundation free. Everyone is always commenting I have the most youthful complexion. Uh yeah I do…Thanks MST! Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.57.09 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.59.22 AM GIFTING FLOWERS & CANDY IS SO 2015, GIFTING FLOWERS & MAKEUP IS WHAT’S NOW! DREW BARRYMORE’S FLOWER BEAUTY COLLABORATES WITH 1800 FLOWERS FOR MOTHER’S DAY IT’S CALLED: Blush & Bloom By Flower + FREE Lip Makeup Set PRICE: $54.99 PRODUCT CODE: 148324 SHOP: THE COLLABORATION: We all know fresh flowers will put a big smile on every woman’s face! 1800Flowers put together a pretty bouquet of one dozen roses in various shades of pink in their exclusive sparkling diamond vase with a unique honeycomb design. What’s cool is it can easy be reused later for candles or as a decorative accent. Then what comes with it is gorgeous makeup! It’s the perfect collaboration between 1800Flowers and Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty Brand. The HydraSilk Ultimate Lip Butter is yummy and I’m totally obsessed with Drew Barrymore’s Lip Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer! The color blends beautifully with a vast majority of complexions AND it passed my lipstick transfer test! I think it’s because it has the stay power of a stain. The mango, shea butter, jojoba oil do the hydrating job while the pomegranate extract delivers the antioxidant support. This is one-step, one-stop shopping at it’s finest! Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.02.04 AM  

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