The 2015 Carpool Mom Makeover!

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Carpool Moms are big time unsung heroes! But are your early mornings and long afternoons making you feel totally depleted AND resulting in a very empty tube of concealer?  Well beauty and lifestyle expert, Stacy Cox researched the “ABC’s” for a Carpool Mom Makeover with tips you can do while making kids’ lunches in the morning OR even from the driver’s seat of your command station…your car!

For Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails On-The-Go:
NeoCell’s Biotin Bursts
PRICE: $14.99
SHOP: to find a local retailer near you or head to Walgreens CVS Vitamin Shoppe Wholefoods GNC
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:   These juicy bites deliver beauty nutrients in a yummy soft chew. NeoCell’s cold press technology infuses 10,000 MCG of Biotin in every bite. Biotin, an essential B-vitamin is known to maintain healthy, strong hair, skin, and nails as well as support your energy (which everyone needs when running a household and managing kids schedules daily). Keep a bag of these on your desk or in your car to ensure you get your daily dose of beauty each day no matter what soccer field or set of bleachers you’re perched while supporting your kiddos extra curricular after school activities. The Brazilian Acai Berry flavored chews are low in sugar and free of gluten, soy, and artificial flavors. Take 2 to 4 daily. Allow 1-3 months to experience maximum benefits.

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Apply Your Makeup In The Car With A
“Power Tool!!”
Temptu Air Skin Perfection Kit
Price: $240 cordless airbrush w/a foundation of your choice
$195 cordless airbrush
Translation: Red Carpet Makeup right from your car’s driver seat!!
TEMPTU Air is the FIRST cordless airbrush makeup device for instant, effortless skin perfection. The brand’s patented technology delivers less makeup and more complete coverage than makeup brush application by itself. So what’s nice is the coverage is build-able from a very light, transparent finish to a look that delivers more full coverage and impact. You use it to apply Foundation, blush, bronzer & highlighter. One device covers all this ground! The Kit includes one TEMPTU Air device and one Airpod Foundation in your shade of your choice. This is perfect when you need “blush in a rush” Ladies!

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Want An Instant Face Lift While Packing Your Kid’s Lunchbox?? Try this…
Dermovia Lace Your Face Mask
Price: $55 for a box of 4
What: I knew it! One day someone would come up with a face mask that mimics Spanx and shape wear to tone, firm, lift, hydrate and brighten complexions. And now a darling local, LA gal, Mariella Scott, did just this! Lace Your Face Masks use this cool “Lace-Tex” (NOT LATEX) material to envelop & compress your skin in a complex of botanical vitamins: Squalene, Apple Stem Cell and Dew Grass Extract! The minerals are sourced from deep within the seawaters of Tahiti. They’re about to blow up with 9 different options that range from: Chamomile to Bearberry to Healing Yogurt and Milk. I’m in love with whole concept of compression and all the many health related benefits. And realize the month of June is all about getting photographed for weddings, showers and graduations. For me…this is how I’m prepping my face and saving money VS heading out to spa for a much pricier treatment that tries to accomplish much the same as Dermovia at 2 and 3 times the price.


Look 5 Pounds Thinner, NO Diet Required!
bliss fatgirlslim hide & ‘glow’ sleek firming tinted body spray
Price: $38 (4.4oz)
Shop: available at bliss spas,, Sephora and
No time for a vacay… You’ve got your kid’s soccer practice at 4p, BUT you want to look like you just returned from Hawaii? Bliss brings you the ONLY firming tinted body spray that powerfully firms and tones skin with use over time, while immediately hiding the appearance of cellulite and providing a beautiful glow in seconds. It dries FAST which similar type products don’t manage to do! So if you’re at your fave coffee shop before picking up kids from school, you can slip into the ladies room and 5 minutes later: voila! Couple ingredient worth highlighting:
· Peptides and caffeine to clinically firm and tone skin with use over time
· Light diffusers add a soft veil of color to even-out and smooth skin’s appearance instantly
· Vitamin E and maracuja oil deeply moisturize and soften skin
· Available in two shades: fair-to-medium and medium-to-deep

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“Eye” Spy a DIY Tip
Contact Lens Containers
Price: $3 to $5
Shop: Any drugstore nationwide
Purchase 3 or 4 empty contact lens containers at the drugstore and make you’re own, customized on-the-go beauty bar!
Think of filling them up with:
• stain remover
• aspirin/mints
• Neosporn
• lip gloss or balm
• hair smoothing serum
• SPF 30
• extra earring backings

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Fix An Outfit Fast!
Shop: Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Urban Outfitters
As a carpool mom, most days you’re only going to be seen from the shoulders up behind the driver’s seat. So it you’re wearing a robe or old tee to grab kids always stash a cool scarf and On-trend hat in the car to add a dash of flair to any look. Think Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Urban Outfitters for affordable accessories to this end!

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