Spring Forward: Part II Of My Spring Beauty & Fashion Report

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In Los Angeles this week, we been having the classic “April showers bring May flowers…” in March. We tend to enjoy getting ahead of the speeding train in everything we do! Even the weather got the memo… LOL! So this is part II of my two part look at the latest Spring beauty and fashion trends causing a buzz amongst the hip, on-trend Angelinos wanting “Big Texas Hair” and fabulous dresses that will put a “Spring” in our step. Yep I went there with the pun, but it was right there for the taking.  

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Red carpet season may have come to a close… regardless the question is always fun to ask “Who are you wearing?” Well let me tell you about my latest fashion find and newest addiction. It’ll quickly become yours too. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock,but Rent The Runway is changing my style identity. I love wearing new dresses for each television segment, but this can get expensive. So RTR rents me a dress of my choice from over 300 couture designers and ships it to me wherever in the world I am. I wear it, pack it back up when I’m done and return it. You get 4 days for a weekend event and 8 days if you’re going on vacation. When done take it a UPS office or drop box and RTR even handles the dry cleaning for you. You can order a second size of the same dress just in case something is running small or big and you have the option to pay an extra $5 for insurance just in case of any mishap. They’ve made this dummy proof which I love.

I’M WEARING: A red long sleeve La Petite Robe Di Chiara Boni ($90 for me to rent, in the store it would run close to $700)

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Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.39.25 AM

Showing Off Fun Spring Styles on CW Denver Colorado’s Best

PRICE: $12.99
I always say the higher the hair, the closer to God! One of my favorite expressions. Spring months are the perfect time to experiment with your tresses. But how do you achieve fun, Big Denver volume and avoid all the damage constant teasing your hair creates? You do a “Powder Shake” people! But what exactly does this mean? Zotos Professional 180PRO TEASEless Volumizing Powder Shake works on all hair types and provides buildable, moldable volume, texture and hold to effortlessly create “BIG” styles without the damage back combing and over styling creates. First, shake the can really well to prime it (this is where the literal “shake” in the name comes into play). TEASEless will initially spray on wet. You need to let it dry for 30 seconds and then you can work it in with fingers. OR another great approach? Put 3 or 4 rollers at the crown and towards the back of your head, spray TEASEless, use a blow dryer for 30 seconds, and BOOM, BAM… Volume M’aam! The “secret sauce” is a unique clay and silica blend that recreates dry, buildable texture with long-lasting hold. They even went as far as to formulate it with a Pro-Peptide complex, a blend of proteins and conditioning agents that bond to hair… targeting hair’s worst breaking points. They thought of everything!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.40.33 AM

PRICE: $48
It ain’t call “Spring Cleaning” for nothing. March is the perfect month to switch up your cleansers and freshen up your beauty regimen. MD Sun’s gentle Revitalizing Cleanser deeply detoxes your pores, purifies skin and removes impurities, makeup, and oil without disturbing the skin’s natural balance. Three powerful, yet gentle acids work together to help cell regeneration, while olive oil, β-Glucan and damascena-rose oil protect and maintain a youthful appearance. The 2-in-1 action of this face wash will save you time and money by not needing to add a makeup remover into the equation. After one use, your face is left makeup-free, pH-balanced, and beautifully glowing!

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PRICE: $29.99
As our skin does it’s annual Spring thaw… Natural Pure Gardens Skin Serum is like a waterfall on thirsty skin and worth getting on your radar. Blended by a master Mediterranean herbalist, Pure Gardens Skin Serum is a versatile and clinically proven product made with natural ingredients that help nourish your skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, is extremely moisturizing, calms rosacea and eczema, firms tones and tightens skin, reduces hyper pigmentation (dark spots), increases luminosity, can be applied to lips just to call a few of the many benefits. Raw, cold pressed, alcohol and fragrance free… To it’s credit this skin balm was listed as a go-to in the 2014 PDR… The Physicians Desk Reference. This is the type of remedy you purchase multiples of and stash in your car, purse, gym bag or even your teen daughter’s school locker! It’s a “hero” catch all, multi-tasker I’m loving.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.49.29 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.43.26 AM

PRICE: $49 PLUS FREE Shipping
Adonia StemuTone Serum is a clinically proven plant stem cell treatment that turns back the clock specifically on your body from your chest down to your toes by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, stretch marks, scars and dryness on your body in just 3 days. One of the big trends in beauty right now is figuring out how eliminate creepy skin as we age, especially on hands and our chests. When you look closely at the before and afters, you see where this body serum generates the most dramatic results over just a few days time. With Adonia StemuTone you can expect to achieve skin that’s firmer and dramatically younger-looking. It’s clinical trials support these claims! In 3 days it significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and body wrinkles an average of 32% on a full-body evaluation. After 28 days of further reduction of 78% was observed. This is awesome, basically all I want to do is bath myself in it everyday! It’s been building a nice little celebrity following in Hollywood recently, and now I understand why as I get ready to wear Spring styles that show more leg and skin.

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PRICE: $49
SHOP: Buy 2 Get A third one FREE!
Adonia Bronzing Glow has a huge celebrity following, especially on Dancing With The Stars, and is quickly becoming THE must-have self-tanner of spring 2016. Lots of cool reasons why! For starters, it’s a foam, NOT a cream, so it’s easier to apply and absorbs into the skin better without leaving a sticky residue. You get an instant result with natural, golden bronze color that looks amazing, and gradually deepens over 3 hours, just like a real tan. The key ingredients are a blend of natural probiotics, sugar, organic bergamot, organic clove, organic rosewood & organic Nerioli. It has a light botanical scent instead of the harsh chemical smells most tanning products leave behind compliments of this infusion of herbs, fruit and plant extracts. Interestingly, Bronzing Glow is the only self tanner I’ve come across that contains probiotics. This totally sets it apart from the competition because it helps to give you that natural color everyone wants while improving your skin at the same time. You don’t have to stress about ever looking orange because it has a unique color-correcting technology which naturally adjusts to your skin tone. Another feature I love about it is how well it minimizes the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, and other skin imperfections which as we bust out skirts and shorts becomes important. We all know when you have a naturally looking tan you will always look skinnier than you really are. Imagine you are going out Friday night and you look pale, you can immediately apply your Adonia Bronzing Glow and 5 minutes later you look like you came back from a vacation from Greece. And because it looks so natural, no one will ever know it came from a bottle!!

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Catwalk Blush in “Rosy Brown,” $20.99
Eyebrow Booster Filling Effect, $10.99
Beyu’s goal was to find balance between quality and affordability, keep up with the latest trends with frequent new product releases and many great color options for each product. And when you look on Instagram at two of the biggest Spring makeup trends take note of: filled in, polished brows and contoured/chisled faces. For blush & contour, I’m loving the oil and fragrance free: Catwalk Powder Blush in “Rosy Brown.” It’s great not only for blush on the apples of your cheeks, BUT also try it as contour in the hallows right beneath your cheeks. Then get BeYu’s Eyebrow Booster Filling Effect in your makeup bag. Available in 2 shades it’s user friendly with high tech fibers providing additional expression and filling in sparse areas and irregularities. End result is you’ll look like you have thicker, fuller “Wonder Woman-esque” eyebrows even IF you don’t.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.44.59 AM

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