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OJAI, CALIFORNIA… When my best friend and blogging extraordinaire, Romy Schorr, said “pack your bags Stacy, we’re road trippin’ to The Oaks At Ojai!” My first question was: “What have you gotten us into this time?” Well dear readers, what Romy got us into was nothing short of amazing. So amazing, that I want to blog out this experience for you, so I can return the kindness bestowed upon me, plant is self improvement seed in your head and encourage you to find your way to the The Oaks, Ojai Health Resort when your schedule permits.


WHAT IS THE OAKS RESORT: The Oaks at Ojai is an all inclusive destination spa. It’s a peaceful, health oriented, fitness infused sanctuary, as I like to refer to it, to transform, nourish and nurture you mind, body and soul. They accomplish this through carefully designed meals, workout classes, hikes, guest speakers, spa treatments and just big heaps of kindness, enthusiasm and support. Whether you have 2 pounds to lose or 50, whether you want to lay low and relax or elevate your stamina and energy, The Oaks caters to all ages, both genders and everyone needing a little reboot. The number one way they accomplish this, in my opinion, is via their…

STAFF: The way you transform at The Oaks is by surrendering to the caring Oaks team: the front desk staff and managers, the spa staff and fitness experts and allow them to break down your walls and appreciate the real YOU! Sounds a bit daunting and intrusive at first, but I assure you within a very short window of time you’re drinking the Kool Aid (or in actuality it’s the protein broth at 11A) and ready to take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and willingness to work with you!  The front desk staff/hotel management is warm, the spa staff eager to please, the hiking guides nothing short of nature goddesses, the housekeeping staff efficient and thorough and the fitness team true blue, supportive darlings. This is a “nutshell” explanation, mind you. The only way to organically, experience all these dynamic souls first hand, is to book a stay and live it. Try this out and on for a couple of days. Then sit back and see how you feel.  This is the the best way to grasp what I’m talking about.

STAYS: You can head to The Oaks just for the day or customize your stay for as long as you desire. If losing weight is your primary goal, I met some gals who signed up for 2 and 3 week stays. This resort will work with you to create a stay that’s balanced, meets your budget and helps you achieve whatever goals you create for yourself.

To Book: 800.753.6257 (OAKS)

Oaks Living Room

Villa living room w/fireplace much like the space Romy & I stayed in.


THE FOOD: When I touch upon the fact that the meals are all calorie monitored, I think the first thing that comes to mind is: with limited calories comes limited taste. But I assure you they never compromise taste for low fat! The salmon was pretty much the best I ever recall devouring! The taco salad, during one of my lunches, was flavorful and filling. Their famous secret, low fat muffins are so worth taking a dozen home and leaving in the freezer for when you want a treat. You’re never hungry at The Oaks even though the focus is eating healthy and dropping a few unwanted pounds. They see to it that your tummy is full so you have energy to enjoy all the activities and adventures The Oaks offers.

Ojai Food



FITNESS & HIKES: In word…transformative! If you want to really absorb the beauty and topography of Ojai, the single best way to accomplish this is on foot during one of this resort’s 6:30A hikes. Yes, you’re actually rising ahead of even…the sun! However when you gaze out at the valley and vistas in front of you as the sun is beginning to rise….in this pure moment, you know why you opted to visit Ojai. In a word, it’s magical.  Take my word for it and then find out for yourself.

The fitness classes are not good, they are fantastic. The teachers are great at knowing just the right amount of encouragement and patience to exude. These instructors are as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside which acts as a built in motivator to all of us in those moments our mojo was beginning to fade towards the end of a challenging workout. What’s nice is the variety and different levels of cardio you can try out at The Oaks. There is something for the person who has seldom ever broke a sweat and is just getting started, and there are classes that amp it up for those of us who see working out as a lifestyle. People come in all shapes and sizes and certainly different comfort zones about being physical, and this resort understand this and strives to make us feel comfortable with our body and self image regardless of what a scale reads.

ojai workout

Yoga classes are geared for all levels!

Oaks hike

My 2 morning hikes were magical



Water Aerobics = Pure FUN!

ACCOMMODATIONS: Romy and I were spoiled by the resort and given a small villa to reside in during our stay. It had a cute courtyard, with 2 lounge chairs and outdoor wall fountain. It sported and indoor fireplace, huge bathroom and jacuzzi tube. The vibe was rustic, Spanish, cozy. No these rooms don’t come equipped with heated bathroom floors and Frette sheets…they don’t need to. The Oaks is all about the experiences you collect outside of your room. You’re in there to shower, sleep and change. The experiences throughout the property are what you don’t want to miss.

oaks villa enteranceThe-Oaks-at-Ojai-Courtyard

oaks bedroom

An example of a cozy guest room

THE SPA EXPERIENCE: As a skin care professional, I’ve delivered close to 100,000 facial treatments! So on occasion it’s thrilling to head back into “client mode” and remember how truly lovely it is to be a client and to receive a facial. Skin Authority is the brand my facialist used to bring vitality back into my complexion. I was lulled by her touched and the quaint ambiance. Post treatment, I took home (4) products to help maintain my glow.  One standout/superstar I ready to drown my dry skin in is the Ultra Rich Moisturizer and their Anti Aging Eye Gel Serum. Both kick butt and have had a profound impact on the texture and evenness of my skin. Wow! However, IF you have say a sensitive skin type, the spa has a G.M. Collin Facial that’s perfectly suited for you skiping all the “activeness” a Skin Authority Facial Treatment delivers. As far as body work and massage go, I didn’t have time to book a massage while I was visiting, but from the sounds of the feedback I in took from the other guests, massages sound quite blissful.



skin authority

What’s in this moisturizer? My skin loved it & drank it up! Jar now empty!


THE FRIENDSHIPS: This is one place, age has ZERO boundaries. Thus 80 year olds where chatting up the 40 year olds. the 50 somethings were in deep conversation with the 30 year olds guests. It was pretty neat to behold. My mom has always said “Age is just a number!”  And to this end I found the other 68 or so guests such interesting souls to spend quality time with. I was the lucky recipient of attention from one Evelyn Perl: mother, grandmother and one of the most interesting and kind ladies you will ever have the privilege of meeting. We connected so much so, that we’ve seen each other twice post our Oaks stays.


.THE OJAI COMMUNITY: The quaint boutiques and the vendors at the Sunday Farmers Market made a big impact on me. Their sense of community spirit ran deep…their pride for Ojai enormous…the quality of their merchandise super high and filled with originality! Lots to see, taste, intake and experience. Three favorites are:

Love Caroline Gramm's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care

Love Carolina Gramm’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care

Sunday Farmer's Market

Sunday Farmer’s Market

Dekor&Co 03

deKor & Co.Teas, Jewelry, Leather Goods, Beauty Apothecary & Home Furnishings are lovely!


PRICING: The Oaks web site maps it all out for you regarding pricing however, you can stay, if you come with  mom, sister, friend and share a room for as little as $250 per night! This includes meals, snacks, hikes, fitness classes and attending the guest speakers. It’s $340 per night if you stay solo! But the value and affordability is right there!!!! I was impressed

WOULD I GO BACK FOR A SECOND VISIT: I’m super excited to return to The Oaks for a round 2 and dig my heals in a little deeper now that I have the rhythm to the resort down. Thank you Oaks, Ojai Spa & Resort for your hospitality, character and dedication to my well being, and I know I speak for all the guests to this end! xoxo



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DISCLOSURE: I was in no way compensated for this blog post. However I was gifted a (2) night stay to experience everything you just read about, so I could digest The Oaks loveliness and share it with all of you here.

ADDRESS: The Oaks at Ojai – 122 E. Ojai Avenue Ojai, CA, USA 93023

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