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A recent study cited 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their negative environmental impact. Every April, Earth Day gives us a chance to evaluate the products we’re using and challenges us to align with a more eco-conscious approach. From biodegradable packaging to sustainably-sourced ingredients… I road tested a ton of brands and unearthed (pun intended) these magical ones below offering to save the planet one recyclable carton or plastic neutral container at a time!

So where do we start? IF you’re new/new to clean beauty products… what’s the easiest entry point to get yourself going?  First stop, is a web site that Ethical Beauty Expert, Robin Tolkan Doyle made her passion project and launched in 2020. is dedicated to strictly fair trade, sustainably sourced, green beauty products. Industry insiders consider Beautyologie the ‘Cliff Notes’/cheat sheet of the whole category.

ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR FAIR TRADE & SUSTAINABLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS makes it easy for you as a newly conscious consumer by curating & retailing the best sustainable and ethical beauty brands in one spot. You’ll discover next level beauty products making a big difference, not just on the surface of your skin, BUT also in the world we live in. These products all impact you, protect animals, forests, oceans and advance the actual people involved in manufacturing what you purchase through fair trade practices via

An Award Winning Moisturizer Featured on Beautyologie Worth Trying…

1Amazonian SkinFood Sacha Inchi Face Cream

PRICE: ($49.95)

SAVE: STACY20 is the code to use for 20% off the entire site for the next 24 hours, in honor of Earth Day.


Sustainable, clean beauty straight from the rainforest! This face cream not only serves as sustainable eye candy, BUT also up levels the moisture content in your face and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Amazonian SkinFood harvests ingredients sustainably, which helps regenerate the Amazon Rainforest ecosystem in Brazil. By using socially responsible practices, they reverse climate change, protect the forest, and combat poverty and inequality. Formulated with a unique blend of Amazonia’s most nutrient-dense superfoods: Sacha Inchi, Cacay oil, Green Coffee Oil, Acai and Ucuuba butter, you end up with a creamy dream for your skin.

What do Smoke Alarm Drops do? Just one drop is proven to “smoke proof” your skin 100% from premature aging caused by smoke! When California gets plagued annually with wildfires, or household fireplace, cooking, campsite, tobacco or kitchen smoke permeates your environment, this innovative serum  puts the aging, inflammation & oxidative stress “fire” out on your face. The serum also helps protect our firefighters in a very special and loving way! Read on to find out how Pour Moi is saving their complexions too.

These drops are really impactful…100% proven impactful when you begin to realize the smoke from a bad wildfire or household living doesn’t go away overnight. Not only does it pollute the air and linger throughout So Cal, it has the strength to move across the ocean and continue to impact the climate and air on other continents! This is a huge problem no one has had the bandwidth to solve until, literally right now. The smoke damage to your skin is speeding up the aging process tenfold for you.
2. Pour Moi Smoke Alarm Drops
PRICE: ($45)
SPECIAL KTLA DISCOUNT: The discount is 35% off with code EARTH35 which is good until 4/24, Sunday midnight PST
Smoke Alarm Drops are the world’s first concentrated serum drops… scientifically formulated to protect and hydrate skin, while stopping premature aging when stressed by smoke. Smoke particles in the air are invisible, and when they get stuck in the skin’s surface layers, they can cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which causes the skin aging process to accelerate. Just 1 drop of Smoke Alarm Drops mixed into your moisturizer or body cream creates a weightless protective shield within the skin’s surface layers, protecting skin from oxidative stress caused by smoke.

Who’s The Rocket Scientist Behind This Beauty Innovation? The inspiring Ulli Haslacher launched Pour Moi in 2012 investing tons of sweat equity in creating these amazing climate-smart, scientifically advanced, anti-aging face creams, specifically formulated to geo-moisturize in the local climate you’re in. Skincare isn’t one size fits all! A day cream that pairs with the weather in Palm Springs, is not going to work in Malibu. When a climate changes, it can shift the effectiveness of the products you’re using. So Pour Moi came up with QR codes on the actual packaging you can easily scan, that helps you figure out which products to use relative to the weather and climate you’re in at that moment for great results. The brand even won a TIME Magazine 2020 Innovation of the Year award.

Give Back: With every bottle of Smoke Alarm Drops sold, Pour Moi donates one to our nation’s brave firefighters on the frontlines. Ulli you are my absolute HERO!
Made In France For: All skin types, ages, ethnicities, and genders. The Smoke Alarm Drops are patent-pending, Climate Smart Day Creams are patented. All products are clean, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, vegan & Leaping Bunny certified.


Kudos for  Sk*p – They’re getting a ton of buzz right now because theyre on a mission to rid the industry of its plastic addiction with this cutting edge green spin in their eco packaging. It’s the very first brand to package their products in paper cartons!!!  Even the honey they use is from a family of bees🐝 that live on 1 of the 2 brand creator’s farm!  Mark (one of Sk*p’s founders) originally helped create the skincare brand Farmacy. So the dynamic duo behind this brand knows a thing or two about the clean, green beauty space. They have the “street cred” & history in the industry, to back Sk*p up with 100%.

3. Sk*p To It Mini Set

PRICE: $30 (It’s a $40 dollar value)


Hot off the presses at Ulta Beauty, the kit features small sizes of the brand’s four products – Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Face + Body Cleanser and Face + Body Moisturizer. So it’s travel friendly plus a great way to experience and get to know all 4 products at once.

  • All sk*p products feature non-toxic formulas made without synthetic fragrance or dyes, silicones, sulfates, PEGS, parabens, phthalates, or heavy metals.
  • Products include a proprietary key ingredient G-HoneyBiome™. This hero ingredient is a bio fermented honey complex that strengthens and balances microorganisms on skin and scalp for a healthy microbiome.
    • The exclusive honey is produced locally from sk*p’s own farm in upstate New York and is proven to supplement skin barrier function, boost natural moisturizing factor to regulate dry skin, re-balance skin lipid production (reducing oily skin), and is anti-inflammator



4. Plant Power By Nails.Inc 

PRICE: ($10)


Plant Power By Nails.Inc is a revolutionary 73% Plant Based nail polish collection where every shade is 21 free (free from formaldehyde, acetone, parabens and 18 other ingredients), vegan, cruelty free, Halal friendly, and comes in recyclable packaging. This is Nails.Inc’s kindest and purest formulation to date with no compromise on color quality or wear time.

  • The 6 shades offer a sunlight UV reactive formula that boosts glossiness and extends wear, providing extreme long wear up to 10 days.
  • Eco-Care Packaging NAILS.INC has switched up their iconic plastic cap for a recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly 100-percent FSC ash wooden cap.
  • Available at Sephora for a reasonable $10.00


Everything about the skincare brand Mara is mindfully green! This certified plastic neutral brand is making sure their bottles and jars don’t end up in landfills.

Recycle & Save 2 Ways
The gorgeous recycled glass bottles are recyclable along with the aluminum gold caps. Once you have three full size or travel size MARA products, you email to receive a pre-paid label to send back MARA via TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes. As a thank you, you’ll receive a one-time use code for 10% off select MARA products.

Wild Collected Algae sustainably harvested via wild collecting in Ireland and France, a method similar to wild crafting that ensures algae colonies are not over harvested and stay healthy year over year.

Give Back? Yes, they donate to Project Neela Sapana, the Impact Project to stop ocean-bound plastic waste from leaking into Chennai’s coasts and protect the Bay of Bengal.

5. Mara Algae + Zinc Sea Kale Sunscreen Serum

SHOP: Credo & Goop

This latest serum from the award winning brand Mara is the first-to-market, of a daily hydrating sunscreen FACE OIL – yes oil – packed with GlowDefense™ technology using non-nano zinc oxide for Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB / HEV PA +++ SPF 30 sun protection. A sunscreen you’ll actually want to apply (and re-apply!) It’s lightweight Algae + Zinc® formula protects against UV damage and deliciously hydrates thanks to a skin-supporting mix of blue sea kale, hemp seed, moringa rich in vitamin C and restorative proteins for a Mara signature dewy finish. Calming maritime botanicals reduce redness and sunburns, while their proprietary algae blend shields skin from blue light, pollution and photo-aging. A splash of raspberry seed oil naturally boosts environmental protection and skin elasticity for a hydrated, glowing complexion without any white residue.

6. Sprout The World’s First Plantable Makeup Liner 

PRICE: ($12.79) 


With over 35 million plantable pencils sold to over 80 countries, Sprout World has cornered the market with its sustainable pencils.  Now, the company has created The Sprout Liner–an eye or brow liner that grows into wildflowers after its too small to use. The goal is to inspire more sustainable actions in our everyday life.  The development of a plantable makeup pencil has been underway for many years at Sprout, which has a global patent for “writing tools you can plant”. The company has long wanted to leverage the patent, so it reached beyond the popular plantable Sprout pencil, which grows into herbs, vegetables, flowers and trees.

How to plant the Sprout Liners 

  1. Use the eye-or browliner until it becomes short to use
  2. Plant it in a pot with the capsule lightly covered with soil
  3. Add water and sunlight

After 7-12 days, the eyeliner germinates and turns into beautiful wildflowers

Available at Sprout World and Amazon, this innovative new concept in makeup will help push the cosmetics industry in a greener direction.

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