4 “Gotta Have Its” For Your Spring Makeup Bag!

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I’ve been getting ready for both my NBC Seattle New Day Northwest segment and this blog post like the U.S. Military preps for there most secret mission… late at night, after hours, trying, testing and making a POA (Plan Of Action) regarding which 4 products deserve property in makeup bags across Seattle this spring. I’ve experimented with the latest in face masks, foundations, haircare, makeup and nail care.  By no means were my decisions made without tremendous deliberation. So take a peak at the 4 that ultimately prevailed, garnering top honors as Seattle temperatures begin to warm up.


HERE’S THE SCOOP OR SHOULD I SAY SHAKE? I always say the higher the hair, the closer to God! One of my favorite expressions. Spring months are the perfect season to capture this fun spirit. But how do you achieve fun, big Seattle volume and avoid all the damage constant teasing your hair creates? You do a “Powder Shake” people! Sounds good right? But what exactly does this mean? Zotos Professional 180PRO TEASEless Volumizing Powder Shake provides buildable, moldable volume, texture and hold to effortlessly create “BIG” styles without the damage of back combing and over styling. The “secret sauce” is a unique clay and silica blend that recreates dry, buildable texture with long-lasting hold. Another unique feature is the spray dispersion system for effortless and clean application without messy powder or sticky gels. TEASEless Powder Shake works on all hair types that desire lift, volume and fullness without the damage. They even went as far as to formulate it with Pro-Peptide complex, a blend of proteins and conditioning agents that bond to hair, targeting hair’s worst breaking points. They thought of everything!
USAGE TIP: Shake the can really well each time before using (this is where the “Shake” in the name comes into play!)
PRICE: $12.99
SHOP: sallybeauty HERE!

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HERE’S THE SCOOP: 2 years ago Neutrogena launched a collection of moisturizers called “Hydrogel.” It’s weightless, water-gel, oil-free, super fast absorbing AND drenches your skin in hyaluronic serum flooding skin with hydration for approximately 24 hours. It blew up, and drugstores were selling it faster then Neutrogena could make it. So they got the brilliant idea: why not land this super serum into all their makeup! And with this the HYDRO BOOST MAKEUP COLLECTION was born! It’s a crop of 4 products: foundation, concealer, a lip treatment and lip glosses are all amped up with hydro gel to the benefit of everyone’s appearance. It’s so hydrating, the odds of it looking dry and amplying fine lines as you wear it all day long are almost nonexistent… meaning it wears better then anything you’ve turned to in the past. And this why all four products are a MUST, from my P.O.V. for your makeup bag moving forward.
PRICE RANGE: $8.99 – $14.99
SHOP: Available nationwide starting THIS February 2017

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  • The Blackout (Eye Makeup Removers)
  • The Makeup Mitty (Full Face, Pictured)

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HERE’S THE SCOOP: Leave it to a lady! From the get-go, Amanda McIntosh was never a big fan of disposable wipes nor corse, ugly washcloths  to remove makeup and assist in cleansing her face. Then someone explained the environmental harm caused by disposable wipes. She was blown away, yet inspired at the same time.  So from this headspace, Take My Face Off came to life with this patent-pending, luxurious Korean polyester fabric. It’s all predicated upon superior function and a really unique design. The Makeup Mitty  is the perfect replacement for disposable wipes. It’s a great makeup remover (use damp, with cleanser). Use one side to get most of the makeup off, then turn around for another pass. Or use two at once (one per hand) to clean even faster. The Detailer gives you a fresh, hygienic surface for each eye (one side of the fabric per eye). The “Detailer” is the pointy pocket on the tip of each droplet. It was Amanda’s answer to the fact that ribbon loops ALWAYS fall off of washcloths, plus it turned into the most genius eye makeup remover ever! The Blackout pad (smaller and black) is the brand’s replacement for cotton balls and rounds, and it’s really a spinoff of the Detailer. On the Blackout, the blunt end is good for the brow and lid, while the pointy side is great for getting off eyeliner and mascara. If you wear a ton of eye makeup, use the Blackout first, then do general cleansing with a Makeup Mitty. Most days, I’m finding I can just use one or the other—depends on how much makeup I’m wearing. The awesome thing to remember here is: it’s way more hygienic than wipes or washcloths and all the Take My Face Off tools are machine and hand washable. So no need to buy package after package of disposable wipes or cotton balls. It’s great for sensitive eyes and you can use any cleansing liquid and use less of it because it stays on the surface instead of soaking back into cotton balls and washcloths. I chose to land Take My Face Off in my Spring makeup bag because as an 18 year skincare therapist, trying to preserve everyone’s skin elasticity and integrity… how could I not?
MADE: Sewn and packaged in the USA
PRICE RANGE: 5 Blackouts for $26.99, 3 Makeup Mittys for $21.99
SHOP:  SAVE: 10% USE CODE: stacy (at checkout)

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Lava Magik
HERE’S THE SCOOP: Created locally, right here in Bellevue, WA by Natalya Rachkova and Murphy Bishop, Lava Magik is the bomb! It’s a multi-tasking, beauty triple threat for makeup bags everywhere. This all-natural, magical orange-scented potion, can be used 3 different ways: as a cleanser, scrub or mask. The secret sauce that creates the “Magik is volcanic lava which purifies, disinfects and buffs away dull surface cells to reveal softer, more luminous skin. Plus they packed the jars with tons more awesome natural ingredients too: Nourishing Calendula, Sweet Orange and Grapeseed Oils, Cucumber, Parsley and Chamomile.

  • Excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast fighting skin cleanser
  • Buffs away dull surface cells creating a youthful glow
  • Retextures skin, leaving it soft, smooth and younger-looking
  • Rich in minerals, it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars
  • Absorbs excess skin oils
  • Assists in minimizing pores
  • Helps prevent acne outbreaks and minimize blemishes
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Helps calm rosacea, psoriasis and eczema

PRICES: $58 is (4 oz.),  $32 (2 oz. jar), $4 for (.25 fl oz.) AMAZING OFFER: BUY 1, GET 50% OFF SECOND ITEM (off lesser value), it’ll pop up with you add something to your shopping cart! So NO special code needed.
SHOP: TheBetterSkinCo HERE!Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.42.54 AMHERE’S A FEW MAGIKAL TIPS:
Daily Cleanser: Use pea-sized amount mixed with water. Apply to skin.
Scrub: Twice weekly, apply to wet skin. Massage desired areas in circular motion for 30 to 60 seconds.
Mask: Once or twice weekly, leave on 5 to 10 minutes. For additional exfoliation, moisten finger tips and massage in a circular motion while removing. Adjust product to water ratio based on skin type. Slightly more product for combination skin or normal to oily skin and less product for dry, sensitive skin. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry.

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