Here Comes The Bride! A 4WK Beauty Plan Of Action, Part II

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Weddings are big commitments! And I don’t mean to just your partner… I’m talking about a commitment to getting ready for everything from the engagement party to the bridal shower straight through to the big day. I have affectionately dubbed this journey as “The Process To Pretty.” It not only encompasses the physical side of getting ready but also the psychological side too. Weddings are a great time in a person’s life to encourage us all to try and take better care of ourselves by going inward and exuding a healthy does of self care. Take a look at part II of of this 2 part blog series to try on to get you primed and poised to look like a million dollars for all the wedding events whether you’re the maid of honor bridesmaid or the bride herself! I promise I have you covered and truly want to help you rock this whole experience start to finish.

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PRICE: $65
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You want your skin to glow but you’re not sure where to start? Okay… take a breath and begin here: with mini doses of dead skin exfoliation on a daily basis for the next 4 weeks. On clean skin apply IASO’s Intensive Clear Booster to your face, neck, throat and even the back of your hands (chase with serum and moisturizer or SPF during the day after your apply the Booster). The Korean Skincare powerhouse created a results driven yet gentle skin renewing booster that provides daily exfoliation and retexturization of complexions. It works on all skin types, all ages and your groom’s complexion too can benefit from a month of using the Intensive Clear Booster. The “secret sauce” is a combo of AHA/BHA and botanical extracts which provide a gentle exfoliation daily to bring out healthier skin. The ICB is lightweight, absorbs quickly and enhances the performance of moisturizers used afterwards. It works on oily complexions to control excess sebum and also increases moisture uptake for dry skin. It’s versatile!

Caution: I strongly discourage combining a hydroxy acid formula with a Retinol formula (it’s overdosing on exfoliation. Pick one or the other)

Here’s Your Overview:
1st Week – Leaves skin soft and smooth
2nd Week – Removes dullness and starts showing skin’s natural radiance
3rd Week – Helps you get an even skin tone and reveals brighter skin
4th Week – Strengthens skin for its healthiest look and continuously attacks visible lines

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PRICE: Stencils Kit, $14.95, BrowStyles Kit (Featuring Sorme Cosmetics), $39.95, ForeverBrows / Brows For Bros, $29.95
Engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding day and honeymoon! Good golly! These are 6 huge events in your life, you’re going to want bullet proof brows-on-fleek! Smudge proof, melt proof, stay proof brows that require zero touch ups. So who better to school us on the perfect brow, then a woman who lost her brows while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Lisa Doble cracked the code on how to achieve fabulous brows whether you have sparse brows from over waxing and tweezing or you’re dealing with alopecia or other medical issues. SurvivorEyes are kits of 10 stencils come with a brow brush and high quality cosmetics through her collaboration with Sorme. These brow kits are the “Cliff Notes” of beauty, perfect for the novice who doesn’t have an art degree and needs the brow templets to guide them. I can’t live without them when I apply my makeup. Checkout her web site for her newest additions to her SurviviorEyes collection launching this month. Forever Brows ($29.95) is the perfect brow kit that promises every bride picture perfect brows from dawn to dusk with no re-touch necessary. It’s also the perfect bridesmaid gift. And because it’s waterproof/sweat proof, it’s ideal if you’re an athlete or mom headed to the beach with your kids this summer because they’re bullet proof, and won’t come off until you take them off with a makeup remover wipes. And Lisa didn’t forget men! She created a compact called “Brows For Bros!”($29.95) Perfect for a little man-scaping so fellas look polished, defined and game on. Brows have become big business these days and a hot trend in beauty thanks in part to instagram drawing attention to it (pun intended).

Fun Fact: SurvivorEyes Inc. makes a donation of 5% of all annual profits to support charities that help those who struggle with hair loss.

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PRICE: $9.49
SHOP: or drugstores nationwide
Give yourself 4 weeks to prep and condition your body! Your skin is your best accessory and it’s important to moisturize, especially leading up to and on your big day! The Neutrogena Body Oil absorbs in seconds – so quickly that after the product is applied and thoroughly rubbed in you can feel confident on your big day knowing no residue will transfer to your beautiful dress. Day of your shower, bachelorette party or wedding it’s the perfect tool to illuminate your legs, arms and collar bones fast and affordably.
Fun Fact: this product is so Iconic that it’s been around for 50+ years


PRICE: $149
If there was ever a time to focus on getting your beauty rest the month leading up to your big day… this is IT! Not all pillows are created equal. They were pretty much all the same until Dr. Cheryl Huang, a dermatologist, in the San Francisco Bay area, decided to re-invent the way we sleep and voila… out of 18+ years of research… The Pilookie was born! Dr. Huang’s patented sleeping pillow is specially-designed to optimize skin health.. and more. If you’re familiar with ergonomic office chairs? Think of this as an ergonomic pillow designed with strategic cut outs on both sides. The goal is to position your face so all the anti-aging serums and moisturizers you just applied stay on your face and don’t end up on your pillow. The second goal is for you to have supported space to sleep so you’re not smashing one side of you face directly into a pillow which over time causes sleeping fine lines and wrinkles to develop. Cheryl is a proud supporter of the American Made mission and has selected fine shops in Los Angeles, which support women supporting their familes, to craft The Pil-ookie®.

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