3 Tips To Looking Years Younger!

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Of all the stories one in my industry can compose…without question the subject of how to look years younger easily garners the most interest  and simultaneously the most skepticism. Gravity is the devil incarnate for people in general, but especially so for ladies. There’s so much overt and subtle pressure on us to look younger than our years dictate right? Whether it’s pressure related to our careers or wanting to look hot for our significant other or the lethal combo of peer pressure with expectations we hoist on ourselves…in short we’re continuously hunting for intel that will turn back the clock, “shed the dead…skin cells” you get where this is going. So to this end, with no further ado, I ‘ve been doing my research on what’s currently breaking new ground and here’s what I culled from beauty insiders and my own tests and trials over the past 6 weeks.
Gone are the days that a skin care line just offers lotions and potions and supplement brands offer their spin on anti aging and wellness. Now a days if you want to be taken seriously and be considered “on-stop-shopping” in the anti aging battle skincare brands have to be both Esthetician AND HERBALIST! So which brands have evolved in this direction and more importantly which brand is the most effective and getting ahead of the speeding train? Get Seabuck Wonders on your radars! Not tomorrow or next month…today, now! Why you ask? Because they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s when it comes to how they formulated both the supplements and skin care. Talk about thoroughness  and eye for ingredients details (this being the benchmark for effectiveness in my book). Both parts of the line infuse us with fatty acids A.K.A the Omegas 3, 6 and 9 which is great because as we age we are sorely lacking in these to support out collagen and elastin. BUT the Seabuck Wonders team pushes the envelop adding in Omega 7 and delivers  the highest concentration of it on the market. The collection also boasts Vitamin C, B1, B6 and Beta Carotene!  My facial clients skin have been lapping up the deep hydrating serum It smells divine and absorbs quickly and think it delivers a noticeable improvement in their skin after applying. The supplements go hand in the hand with their topicals to bring nourishment to wrinkles and fine lines at the root source. It’s a one/two punch that works.
Specialty food stores have to be one of the big trends for the Millennium right? Whether you want gourmet coffee. cupcakes, frozen yogurt or detoxifying juice gone are the days you’d head to your local super market and stock up. Now everything is niche, dedicated and customizable. And over the last couple of years the phenomenon of a wheat grass shot for example has jumped from “healthy once in a while” to “Wow I crave it and can’t see myself living without it!”  But if your budget doesn’t dictate daily or weekly trips to these juice-a-rama destinations…fear not, I located the perfect home based DIY solution! Checkout the brand Pines The Wheat Grass People here’s your reality: 9 of every 10 people fail to eat at least 3 to 5 servings of vegetables EVERY DAY…you clearly need to rethink your approach and find a more convenient way to bang this out.  In less than a minute a day and for about 25cents per day you can have a serving of wheat grass with the same nutrition as a serving of spinach.  But if you don’t care for spinach now problem solved (and you can use Pines during pregnancy! Awesome). The Beet Juice Powder is another standout product from the brand high in lycopene and lutein which are both players in the anti aging game for optimal skin health. So I have been working with my clients to get them on both products and stop pretending they get enough veggies when I know in truth I don’t and neither do they!
Green Virgin Moringa Oil this oil have been used for thousands of years and was found in the tombs of the pharaohs and ancient Egyptians. And it’s the only oil in the world that will never go rancid! The thing I love about this work horse of a beauty product is that it leaves skin noticeably soft and healthy. Lots of the pricy skin care companies are including in the ingredient lists I’ve been studying so the thought occurred to me: “Is there a company out there bottling it straight and can this maximize our beauty benefits and anti aging results?” I’m a good little Nancy Drew because bingo I discovered the Green Virgin Brand and viola! It absorbs so swiftly that the moisturizing effect can’t be washed off like almost all moisturizers being retailed. And you can multi-task with this bad boy and use in your hair. Apply it to damp hair and comb in to disperse it. It also has the ability to work a little magic on cold sores once applied to them, give it 24 hours and you’ll be in a better place.