Here’s Your June “How To” Glow Guide

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Just about every magazine cover from May through August is rock’n images of glorious, sun kissed models and actresses, a glam squad transformed into golden goddesses quite a few of us would love to resemble. Well the only glam squad helping me in my bathroom… IS ME!  So I hunkered down this week to learn about what steps we can adopt to capture a subtle warm glow, making our complexions appear lit from within. If you’re like me, you want this tutorial in as few steps as possible and as easy and user friendly as possible. I’m truly picking up what you’re putting down to this end. So have a read, and see if you think this is doable?

1. Hydrate your complexion! This won’t work on dull, dry skin!
• SeaBuck Wonders Organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Price: $34.97  Shop:
SeaBuck Wonders Seed Oil has been a huge game charger on my face, and it’s Step 1 when you want to create a sun kissed glow on yourself.  Here’s why: it’s a fact the sun stresses out your skin, know this, it’s the truth!  “EFA’s” also known as essential fatty acids, some of the key building blocks in our bodies, are the best kept beauty secret to nourish a parched complexion.  The fatty acids in Seed Oil counter act all the negative push/pull on our complexions and improves skin functioning. The cool thing is you can take this internally and externally. Internally take 1 to 2 droppers by mouth daily. Or apply to skin liberally, concentrating on dark spots and wrinkles. So this little bottle really packs a punch keeping your skin healthy and glowing all summer. The exfoliating cleanser and daily face moisturizer (pictured below) compliment the seed oil and round out your youthful glow. I like using all 3 together to maximize and expedite this beauty end game.

The Seabuck Wonder Seed Oil full of essential fatty acids (think Omegas 3, 6 and 9) is multi-tasking because you can use this to impart a glow to your complexion both topically on faces and internally too.

I use the Exfoliating Facial Cleanser first, the Seed Oil Dropper second over my face, neck and throat and finish with the Daily Facial Cream. All fueled with Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9.

2. The sun kissed tan that’s a “Clear” winner (pun intended)
• Vita Liberata Invisi Tanning Water
Good To Know: They never test on animals plus this is the perfect remedy to conceal stretch marks & scars!
Shop: Ulta  Price: $39
The Subtle Way To Add A Glow On Your Body & Face This NEW Vita Liberata self tanner’s infused with 100% natural tanning agents. The DHA (the actual ingredient that self tans skin) is vegan-friendly and for the first time goes on clear! The clear application is HUGE because it mean’s this self tanner won’t transfer to your clothes… so it’s saving you the two things we all desire more of: Time & Money (at the dry cleaners).  The brand’s exclusive Flash Dry Technology allows for faster drying time while their Odor Remove Technology ensures zero odor during and post application so no one will guess you are wearing a sunless tan and it’s good for your skin too. Once you apply it, give it 4 to 8 hours to appear. The result is a medium/golden, streak free tan that lasts for somewhere around 7 days.


3. When You Hear The Term “Lit From Within” This Is What They Mean
• CYO Illuminating Mixing Cream Turn On The Light
Price: $5.50 Shop: Walgreens
They use the best description on the back of the bottle a “6am pick me up! You can apply this any one of three ways: A. As a primer/base B. You can mix it with your moisturizer or foundation to up level either C. Use it on top of makeup as a way to add luminosity and polish to your look. The “Into The Shadows” shade is the one I’d consider “Universal” meaning tons of different skin tones will enjoy it. It gives a complexion this warm, soft, diffused glow and lift. You’ll wonder how you lived without it prior! Oh and be mindful a little goes a long way. About 3 to 5 small, quick pumps will cover your entire face.

4. Maybelline New York made a sun kissed highlighter in Rose Gold – Anything Rose Gold Will Make You Look Goddess-esque!
• Maybelline New York Master Chrome By Face Studio Metallic Highlighters
Price: $9.99 Shop:
Maybelline Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter  Meet the secret to brilliant and luminous summer complexions year round. These 4 compacts in Molten: Gold, Rose Gold, and NEW shades: Peach and Topaz effortlessly envelopes skin in a molten metal sheen. The compacts each feature reflective pearl pigments for an eye catching chrome effect that drenches skin in a melted metallic, almost reflective finish, epitomizing what it means to capture a “sun kissed glow.”


Step 1. Apply with brush or fingertips.
Step 2. Sweep onto targeted areas, such as cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of the nose.
Step 3. Blend for a seamless metallic glow.

Molten Peach is one of the two new shades that just debuted. This peach shade translates “peachy” for a summer glow and it’s easy to apply!

BONUS TIP:  I’ve also used them as eyeshadow when in a pinch. And blended them with lip balm for instant lip color. It really shows how versatile and user friendly Maybelline New York products are!

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