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What Happens In Vegas, STAYS In Vegas Right?

Not Necessarily When Romy & Stacy Land Inside The Forum Shops At Caesar’s Palace

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So I’m starting this story at the end!  Leave it to me to be bass ass backwards as this expression goes. I think what will leave you with the biggest impact after reading my little blog post about The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace is this: I’ve been home now from my shopping adventure with Lifestyle blogger and bestie, Romy Schorr, for one week and I’ve caught myself numerous times wishing I was back on the “streets” of old Rome throwing back yellow tail at Sushi Roku and trying on insane stilettos at Giuseppe Zanotti that God knows I couldn’t walk a single step in! But who cares right?  Walking is overrated, and those heels are sexier and hotter than Ryan Gosling naked.  Are you picking up what I’m putting down?  There’s something seriously contagious going on at the Forum Shops that you need to know about.  Plus, I’m having Forum Shop withdrawal that I need to talk about!  So please read on…

The beautiful Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. I have been coming here since I was 19!

The beautiful Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. I have been coming here since I was 19!


Romy and I grabbed a morning flight on Southwest out of the Burbank airport. It was so fast I didn’t make it through my latest issue of US Weekly. Southwest is the way to go!  First off there’s no baggage fee to factor in (Translation: More money for shopping).  So if you want to pack for a week, for what’s in reality only an overnight trip to Sin City… knock yourself out ladies.  Pack all the dresses and outfit options you need to look and feel foxy.  Romy and I whizzed through Burbank TSA in minutes.  The Southwest Flight attendant humor is shtick that never goes to waste on me… I find it disarmingly amusing.  Nutshell: We blinked, behind our designer shades, and presto: Hello Vegas!

Excited to head to Vegas with Romy of

Excited to head to Vegas with Romy of


I haven’t had a chance to stay at Caesar’s Palace in a long time, have you?  Well it’s clear they’ve been working diligently and hard to upgrade everything from the dining options to the hotel rooms to elevate their game and our experience while guests. Romy and I had our own rooms and loved the plush bedding with yellow accents, framed show girl art work and glorious, spacious granite accented bathroom.  The whole vibe felt inviting and elegant. It also harkened back to old school, vintage, classic Vegas too. And this is what made staying at Caesar’s so special. They’re experts at marrying the classic with the contemporary. These rooms put the shoeboxes I stay in, when I head east to NYC, to shame now that I think about it!  Next time I’ll bring my roller skates along and take a lap around the room… it’s so spacious and well appointed.

What an awesome room I got to stay in overnight at Caesar's Palace!

What an awesome room I got to stay in overnight at Caesar’s Palace!



As Romy and I headed straight for our “gateway to shopping paradise…” The [Forum Shops] entrance,  we connected with Maureen Crampton, Director Of Marketing and Business Development.  It was great to spend time with a Forum Shop veteran who knows the history and nostalgia of Vegas’s original/first shopping destination born in 1992.  I was 19 years old and I remember heading to the desert with my mom, best friend and her mom to see what The Forum Shops were all about first hand. Naturally my jaw dropped to the ground at 19! I’d never been to Rome before (at that time I didn’t even own a passport).  So to see all the Roman columns and larger than life statues took my breath away (Gosh, it still does! Some things never change). But what’s remarkable is how over these 24 years, The Forum Shops have maintained their charm and flair… evolved, grown and stayed on top of it’s game despite numerous other big name hotels launching destination shopping collections of their own.  So exactly what’s the secret to The Forum Shops success?  In speaking with management and the sales staff in 20 different stores we visited, it comes down to this:

  • BALANCE: The Forum Shops figured out the ratio/equation of how to balance luxury boutiques with retail that’s exceptionally affordable. So it means there are dozens of stores to meet the needs of all the different shoppers with varying agendas, goals and budgets. There’s stores well suited for guys, teens, women, kids, art collectors, jewelry lovers, sunglass worshipers, makeup junkies, fragrance fanatics and foodie diehards. And as I mentioned in paragraph one, this shopping collection speaks to the shoe and stiletto loving divas like myself.

  • FAMILY: So, this is what really got me! In every single store we visited, we asked the retailers what makes your store unique and stand out at The Forum Shops?  Sales staff across the boards said, “What I adore about working here is the family feeling I get coming to work everyday!” Some of the people we chatted with said after work they get together and make dinner for one another (Hi Dior Beauty Boutique! Love you guys!).  This family energy permeates all the stores Forum wide. Everyone has so much pride for their store and it’s not so much that they want to sell you something. No, it’s not like this at all.  They’re here to interact with you and are excited to tell you about their store, bust out with what’s new, give you a sample if they have them and show you a demo IF there’s something to experience.  All you need to do is get your head out of your cell phone, look up and go inside the stores that interest you most.  Say a simple “Hello,” and the staff will take it from there. They’re the real rockstars of the Forum Shops.

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.59.16 PM


I’m excited to give you some insight into the stores and restaurants we visited. But this merely scratches the surface. The Forum Shops are vast!  How vast you ask? It’s made up of 160 specialty shops and restaurants creating a retail attraction similar to the Via Condotti or Rue Foubourg St. Honore. So NO, you won’t be able to tackle all it has to offer in one day.  Lace up your tennis shoes, grab a bottle of water, leave the heavy handbag in your hotel room (your shoulder will kill otherwise) and as the Roman’s would say… “Charge!” From Gucci to Apple to Guess By Marciano To Joe’s Seafood there’s a lot to explore and taste.



Our first stop was the makeup boutique Nars to see what’s new for Spring and get our makeup touched up. I’ve been a fan since I was a teen. Their blush shade “Orgasm” is not only my personal favorite BUT also the color I manage to use most often on my clients when giving them a makeup application. @chelsea_paintsfaces smoked out my eyes, added a pretty nude shade to my lips and used their newly reformulated Laguna Liquid Bronzer ($40).  It makes you look like you just got back from Maui. Talk about sun kissed and it’s also easy to use for adding a dash of contour on the hallows of your cheeks. We got a sneak peak inside the private VIP Makeup Room which was intimate and lovely. Oh and you need to know, if you get an $85 dollar makeup app this investment goes right towards products. Love this! #NARSissist

Getting my makeup touched up at Nars!

Getting my makeup touched up at Nars!


Now that we looked snazzy… we needed to smell spectacular. So our second stop was inside a translucent glass bubble that houses Creed Fragrance.  Okay so get this tid bit: Creed is a 255 year old company! It’s the second oldest luxury perfumer in the world and what makes it’s heritage interesting is it’s remained in the Creed family, handed down son to son for 7 unbroken generations. The current perfumer, Olivier Creed is preparing to hand it down to his son Irwin in the near future. The very first fragrance they crafted was for Queen Elizabeth from the Tudor age. It’s called Fleur de Bulgarie. They were also commissioned to make fragrances for Napoleon and his better half.  To this day, the fragrances are produced in Fountainblu, France using an infusion and masceration process. The technique has NOT changed over the centuries. It’s an absolute sensorial euphoria to spend a few minutes in this shop!  My suggestion is to connect with one of the Creed experts to steer you in the right direction. See if the general manager is around, Andrea.  She’s super knowledgeable and fun. My 2 picks for you to smell are: Royal Princess Oud and Santal.

I'm holding a bottle of Creed Santal Perfume! It smelled so sexy. I loved it.

I’m holding a bottle of Creed Santal Perfume! It smelled so sexy. I loved it.



Kon’nichiwa/Welcome to Sushi Roku Ladies and Gentlemen.  If the view of the Las Vegas strip wasn’t taking my breath away and grabbing my attention, the explosion of flavors in my mouth were!  We all love the great sushi debate right… who has the best sushi in the world? But I say this on the record: This Vegas sushi dining experience leaves the competition in the dust!  The yellowtail, the flute, the spicy tuna, the lobster and on and on was made to perfection. However also worth recapping to you was Sushi Roku’s… HOSPITALITY! Restaurant Manager, Johnny Seo was charming and knowledgeable about sushi and the Vegas restaurant industry as a whole. His pride for Sushi Roku was seriously heart warming. If you stop in for a bite… ask to connect with him for a moment say “hello” to him for me.

Sushi Roku has the most authentic sushi matched w/the best view of the Vegas Strip!

Sushi Roku has the most authentic sushi matched w/the best view of the Vegas Strip!


With our energy refreshed and our feet rested… we headed over to CH which stands for Carolina Herrera. “CH” is her lifestyle boutique as it was explained to us. So there’s lots of cool things to wear for the whole family: Mom, Dad, Trendy Teens even little kiddos too. Nicole and Patrick are 2 of your go-to’s when you arrive at CH!  Brimming with enthusiasm and PASSION for this brand, the twosome took Romy and I on a tour of their store meant to resemble your living room. Well gosh, it was a nicer living room than I currently hang out in.  So “Yes” I could get use to Carolina’s interior design tastes quite easily. The dresses, shoes and purses couldn’t have been nicer.  I kept thinking Kate Middleton, Rene Zellweger or perhaps The First Lady might pop out from one of the dressing rooms LOL! It was so elegant and stylish without being the least bit pretentious.  This is what I love the most about CH. And I keep going back to that high level of hospitality I was quickly noticing was becoming the norm and pattern at The Forum Shops. The staff was proud to work there and it showed from the immaculate displays to the manner in which they greeted us. The handbag to drool over and snap a pick with (or purchase)? Ask to see the “Bimba” up close. It caught both Romy’s and my attention.

Shopping at CH Carolina Herrera was sorta being in the comfort of my own living room! That's the feel they're going for.

Shopping at CH Carolina Herrera was sorta being in the comfort of my own living room! That’s the feel they’re going for.


This definitely raises one’s eyebrow and makes you smile as you approach the front door and enter The Art Of Shaving. Who knew so much detail and attention could go into helping men get their groom on and perfect their beard? This is the sort of store I think the vast majority of ladies would by pass especially if in town for a girl’s weekend or bachelorette party.  BUT you’d be missing out on a fun experience and complimentary in store demo that’s awesome.  The Art Of Shaving’s Beard And Product Specialist Josh took Romy and I through a simulated shave of my forearm at their specially equipped sink. So my arm doesn’t really get shaved, but my arm skin got the conditioning of a lifetime and it felt so relaxing.  It makes for a nice pit stop when you need a moment to regroup. The two tools that are important and worth investing in are: the right blade for your face contours and a badger brush to create the correct density of foam to lather with.  They offer in store professional shaving service too. So if you’re at a loss as what to gift the man in your life coming up for Father’s Day… look into the Royal Shave experience for him VS a conventional massage, tie or cigar.

The Art Of Shaving Demo was a blast! My left arm loved the attention

The Art Of Shaving Demo was a blast! My left arm loved the attention

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.47.50 AM


After a “costume change,” Romy and I met back up with Maureen at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab for dinner.  Joe’s originally got it’s start in Miami Beach many decades ago. It’s a cult fave amongst the foodies of the world.  This isn’t just a tourist spot, oh no! This is where many of the locals come to dine. Why?  Joe’s is famous and highly regarded for their freshly cracked Florida stone crab claws with a signature mustard dipping sauce.  The stone crab is flown in fresh daily. It was a melt in your mouth moment! Plus they also have a vast selection of on bone-in signature steaks to devour.  And then there are the homemade pies! From Coconut to their famous Key Lime to our group favorite the peanut butter pie… I’m not sure how to tell you to try and save room for dessert but you need to.  Maybe pinky swear with yourself  to do an extra lap at The Forum Shops en la mañana LOL!  Another fun take away from Joe’s is purchasing a tin of Joe’s Steak Spice. It’s an infusion of sugar (yes sugar), spices, shallots, salt and garlic that amps up the flavor of meats when wanting to recreate the Joe’s signature flavor and flair. And once again the level of customer service and friendliness was unparalleled. I departed in a food coma.

Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite!


Remember this catchy hook from one of Donny and Marie’s hit songs? Well with my food coma in tow, Romy and I walked over to the Flamingo Hotel to catch this brother and sister act voted #1 Vegas show 3 years in a row. Sure you could see a Cirque show for example or head to the Britney Spears extravaganza. However, if you want it all… this is the one to attend. Donny and Marie’s heart and soul married to their talent and stamina blew me away and had me standing on my feet cheering as they said good night. Yep, it was this enjoyable.  They don’t seem to want to lower the curtain until both are certain their audience has had the best time imaginable.  This experience is well worth the price of admission. Marie: you’re one of my true blue heroes! Three words for you all: GO, GO, GO!

Loved seeing Donny & Marie's Vegas Show. It was quality entertainment start to finish

Loved seeing Donny & Marie’s Vegas Show. It was quality entertainment start to finish




The Fendi boutique is for the serious fashionista or “nisto” but OMG so fun to head into and browse whether it’s your thing or not. Joyce was our tour guide for this little experience, and is a knowledgeable and fun Fendi representative. She introduced us to lots of the Spring pieces straight from the NYC runway’s Spring collection appropriately titled “Flowerland.”  Think colorful flower details exploding on your feet and from your handbag in all directions. The sunnies are dope. The moment both of us put a pair on, it launched us into our alter egos. We’re “Coxy” and “Romala!” Who’s your alter ego? Go straight to Fendi and try on a pair of sunglasses and all will be revealed. Step outside your typical comfort zone and have a little (or a lot of) fun.

Fendi Spring 2016 Sunnies kinda stole the show on our Forum Shop adventure!

Fendi Spring 2016 Sunnies kinda stole the show on our Forum Shop adventure!

Spring 2016 Fendi "Flowerland"

Spring 2016 Fendi “Flowerland”


I’m often asked by readers and TV viewers which fashions and accessories are the investment pieces they should consider spending a bit more money on so it holds up and they have it for years to come. One of the answers is a good pair of driving moccasins. The Italian luxury brand Tod’s is the group you should check into when shopping Forum. Their signature Gommino Driving Shoe with the rubber pebbles on the outer sole feel like you’re walking around in slippers. This is how comfortable they are. And they’re made in every color under the rainbow for both men and women. It’s a treat for your feet. And their leather goods, wallets, handbags and sunnies are also equally quality infused and fun to check out.  We loved the sales staff at Tod’s. They’re lovely peeps with big, happy personalities.

The MOST comfortable shoe you'll ever try on = Tod's Driving Moccasins.

The MOST comfortable shoe you’ll ever try on = Tod’s Driving Moccasins.


This is my jam folks! Wore a pair for my wedding. Ditched the hubby.. kept the shoes!  Mr. Zanotti designs are the ultimate intersection where fantasy meets reality.  The crafting, heels, detail and embellishments are out of this world.  It’s art for the feet… I don’t know how else to “snap shot” this for you. The pair I’m wearing are a limited edition in come in black and also gold. When you slip on Giuseppe Zanotti’s you’re instantly taller (lots taller), feel thinner and have better posture. It’s more than just a shoe… it’s an attitude adjustment of epic proportions. I highly recommend exploring this goodness.

Giuseppi Zanotti designs footwear for women & men that's makes a serious statement!

Giuseppi Zanotti designs footwear for women & men that’s makes a serious statement!


Life moves FAST!  Sometimes so much so you need little reminders of all the beautiful memories you’re collecting. This is what Pandora Jewelry specializes in… capturing moments.  Famous for their charm bracelets, the Forum Shop location showed Romy and I some FUN Vegas inspired charms that are unique to Sin City. The one that resembles the town sign is classic!  This is a fun interactive experience allowing you to be become the jeweler and create everything from necklaces to bracelets. Who doesn’t love arresting a little creative control?

Charmed I'm Sure! Pandora at The Forum Shops has some charms that are Viva Las Vegas special!

Charmed I’m Sure! Pandora at The Forum Shops has some charms that are Viva Las Vegas special!


When you’re ready for some pampering and need to take a break from the Vegas hustle and flow… swing by the newly updated Dior Beauty Boutique. The buildout included a facial treatment room that picky moi, found insanely relaxing and easy to lose myself in almost immediately.  Sharon did a wonderful job with my skin adding a glow to my complexion using the brand’s new sleeping mask. You’ll be in awe of all the skincare and makeup products that comprise the collection. Adelle one of the brand’s makeup artists and retail specialists jumped in and helped me find products that worked best with my complexion and skin tone. And their luxury fragrance bar, exclusive to boutique locations, was quite amazing to play with! We sleuthed and discovered if you buy two skincare products in-store, they gift you with a free professional facial. How enticing does this sound?

Dior Beauty Boutique has most savvy but lovable team.

Dior Beauty Boutique has most savvy but lovable team.


The Palm is celebrating 90 years in the restaurant business. The first outpost was in Manhattan and is still there, but nothing can compare to the fabulous Forum Shop people watching you can do while sitting on the outdoor patio. So fun!  Known for their prime beef and jumbo lobsters… I had the surprise of my life when I got to spend a few moment with this little guy pictured below before lunch was served.  I ended up going with a chicken salad… I know not as exciting as the live lobster! Another salad to ask your server about is the “Gigi West Coast!” It’s off the menu so that’s a little inside tip for you to run with.  Their desserts  were scrumptious! Go with the bag of doughnuts… trust me on this one!

Lunch at The Palm? Nope I had a chicken salad and a bag of doughnuts. Delicious.

Lunch at The Palm? Nope I had a chicken salad and a bag of doughnuts. Delicious.


Ever wonder what a $54,000 dollar watch feels like on your wrist? Well I have the answer for you… pretty gosh darn swell. It’s a feeling I could quickly get use to the second I win either:  the lottery or a very wealthy new boyfriend.  Either blessing is more than welcome to find it’s way to me post haste!  So while I wait it out… I had a blast meeting the GM of Roman Times. It’s the busiest watch stores in the city and successfully sells more Hublot Watches than any other Hublot retailer anywhere. Hublot married a natural rubber strap with bullet proof steel, gold, platinum, diamonds and every type gem imaginable to create a timepiece that has a cult following with a stylish edge. The limited edition Kobe Bryant inspired designs where gorgeous, and it’s fun to take in the collaboration.  Great shop for the boys to stop by OR a couple with exquisite taste. It was time well spent (pun intended).

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? I'm editing this to: Diamond Hublot Watches are!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I’m editing this to: Diamond Hublot Watches are!


The last stop on our Forum Shop adventure was to the Chanel Beauty Boutique. There are only 4 locations in the world and only 1 in the United States… And Vegas got it! Score, Bingo, Jackpot!  When you back up and stand outside the store you start to realize the chandelier is actually not bubbles, BUT the Chanel Logo. It’s stunning. They have a private collection of fragrances that were specially curated by Coco herself. I was fascinated by one of the bottles called “Jersey.” Each scent has a story and connection to Coco’s life and loves. The wall of nail polishes was epic, just like the polishes’ reputation for being super intense and long lasting. Insider tip: If you know to ask, you can have a free mini beauty service!  Choose from: “Fresh Face,” “Signature Lips,” “Expressive Eyes” or an “Expert Skincare Consultation!” Lovely right?

This IS the ONLY Chanel Beauty Boutique in the United States

This IS the ONLY Chanel Beauty Boutique in the United States


When you’re ready to call it a day and head off into the casino toting all your new purchases, make a pit stop at the Brag Box Activation! It’s a jumbo gold frame where you can snap a fun photo, showcasing the highlights from your shopping excursion.  When you put it on social media, be sure to tag #ForumShopsBragBox or #FoundatSimon For more info on Simon Malls… head here!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.16.58 PM


These are the types of fun experiences that are meant to be shared, talked about and recreated with your family and friends when you’re ready for a vacay in the town that never sleeps. Nice people beget nice people and this is the biggest take away I came home with.  Cool stores and an even cooler sales staffs make The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace cooler than the underside of your pillow.  I’m not 19 anymore, but I give much love and credit to the Forum Shops for managing to maintain the quality, fun and awe over all these years. They’ve done a great job and I can’t wait for the next 25!

DISCLOSURE: I partnered with The Forum Shops to curate this overnight get away, however the opinions I’m sharing with you throughout, are my own.

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