7 Beauty Tips For Busy Carpool Moms!

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Back-2-School Cool For Moms!
My Top 7 Essentials To Go From:
Blah To Beauty While Parked In
The Carpool Line!
As Seen On NBC Arizona Midday, Friday 8/29/14
As we bid adieu to August, we can know with the utmost confidence we’ve got our kids covered with all their back-2-school needs but what about you, Mom? Want to leave other carpool and soccer mom’s jaws dropping curbside wondering what your secrets are to looking so fresh faced and fabulous? I did a little research on the topic and came up with 7 essentials you can dial into you beauty routine right from the comfort of your car’s driver’s seat! I’m not kidding here…but be sure to try these grooming tips while your vehicle is in “park” and you’re not rolling down the road singing “Proud Mary” at the top of your lungs (this is my public service announcement from me to you). 
Pictured is myself w/Arizona Midday host and pal, Destry Jetton
Arizona Midday
Ladies: Get These Handy & Hip Brands On Your Radar
1. Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes Pink Grapefruit ($7.49)
These maximum strength dermatologist-recommended wipes are a unique formula made with 100% naturally derived grapefruit plus vitamin C. The citrus aroma delivers such a powerful midday pick-me-up, you’ll forget it’s a powerful acne treatment tool, but they are! You might not realize this however acne can start forming under your skin literally weeks before you physically see it! So these wipes are life savers for those times when you’re on the run or in-between activities with the kids to ensure bacteria and oil don’t settle in the skin. And if a touch of mascara or eyeliner travels to parts unknown, it can clean this up in jiffy without over-drying your complexion.
2. New Era Curl Rejuvenating Spray ($6.99)
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Whether you have curly hair or not…I’m discovering this rejuvenating spary infused with hydrating Awapuhi Essence puts the spring back into lazy curls and all hair types. Use it throughout the day to give hair instant energy. Rich in natural proteins and botanicals it supports by adding definition, body and bounce while eliminating frizzies. Effective on wet or dry hair,it never builds up or weighs hair down. What I’m a huge fan of is it’s ability to extend the life of your style without shampooing when your on-the-go from school straight to the soccer field. Keep one in the car and the other in your tote bag for anytime you’re having a B.H.D. (Translation: Bad Hair Day).
New Era
3. HerbTheory Supplements ($28.95)
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What are the 3 things Moms want most?
  • Less stress
  • More sound sleep
  • A simple way to manage their weight!
  • Herbtheory’s Stress and Sleep Supplement has been an awesome discovery for me. Taking 3 capsules per day with a meal gradually is helping to reduce my stress by naturally inducing relaxation and helping me w/occasional sleeping difficulties. Then I’ve been taking 2 capsules per day of the Weight Management Supplement and pairing it with exercise and healthy eating. This seems to be my secret weapon in helping me keep my skinny jeans on my body nicely! Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Wild Crafted Herbs. And you can find these at Healthy Habit if you reside in Phoenix OR go to and buy them online!
  • Herbtheory
4. Magisto Phone App, FREE & Available at Apple IOS, Google Play Store & Amazon
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Want to be tagged with the “coolest Mom” title? Want to subtly show other moms how fab you’re looking? Okay it’s a little sneaky, but subtle advertising never hurts. Turn everyday videos and pics your snapping in the car, at your kids sports or dance practices into personal mini movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Once you download the Magisto App onto your phone, select your fave photos and videos of you and the kids in action and allow Magisto to transform your media and create your movie complete with a polished look, timed out music and visual effects that will make you look like a mini-Spielberg and other moms asking “how did she do that?” After winning your Oscar (j/k), you can post the video on facebook & twitter for everyone to enjoy…envy…you get the idea!
 5. No Mo-Stache ($16)
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Best light to detect a brow and lip hair…always your car!!! But if you don’t have anything to remove the hair with you’re dead in the water. No Mo-Stache is a portable hair removal kit for the lip line that contains 12 hypoallergenic waxing strips for the face, hydrocortisone soothing cream to apply afterward and step-by-step instructions.
votre vu
6. Votre Vu, Vu-On Rouge “Amourette” ($29 SPR or $20.30 If An Ambassador)
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Your cheeks, lips and eyes will come to life with an instant pop of color if you have Votre Vu’s “Amourette” rouge stashed in your purse for beauty emergencies. It’s a sheer moisture tint with all these useful multi-tasking capabilities. Blended w/hydrating shea and rich mango seed butter it give you an airbrush finish that won’t settle in fine lines. Perfect when your complexion is looking blah and you need a little va, va, voom!
no moustache
7. Joey New York, Keep It Up ($42)
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Want an instant natural face lift??? Who doesn’t? This light weight, gel/serum quickly works to temporarily uplift and firm the appearance of the skin horizontally and vertically. Coconut water with Indian Ginseng extract plus peptides help to counter-act the look of sagging skin, pores and wrinkles on the face, neck, jaw line and decollete creating a chiseled youthful look as well as a tight yet comfortable feeling all day. Wear alone or under makeup. This is flat out a  lifesaver when you having a “low ebb” sort of day and need some good old instant gratification. 
joey ny

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