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LOS ANGELES, CA… For moms, wives, daughters and business woman… Life is moving at triple time huh? So at the very least our arsenal of beauty products needs to kick it into overdrive by minimizing our time and investment PLUS maximizing results across our appearance. I tend to refer to this trend as “One And Done!” The KTLA Morning News, here in Los Angeles, has me reporting on this, Monday, August 22 at 9:45A, and more fun beauty tips as we shift our sun kissed appearance away from summer and welcome in a Fall mindset and beauty regimen.

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“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer”

~ Helen Hunt Jackson


1. Frizz Fighter, Hair Straightener, Shine Enhancer, Tangle Un-doer ALL IN ONE!

PRODUCT: Luma Brush was created to solve a common problem many women face every day – a lack of time to do their hair. So they created a device that could do what a flat iron does but be gentler on a hair and more effective in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Think of it as a mash up between a flat iron and a styling brush. If it takes you about 20 minutes to flat iron hair, with a Luma Brush it will take you 2 to 3 minutes!  Without needing to section hair and have to go over the same parts again and again, without using clips, without burning your scalp in order to get close to the roots (I’ve done this with a straightening iron countless times). The plastic heat-insulted bristles contour your head and the brush is such a quick and easy alternative to achieving straight, frizz-free hair fast. Safe for all hair types.
PRICE: $79

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2. Feel embarrassed and does it drive you nuts when people politely point out your foundation, blush or powder appears clumpy and not smoothly blended on your face?
PRODUCT: No doubt, this remains the most challenging aspect of applying makeup.   BlendSMART rotating makeup application system will forever change your makeup experience. The interchangeable rotating applicator heads spin at 190 RPMs and mimic the motion of professional makeup artists to deliver flawless blending – every time. The soft, premium synthetic brush heads work with all makeup formulations and are perfect for sensitive skin. So whether you use liquid foundation or loose or pressed powder, blendSMART’s easy-to-use makeup tool provides air-brush like results using less makeup.  It’s battery operated so you can use it anywhere while doing anything… in your car… while making breakfast… you get the idea.  BlendSMART  also innovatived interchangeable, anti-bacterial, super soft brush heads!  So in addition to the foundation brush head, you can purchase: One to help you blend blush and the other for powder.  Say adios to embarrassing makeup mistakes and dummy proof every makeup application.
SHOP: OR head to a Sephora store

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3. Self Tan While You Shower? How does this work?
PRODUCT: NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan is the world’s FIRST pre shower tan. It’s the ultimate tan for girls-on-the-go who love to look good without spending too much time on it. It offers instant bronzing with no telltale smell, streaking or patching – it’s literally holiday skin in a bottle even when you’re out on the soccer field cheering your kid on. Simply apply Pre Shower Tan to your body. Give it 10 minutes THEN Jump into the shower and after watch your tan develop gradually over 4 – 8 hours. You can use this product daily to gradually add depth and build a lasting deeper tan, it’s completely odorless and made using natural ingredients. I tired it on my left leg first and did a comparison with my right leg… this is awesome!  My tan looks a touch lopsided at the moment, BUT it proved to me how easy and results driven NKD SKN IS!
PRICE: $19.95
SHOP: Ulta Stores &

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4. Ditch Your Double Chin In 30 Minutes??? Yes, it’s possible.
PRODUCT: ChinUp Mask is a NON-SURGICAL “WOW” in my books. As we age, it’s so depressing whey you start noticing gravity taking effect and see your neck looking a bit saggy in photos and snap chats. Enter the hot upstart brand ChinUp Masks with their Skintronics Technology. ELLE Magazine’s Beauty Editor tried it out last month and lost an inch from her chin in only 30 minutes. Yep true story! The secret is this serum/mask combo in the simplest of terms: it retrain skin cells and helps to tighten your skin by boosting the density of collagen and cell tension. The second thing this type of technology attacks is helping to convert fat cells in the skin into stabilized fibrous tissue, instantly lifting and firming the appearance of your chin and neck by up to 20%!  Think: way more affordable, instant and less painful than going under the knife with NO downtime!
PRICE: Trial Pack $39.95 (comes w/a tape measure so you can do “before & afters”)

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5. This is no makeup makeup at it’s best by the best!
PRODUCT: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette there are neutrals and then there’s NAKED. This is pretty much the Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection that allows you to “go commando!” 12 new and exclusive perfectly calibrated neutrals. The pigment infusion system lays down rich, velvety, easily blendable color with a double sided brush. So you don’t need to fish around your makeup bag for your individual shadows. This one has it all. And it’s loads of folks on social media messaging UD that made this launch possible.  Naked makeup junkies were relentless tweeting and snapping the brand to convince them this is what we need and want. The power of social media never ceases to amaze me!
PRICE: $55
SHOP: Available on 9/18

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PRODUCT: TEMPTU Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color

A long-wearing airbrush temporary hair color that softens regrowth, refreshes roots, covers greys, fills in brows, beards and thinning hair quickly and easily.This vitamin-enriched formula is available in seven shades from platinum blond to brown/black that leave hair soft and touchable; never dull, dry, stiff, greasy or sticky (because it’s airbrush not aerosol).  It’s water resistant, transfer resistant and is clinically proven to last 24 hours or until you shampoo it out.  Patented Airpod technology provides precise, targeted application for zero mess. Adheres to the hair, not the scalp, for seamlessly blended, natural looking color that dries quickly.

PRICE: $195, Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up and Hair Color Airpods are $35. Brow stencils are sold separately for an additional $12.


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