Forget The Secret Garden, Have You Discovered The Secret Garage?

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There are some amazing dining experiences in and around Beverly Hills and it’s surrounding areas, but none more unique and memorable then where my little butt landed the evening of January 31st!  I dropped my car off in a nondescript alley way between famed Rodeo Drive and Beverly. Upon slipping through an unmarked doorway, I took an elevator up a couple floors.  When the doors slowly parted, I stepped out and… down the rabbit hole I went. This is the first thing I saw…

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 5.19.11 PMA bright cherry red 1935 Duesenberg!  I half expected Daisy Buchanan to breeze past me in a flapper gown and feather headband.  But alas she was a much a dream as my reality was currently feeling.  I grabbed a bread stick… I needed to ground down quickly and carbs usually do the trick for me. As it tuned out, on the evening of January 31st, I had the privilege of being a guest at a VIP dinner organized by famed timepiece designer Patek Philippe hosted in the private garage of Bruce Meyer.  So translation: If you love vintage cars or even if cars have never made your heart race… this cross section of the finest automobile collection in the world would make any human being feel lucky to have a “ticket to ride” on this night. My eyes darted from one vintage Ferrari to another 1962 first production Cobra, my mind exclaiming “No way! Is this real?” But it was real, at least for those 2 hours… this was my reality, and I was loving it and getting into the groove quickly. Look at that… I mumbled under my breath! Is that a 1929 Bentley? It was indeed!

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The 1929 Bentley, Larger then life!

As I found my spot at the long family style table, I admired the elegant table settings!  Had to be Geary’s, I thought.  Yes, in fact it was Geary’s that orchestrated producing this gathering and dinner.  Growing up as a local kid here in Los Angeles, I have fun memories of heading to the famed Beverly Hills store to peak around at all the fine china and crystal.  And this table didn’t disappoint! Take a look…

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.23.53 PMBefore we broke bread and dove into the first course, we got a little education of what’s new and what’s on the horizon for Patek Philippe from the brand’s President, Larry Pettinelli.  First off the brand is gearing up for 10 of the biggest days for watch makers, dealer and collectors from July 10 through the 23rd. The Art Of Watches, Grand Exhibition New York 2017 is set to captivate the world at Cipriani NYC. It’s an exhibition open to the public and showcases the tradition of high precision watch manufacturing that defines Patek Philippe’s 178 year history. So guests will get a unique window into the world of the last private, family owned Geneva watch company from the inside!

Larry also touched up what’s new with the timepieces over the last year. As a first big surprise at Baselworld 2016, Patek Philippe presented a new model in the regular collection that pairs two highly popular complications in one watch. The second première is a new model that celebrates the 20th anniversary of a genuine bestseller. The third debut graces feminine wrists, the fourth is a grand classic that was subtly reworked, and number five once again demonstrates that no complication is too challenging for Patek Philippe.

A timepiece perfect for ladies wanting a touch of diamonds or perhaps a fan of Prince. The purple watch band is fierce!

A timepiece perfect for ladies wanting a touch of diamonds or perhaps a fan of Prince. The purple watch band is fierce!

Aficionados, collectors, and connoisseurs of mechanical timepieces will be awed when the see the new Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930. It combines the Genevan manufacture’s patented World Time mechanism with a proprietary self-winding chronograph movement that comes in a round white-gold case and a dial with a blue, manually guilloched center.

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Needless to say the dinner was outstanding!  Geary’s CEO, Tom Blumenthal couldn’t have been more down-to-earth, gracious and made everyone feel right at home. After the meal, an assortment of desserts was available to us via carts strategically placed around the room. The point was to encourage us to walk around and browse the car collation and cases of Patek Philippe watch displays.  There was this cookie smothered in chocolate Nutella, so no one had to twist my arm to get up and take a victory lap around the museum.  If everything were covered in Nutella the world would be a better place! A couple standouts that guests were lingering around and admiring…

A 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa

A 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa (Tom, Larry and the Fab Bruce are pictured here)

Classic Patek Philippe watches like this one!

Classic Patek Philippe watches like this one!

I was deep in a car and watch revelry when I finally snapped out of it, and noticed they were trying to close up for the evening and go home LOL!  With one last loving gaze over at a vintage Porsche… I headed back down the elevator, out into the alley to fetch my car and off I went back home… with a new found appreciation for secret garages, the Geary family and a watch brand that has truly withstood the test of time.

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