Stacy’s Red Carpet Emmy Beauty Secrets (Shhh)

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Now that the curtain has lowered on the 2017 Emmy Awards, I thought you might be ready to dig into some behind-the-scenes gossip!  I swung by a really fun Gifting Suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hilton Hotel last Friday and had an opportunity to chat with everyone from the lovely Dee Wallace (she portrayed Elliot’s mom in “E.T.”) to actors from HBO’s “Ballers” and “Veep.” I asked the celebs about their favorite, go-to beauty brands and also tracked down a few red carpet makeup artists and hair experts for their input. So below is a recap of 4 of my conversations, and the products that stood out. Have a look…

Dee Wallace Of “E.T.” Fame Has Launched A Second Career In Wellness & Healing. Who Knew?

Quote: “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world”

~ Marilyn Monroe

What To Get On Your Red Carpet Radar…

1. In Style Magazine’s Red Carpet Spy On The First Sign Of Gray Hair:
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”
Try: Gray Away Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder From EverPRO Beauty
Price: $9.99
Shop: Walgreens Nationwide
Learn More:
Red Carpet Must Because:
While strolling around an Emmy Gifting Suite last Friday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel,  I chatted with a beauty journalist for In Style Magazine about on-the-fly, red carpet beauty tricks. Turns out, we both agreed: you need to know about Gray Away Magnetic Powder Root Touch Up. This has been each of our saviors for covering our roots in between hair color appointments. It’s perfect for instantly and easily blending in with your hair color, letting you look your best without the need to re-dye roots (before you’re ready). EverPro Beauty’s secret to success is how they use color-matching pigments to seamlessly blend into hair color, whether you’re coloring grays or lighter roots (if you dye your hair darker). It comes in two delivery systems: The Root Concealer Spray & The Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder. Either comes in handy when the sun attacks your tresses and/or your color fades faster then you anticipated. And if you want to peel years off your appearance even if you don’t have gray BUT you have a center part or sparse patches on your head… Hollywood hairstylists use this discreetly to conceal these aspects of your hair flawlessly. So it’s a great tool to have in your makeup bag so you look polished on and off the red carpet.

2. At The First Sign Of A Tingle… Don’t Be Lazy… The Red Carpet Calls…
Try: Abreva
Price: Varies $19 -$30
Shop: or Drug & Grocery Stores Nationwide
Red Carpet Must Because: Cold-sores are just NOT sexy, nor are they red carpet friendly! They hold you back from doing all the fun things you normally do. One of the biggest culprits that can trigger a cold sore is stress. So a celebrity makeup artist was telling me Abreva is the only secret weapon around.  IF you treat at that very first tingle when you feel a cold sore coming on… Abreva can cut the lifespan of your cold sore down to approximately 2.5 days compared to much longer… think: 10 to 14! Even though so many people suffer from them, many are of us are completely unprepared for an outbreak! Listen to this: a recent survey from Abreva showed that nearly 50% of women with coldsores carry lipstick all the time, but only 1 in 3 (32%) are prepared for a cold sore outbreak! So thankfully, there’s an easy way out of this if you know about Abreva. If you’ve had a cold sore, you know that they always start with  that little tingle. When this happens, your “Spidey Senses” should go off: time to apply it liberally to the affected area. Other remedies may help soothe the symptoms, but really all they’re doing is acting like a band aid. Abreva is the only medication that has the ingredients and power to physically heal a cold sore fast and restore your glamour back to it’s original glory.

3. The Red Carpet VS Red Skin? This Is A Case Of Too Much Red!
Try: Colorescience All Calm Redness Corrective Treatment SPF 50
Price: $120 for 1oz. this should last approximately 90 Days
Red Carpet Must Because:
All Calm is a godsend of a serum, formulated for people who suffer from redness, rosacea and adult acne! 1 in 20 Americans experience these symptoms regularly… meaning a few of your favorite red carpet stars are right there with you. Cynthia Nixon of Sex In The City Fame is one such celeb who’s in fact an ambassador for the National Rosacea Society, so you’re in awesome company here! All Calm is the first 3-in-1 Product (First of its Kind) that immediately neutralizes redness with a light green tint. It helps soothe and calm redness, irritation and heat while addressing its causes for healthier skin in the long term. It contains 100% mineral SPF 50 protection against the #1 trigger of rosacea – UV Rays. All Calm can be used as a complement to prescription treatments or work as a stand-alone treatment for milder symptoms. And another added value here is it’s safe to use on skin post-procedures. So think along the lines of a chemical peel for example!

Scent-sational, Long-Lasting Fragrance Trick…
Try: Treets Traditions Energising Secrets or Relaxing Chakra Gift Set
Price: $18 Each (Contains a 3 piece set)
Red Carpet Must Because:
When you’re red carpet event has you on your feet, schmoozing for hours, think… cocktail party, dinner, dancing and possibly a post-party… your body temperature will naturally raise from sheer adrenaline, but what fades faster then you want it to is your fragrance. While I chatted with actress Dee Wallace (she played the Mom in “E.T.”) she said the trick is to smelling “scent-sational” all event long is layer the same scent, 3 fold: start with a Body Wash then chase it with a Body Sugar Scrub and last, top with the matching Body Cream. What I’m loving for a reasonable $18 is Treets Tradition Energizing Secrets or their Relaxing Chakra’s Caring Traditions 3 products kits. Rose has become on trend once again in fragrance and body products and the “relaxing” kit is laced with this. The “energising” blend is mixes traditional ingredients from the Amazon like passion fruit, buriti oil and tamanu to deliver a fresh blast. And if you only feel comfortable shopping more natural based beauty, rest assured Treets products SLS, parabens, silicones, colorant and mineral oil free.

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