Green Your Beauty Routine & Celebrate Earth Day 2018!

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earth day 2018… an eco-friendly beauty guide

From bikini waxes to chemical peels… sometimes we’re willing to suffer for beauty BUT this doesn’t mean the earth should too. To celebrate Earth Day, coming up Sunday, April 22… I researched 6 eco-friendly brands who’s focus is to help us look great and simultaneously reduce our impact on the environment!

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION:   Stacy, what’s the first step I should take to green my beauty routine at home?

MY ANSWER: Find products packaged and bottled in recycled materials… it’s an easy first step. The symbol is usually right on the box, because companies want the bragging rights.


HAILS FROM: Originally Brazil CURRENTLY: Bellevue, Washington
PRODUCTS MADE: Right here in California  SHOP: PRICE: $64

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Toxin-Free & Synthetic fragrance free

  • Crafted with exotic, organic superfood ingredients, sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest
  • Their focus is to fight climate change, so for every purchase they replant trees and preserve acres in the Amazon rainforest with a mission to replant 1Million trees and preserve 75k acres. Boom!
  • PROMO: Go to and use “KTLAMIST” to get the MIST FREE with the purchase of the Oil & Scrub Set for $64. The $38 Facial Mist & Shipping are completely FREE!!!! NOW THRU MONDAY

THEIR JOB: Exfoliate, Hydrate, Moisturize for Glowing Summer Skin + Good for Earth!

  • Rejuvenating Red Clay Masque + Scrub: This is not your ordinary scrub: aside from the amazing superfood oils & extracts, it has organic salt and it multi-tasks as a mask because it also has this incredible Brazilian red clay. The clinicals show 172% improvement and 34% improvement in firmness, so instead of just scrubbing it off, leave it on for up to 10 minutes to get its full benefits.
  • Radiance & Renewal Oil: Multi-tasking for skin, hair and nails with 5 superfruit oils + argan plant stem cells, it has up to 10 different uses and counting: the ultimate moisturizer, anti-aging serum, face and body moisturizer, massage oil, bath oil, shower oil, hair oil, you name it….oh and for the bonus round guys, it’s NOT going to clog pores given the high fatty acid content of the superfruits. On top of that the anti-inflammatory properties of the superfruits are a sensitive skin’s best friend. I use this oil EVERYDAY! I’M OBSESSED BECAUSE IT’S CURING MY CHRONIC DRY SKIN.
  • Anti-Pollution Facial Mist: hydration and protection is an important step on any glowing skin routine. This is a super powered mist, jam packed with 12 different active ingredients, 5 superfruits + hyaluronic acid, marine, plankton and an instant illuminator to give you a glow boost. the easiest way to describe it is a facial on-the-go!

This $38 Dollar Facial-On-The-Go Mist IS FREE With The Purchase Of The Revitalizing Scrub & Radiance & Renewal Oil. Code Is: KTLAMIST (Free Shipping)

HAILS FROM: Originally Belgium
CURRENTLY: In 102 countries and used backstage at NYC Fashion Week &  on lots of movie sets.
SHOP: 1 am
PRICE: Ranges from $14.95-$23.50
I nicknamed Olivia Garden “OG” for being the “Original Gangster” of eco-friendly beauty products! This company launched in 1967 to provided hairdressers with high quality, cutting-edge salon tools. They just celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2017! Their launch into the green beauty category happened in 2006 with their signature striped pattern brushes

The Classic Stripped 100% Bamboo Hair Brushes by Olivia Garden

Currently the collection of round and paddle brushes are made with 100% bamboo, which is pesticide-free, durable and better for the environment than wood. Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource.

  • Using Bamboo preserves hardwood forests.
  • The handle has an ergonomic super durable design with a biodegradable special anti-slip grip
  • Ball Point tips are gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • From Silky Finish to Detangling, this collection will cover all your hair challenges and moments!

GOOD TO KNOW: They never test on animals and self tanner is the perfect remedy to conceal stretch marks and scars!
SHOP: Sephora
PRICE: $42

This NEW St Tropez self tanner’s infused with 100% natural tanning agents. The DHA (the actual ingredient that self tans skin) is vegan-friendly, plus this mousse goes on clear and smells like tropical flowers! The clear application is HUGE because it mean’s it won’t transfer to your clothes at any point and you don’t need to take a shower… so it’s saving you the thing we all need the most… more time in our days. The result is a medium/golden, streak free tan that last for days. And the tropical hibiscus flower scent is awesome because traditional self tanners don’t always smell quite as pretty! I tested this bad boy out April 13th and a pic of “tan” me is up on my instagram @stacycoxbeauty it’s fabulous and easy to use.


  • Tried and Tested *100% of women agreed the product feels gentle on the skin
  • 98% agreed the product felt comfortable to wear all day
  • 91% said their skin felt refreshed after using Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse
  • 90% said that the tropical fragrance was uplifting



HAILS FROM: Berkeley, CA
GOOD TO KNOW: It all began for this bio-tech company with an accessible cure for malaria and with the success of this, they built upward into the skincare category.
SHOP: Sephora &
PRICE: $78
GREEN ROCKSTARS: Read these bullet points


  • Biossance, is considered a “clean” beauty brand. They have blacklisted 2,000+ potentially harmful chemicals.
  • All products are EWG VERIFIED™.
  • They prioritize sustainability with tree-free outer packaging made from sugarcane paper. No bleach chemicals, dyes, or foil—and recyclable bottles.
  • Biossance developed their own plant-based version of squalane, which comes from 100% plant-based, renewable sugarcane, then bio-fermented to create a beautiful end result—highly stable, totally sustainable squalane.
  • Every drop of squalane in our products is derived in this eco-friendly way.

Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum is a lightweight, effective serum featuring bakuchiol (buh-koo-chee-all), a plant derived retinol alternative that offers retinol-like results—without the skin irritation or sensitivity!!! The serum diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while evening skin tone and reducing visible discoloration. It’s great for all skin types, even sensitive, it does not irritate or make skin photosensitive like retinoids, so you can use it during the day (or night).

HAILS FROM: The ingredients are inspired by handpicked and handcrafted fruits, veggies and minerals that can be found on a tropical island like Maui.
GOOD TO KNOW: Most shampoo and conditioner start with deionized chemically treated water as their primary ingredient. Maui Moisture starts with an unconventional blend of aloe juice infused with our coconut water.
SHOP: Ulta, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens & Target
PRICE: $8.99
Maui Moisture is free of: Silcones, Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil & Gluten
Maui Moisture embraces being: Eco-friendly, vegan and using pure coconut water and aloe juice as the base to all their haircare

Maui Moisture created 6 collections to address all hair types from curly to colored and from dry to thin! The Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Collection focuses on hydrating and moisturizing dry, damaged and over-styled hair (that’s me! And this haircare has helped).  The aroma emanating from the bottles, alone, will draw you into this brand. It’s intoxicating! And IF your your hair has curl and you’re always battling frizz… give The Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Collection a try. It’s a blend of coconut oil, papaya butter and plumeria extract which helps condition curls, reduce frizz and improve curl definition. You can use these shampoos and conditioners daily without the fear of build-up and give your hair a healthy glow and shine.


HAILS FROM: London, England
GOOD TO KNOW: The Body Shop set the trend as one of the first brands on the planet to pioneer hemp’s incredible benefits. Coupled with the recent legalization of medical and recreational marijuana across the US, the rest of the world is finally catching up with the brand’s trailblazing attitudes two decades later.
SHOP: The Body Shop &
PRICE: Products start at $6 and cap at $20

  • Each of the products is enriched with community trade hemp seed oil sustainably sourced from a secret supplier in France.
  • Their cooperative of 300 farmers cultivate, cold-press and refine hemp seed oil in a way that benefits the biodiversity of the environment.
  • A miracle crop, hemp regenerates land, naturally cleans soil without the needs for artificial fertilizers, provides a habitat for local wildlife and can even be used to craft sustainable building materials.
  • Hemp seed oil’s also four times more effective at capturing CO2 than trees!!!!

In fact, when The Body Shop launched their high quality Hemp range in 1998, the police raided one of their stores in France! However founder, Anita Roddick, refused to shy away from the stigma surrounding the controversial “miracle crop.” Hemp acts like an armor that seals in moisture and defends skin against the elements. Hemp seed oil is made up of 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs) including omegas 3, 6, and 9, and its balance of EFAs make it perfect for intensely moisturizing dry skin

The big question everyone always has is: “Can you actually get high on hemp?” Well, no. Although hemp and marijuana are sourced from the same plant (cannabis sativa), varieties grown for their fibers and seeds are low in THC, the chemical compound that gets you high. The variety of hemp The Body Shop uses only contains trace amounts of THC. There you have it!


  • Hemp Hand Protector, $6-20 (1oz – 3.3 oz) – Enriched with the oil of 996 Hemp seeds ***One of these is sold every 9 seconds worldwide
  • Hemp Heavy-Duty Face Protector, $15 (1.7 oz) – Enriched with the oil of 483 Hemp seed
  • Hemp Heavy-Duty Lip Care, $8 (.15 oz) – Enriched with the oil of 101 Hemp seeds
  • Hemp Hard-Working Foot Protector, $20 (3.5 oz) – Enriched with the oil of 724 Hemp seeds
  • Hemp Heavy-Duty Body Moisture Protector, $20 (6.75 oz) – Enriched with the oil of 1,932 Hemp Seeds

The Body Shop Hemp Seed Oil Heavy Duty Face Protector In Action On Me! It felt super creamy & hydrating upon applying it! Hemp go ahead and land your Essential Fatty Acids on my dry face! The trace amount of THC will NOT get you high! This is a misconception.

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