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THINK ABOUT HOW SERIOUS THIS IS: It only takes 2 bad sunburns in your lifetime to increase your likelihood of getting skin cancer by 40%!  So why put yourself in jeopardy when you can turn to two of the safest and hottest beauty trends on Instagram: Self tanning and contouring your body to create the illusion you’re one lean, mean… tan machine.  As Instagram and the Kardashian family have shown us, contouring your face makes your features look more defined and refined! But it doesn’t just stop with faces…  you can translate this makeup technique to your body. It’s actually easy to amp up abs, arms, thighs and cleavage instantly and you don’t have to be a rockstar, professional makeup artists to understand how to do this. Let me break it down for you step-by-step…

IT’S SIMILAR TO Contouring your face with make-up.  Body contouring involves using light and dark shades to strategically shape areas of the body to look slimmer and more defined (like real-life photoshopping!). The key to this technique is knowing how to blend the color to a point that’s believable.  So, how do you do it? It’s all about using the natural curves of your body and thinking about where the light naturally hits these areas.

Cleavage: For killer cleavage, use an instant tan spray or shimmer bronzer in a light colour to highlight the natural ‘v’ shape curve of your chest. Your breasts will look instantly fuller and lifted, with no lift from a Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra!

Arms: Whether you’re a gym junkie or not, your arms will have natural definition when you flex. Spray your favorite instant tanner in the crevice your flexed muscle creates to enhance the definition and craft a slimmer-looking arm!

Thighs: Make a wider thigh look smaller with the simple swipe of color. Since darker areas absorb light, darkening the outward-facing surface of your thighs will make them look smaller. So, pre-beach day, apply an extra layer of your overnight tan down the outside edges of your thighs. As with contouring your face, you need a base layer before.

Abs: Similar to contouring your face with make-up, body contouring involves using light and dark shades to strategically shape areas of the body to look slimmer and more defined (like real-life photoshopping!). Spraying a tic-tac-toe grid on your stomach will not give you an instant six-pack (if only!) however shading either side of your tum will sculpt your mid-section to create the illusion of tighter abs.

Step #1- Get Your Base Tan, Try…

Step #2- Contouring Arsenal…

Step #3 – Nourish Skin + Glisten And Glow…


L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion
This medium natural tan delivers an instant bronze glow, won’t rub off. Quick drying, streak free.
Treat yourself to an instant, streak-free tan with Sublime Bronze™ Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion in Medium Natural Tan. What’s convenient is the tinted guide color provides an instant bronze glow with subtle shimmer while a streak-free sunless tan develops.
Price: $10.99, Available At:


L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum
Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum delivers the longest lasting tan in an ultra-concentrated serum – for a 100% natural looking tan that lasts up to 2 weeks. The serum can also be mixed in with lotion and moisturizers for a more subtle glow.
Price: $10.99, Available At:

Skinny Tan Body Mousse Skinny Tan Body Mousse is a whipped, coconut-scented tanning foam, guaranteed to give you your most natural tan in a single coat, and a real, natural fade. Leave it to, two Australian Mom’s to crack the code creating the very FIRST natural tanner that’s also a cellulite-fighting breakthrough. Yes it’s a one-two punch that target treats dimpled, crepey skin on your hardest to treat areas such as thighs, abs and booty. It’s simple to apply, and touch-dry in seconds. The tanning foam lasts up to 14 days, provides a natural, medium bronze and never streaks, thanks to the brand’s patented formula.  What’s more… the formula contains ECO-certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut oil for hydration, organic Aloe Vera for hydration, and clinically-proven Guarana for visible cellulite reduction. The Skinny Tan Mitt is a separate purchase but the velvety texture makes helpful and fast to apply the mousse. I discovered this gem last October, and it’s been my go-to for a warm, natural, smoother skin tone ever since.                     Price: $33.50 Available At: Beauty Collection

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Shapeshifter
More than a contour kit, this triple-purpose kit is contouring the NAKED way. The three-in-one complexion palette provides everything you need to contour, color-correct and highlight. One side contains powders (three for contouring and one pearl shade for highlighting), and the other holds creams (two for contouring, two for color correcting and one pearl shade for highlighting). Every shade is blendable, buildable and forgiving – so skin still looks like skin. Available in two color stories that span the complexion spectrum – Light Medium Shift for light to medium skin tones and Medium Dark Shift for medium to dark skin tones – this palette has everybody covered.
Price: $45, Available At: Sephora/, Ulta Beauty/, select Macy’s stores/, and

UD Pro Contour Shapeshifter Brush
Take your contouring skills to the next level with this new brush developed specifically to use with NAKED Skin Shapeshifter (UD’s triple-purpose contour kit). This double-ended brush featured a domed brush on one end for contouring, color-correcting and blending, plus a large fan brush on the other end for highlighting. Like the other UD Pro Brushes, this brush is artist-quality and cruelty-free making it easy on the eyes and the environment.
Price: $39, Available At: Sephora/, Ulta Beauty/, select Macy’s stores/, and

Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush
IF you already are the proud owner of a Clarisonic Brush to deep cleanse your face, you’ll love this new chapter… This new brush head fits on any Clarisonic device and provides better liquid foundation application and blending, all while providing better coverage with less product. The new brush head utilizes Clarisonic’s patented oscillation technology to generate more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute, working to gently provide a flawless blend. The soft brush head fibers evenly apply liquid makeup for the perfect foundation blending, contouring or strobing effect – in just 60 seconds. The Sonic Foundation Brush can be used with a variety of makeup products including: foundation (liquid/cream), contour and highlighter cream/stick, concealer, bb/cc creams, cream blush and color correcting primer.
Price: $35, Available On:

The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Shimmering Dry Oil
If you don’t own a bottle of Dry Oil… what’cha waiting for? It’s a summer must to hydrate contoured skin. When you notice celebs on the red carpet with a glistening pop of leg or collar bone… it’s dry oil that’s helping them achieve this effect. It gives your skin a hydrating dose of sun-kissed, golden-shimmer. The Body Shop’s dry oil is enriched with Community Trade honey from the UNESCO Sheka rainforest in Ethiopia, the non-greasy formula delivers a warm hint of shimmering honey-bronze color. It’s easy to use – just apply over body using circular motions.
Price: $22, Available At: The Body Shop stores nationwide and

FLOWER Glisten Up! Highlighter Chubby
From FLOWER – the full cosmetics range co-founded by Drew Barrymore and available exclusively at Walmart – Get your glow on with this sheer illuminating highlighter. The silky, cream based formula is awesome for delivering a brightening effect and luxurious finish as it perfectly lights up skin with a subtle sheen. Can be used over makeup or alone for a natural glow. Super user friendly! Nothing to be intimidated about here.
Shades: Pearl Shimmer, Gold Coaster, Honey Bronze
Price: $11.00, Available At:


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