Taking The “Veil” Of Mystery Off, Sebastien Tardif, The Complexion Wizard

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This past Sunday afternoon, with Veil Weightless Cosmetics Founder, Sebastien Tardif, at the Los Angeles Makeup Show.

LOS ANGELES, CA… When I first met with Sebastien Tardif to talk about the launch of Veil Weightless Beauty, I was… 39. Gravity hadn’t quiet hit me yet. Cut to this past Sunday… now I’m 45, the big “G” is wreaking havoc on my neck, eyelids and laugh lines, and personally I find it nothing to laugh about. So I was all ears, ready to thoughtfully listen to Sebastien extoll the virtues of why his weightless complexion solutions are an anti-aging game changer. And really it’s not just for ladies fighting aging, like me, it’s the perfect solution for people with uneven skin tones due to acne scars or say rosacea or sun damage. Bottom line here is IF you seek out an even, smooth, hydrated complexion no matter what brought you to this goal… this gentleman is running the only game in town that focuses and addresses just this. This is why I affectionately refer to him as the “complexion wizard.”


The company launched with a magic wand called Complexion Fix ($40, 15 Shades). It’s a corrector, concealer and highlighter in one. This overall face pen weightlessly veils areas of concern with build-able coverage. It’s awesome coverage will not settle into pores nor fine lines and it leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and bright. Lets break this down in way that will totally make sense to you…

  • Corrector: It helps cancel out specific concerns like dark circles, sun spots, acne spots and redness
  • Concealer: It helps fade the presence of dull sallow skin and revive tired eyes
  • Highlighter: It can brighten up the face in key areas… above and under brows, inner eye corners, check bones and lines around the lip/mouth area.



Sebastien’s favorite time of day is the “Golden Hour” when the sun’s setting and natural light is at it’s finest against skin tones. So he realized his next key product to come out with the was a weightless beauty serum, primer and mixing base (this means you can mix it with your concealer or foundation to create a bb cream or tinted moisturizer). He calls it, not surprisingly Sunset Light” ($45, Universal Shade) and it works on all skin types to deliver makeup longevity BUT it’s also great as a stand alone to up level your complexion at the end of your skincare routine, even if you’re not a big makeup wearer. It’s water based and oil free so it feels soothing the moment it connects with your complexion and it hydrates, plumps and brightens skin while demising the appearance of pores and fine lines.


Sebastien instinctively knew the next direction was a collection of weightless foundations meaning the feel and texture of them would be everything. Sunset Skin Foundation ($49, 15 Shades) is about the most airy, whipped foundation I’ve ever tested out. Similar to Sunset Light it’s water based and melts right into your complexion. It avoids feeling mask-like, like so many foundations feel after wearing the for a few hours. Sunset Skin starts our sheer but it’s totally buildable and you get end up with medium coverage if this is your end game. I wear Veils “2G” “Light” FYI.


Sebastien just launched this cool turquoise compact called “Automatte” over summer. It’s a mattifying base AND touch up tool. It’s not powder, like you’d expect. He always goes off the grid, so this look and feels more gel or balm like. It’s an awesome texture and right away you can tell there’s no way it will settle in your fine lines and pores. The formula is infused with Vitamins C and E and has the technology packed into it to promote collagen synthesis and protection. And of course the star thing about this type of product is to prevent shine and oil build up which is does on point but the best part again is the weightless texture that I can tell you all about but it’s one of those things you have to try to appreciate.


For me, as I’m aging, I’m learning, it’s not about the sexy smokey eye or dramatic contour effect because at the end of the day all of these heavy layers end up making me look older instead of younger. What makes me look my best is when I have a bright, hydrated, clean face that pops with luminosity. And Veil has picked this ideology up and run with it throughout the entire collection which is what makes is a standout from all the other beauty brands out there.

NOTE:  I was NOT compensated for this post. I was given product to try and test out. However my opinions and thoughts throughout are my own, uninfluenced by the brand nor their PR team.

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