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As Seen On CBS San Francisco & CW Sacramento, 2/26….

Please do not think for a moment that Oscar nominees Meryl Streep, with her record 20 nominations, and the talented Viola Davis don’t have beauty woes. They may be perfect actresses, but at the end of the day they have dark circles and wrinkles just like the rest of us. 51 year old Viola… in quite a few interviews has been quoted as saying: “Dry skin has been a struggle my entire life.”  And she’s coined herself a “beauty product junkie!” See? Stars more often then not are just like us.  So I’ve been doing my research and reading up on the beauty qualms of these actresses as they gear up for Hollywood’s biggest night on February 26th and they celebrate their Oscar moments.  On this note, I know you too have “Oscar Moments” with big birthdays, showers, graduations, anniversaries and weddings and want to look as foxy and fabulous as possible. Take a look below at these four brands lending their technology and support to your next glam occasion.

“The red carpet has to be felt to be believed.” William H. Macy

MAKEUP TIP When you notice all the celebrities with balanced, perfect puckers, you’ll wonder to yourself “hey what gives?” Well I can tell you they have the best makeup artists in the country at their disposal, and quite a few of them are hip to this little gem…

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GrandeLIPS HYDRATING LIP PLUMPER is a lip enhancing treatment used to increase the volume of lips while reducing fine lines and is now available at Sephora and in six irresistible nude shades to add the perfect hint of color to lips while also roviding long-term benefits. The clinically proven formula with key ingredients VolulipTM and Hyaluronic Acid targets and hydrates dry areas on the lips, provides an instant plump in just 3-5 minutes and serves as a long-term treatment after extended use. After 30 days of twice daily application, lips will experience an overall increase in plumpness, hydration, softness and firmness.
PRICE: Available in 6 shades for $29.95   SHOP: Sephora and

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All these eye creams and serums tend to manage puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, however none actually do any noticeable lifting to the eyelid itself. Until Now…

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Amino Genesis EYE Control Lid Lifting & Dark Circle Serum has become one of Hollywood Makeup Artists best kept secrets to lift an actress’s lids fast, especially when they’re about to hit a red carpet or are shooting a big scene. Eye Control is the first cosmetic product in history to help tighten and lift sagging upper eye lids while at the same time improving the appearance of crows feet and dark circles. All of this is caused by something called Glycation. In simple terms think of what happens to bread as you toast a piece in the toaster…it becomes tight, dry, and brown. Well as we age, much the same thing is happening to our complexions, especially our eyes. In Amino Genesis’s clinicals, 61% of participants noticed an improvement in their drooping eyelids with consistent use of Eye Control over a 60 day period. Definitely the product to get on radars and try before seriously considering the cost and pain involved with any surgical procedures. Plus it’s a handy little secret weapon if you have a red carpet special occasion coming up.  In one sense, it’s as hot as the red carpet itself having been recently featured in People, Elle, US Weekly, Shape and Dr. Oz just to name few that have covered it for their readers and now I’m covering it for you & me!  PRICE: $49.95, SAVE 10% Off   USE CODE: eyes10 At Checkout  SHOP:


HOW TO BULLET PROOF YOUR HAIR FOR THE BIG NIGHT  Dove Hair has the perfect products for women to recreate red carpet worthy hairstyles at home! They have two hairsprays that are my go-to for touchable waves that stay all night long, or updos that won’t budge on the dance floor. Try either…

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  • Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray strengthens hairstyles and provides frizz-proof, touchable style with natural movement.
  • Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray provides the perfect extra hold without any stiffness while adding body and volume.

DOVE’S RED CARPET VETERAN: Mark Townsend’s one of the brand’s celebrity hair stylists, favorite red carpet tricks is to spray hairspray on a natural toothbrush to tame any last-minute fly-aways or frizz! The tiny bristles let you get harder to reach detail areas, like around the ear and nape of the neck. I love this trick!
PRICE: Suggested is $3.99   SHOP: The major food, drug, and mass retailers such as, Walmart and CVS

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HOW TO COPY YOUR FAVORITE STARS RED CARPET LOOK They always say imitation is the best form of flattery right? So what If I told you there’s an app you can add to your phone that lets you try on a potential makeup look or hairstyle first before committing to it AND then the best part is you can shop the actual beauty brands that created that look to stock up on the products you’ll need to create that look and never leave the app? Impossible right? Check this out….

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YOUCAM MAKEUP APP Not sure which shades to wear on the big night? Gone are the days of guessing which color lipstick will look good on you or trusting a friend’s blush recommendation… instead, turn to YouCam Makeup, an award-winning digital makeover and hairstyle app that has taken over the beauty industry with over 250 million downloads by using augmented reality to allow users to try on lipsticks, blush, eye makeup, faux lashes, contacts, whiter teeth and more. Simply take a new selfie or upload an existing picture of yourself, and virtually try on makeup to determine what looks best from top beauty brands including MAC, Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Geller, Elizabeth Arden, Raquel, Ardell, and more. From there, you can purchase the makeup directly from the app, and make a red carpet look customized for you.
APP AVAILABILITY – Free to download – App Store, Google Play, Website

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Me trying a new hair color, eye color and lip color on my YouCam App!




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