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If these first few weeks of June find you burning the candle at both ends with kids getting out of school for a long summer, lots of weddings, graduations and showers to attend and you feel like you might need a bit of a mid-year overhaul… I’ve been researching what’s new,l and most importantly what will work to reduce stress and reinvigorate your confidence.


“IF it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” ~ Fred Devito
Price Range: $16.99 BUT on SALE for $10.98
Wellness Challenge: My life is chaotic! Then I come home from a long day and my home environment is giving off the same chaotic energy. I need to create a living space that is a counterpoint to my day-to-day stress. What can I do that’s easy but delivers a big pay-off and sense of peacefulness?
Solution: What better way to celebrate Wellness Wednesday than to have peace and tranquility pervade your home. Based on color therapy, this green Agave print from, emulates healing properties and creates a soothing influence on the mind and body. Color therapy is a long standing tradition and each color possesses a different quality. offers hundreds of art and photography prints that range in all colors so you can decide what wellness mood you want to emulate in your home. You can purchase and frame the print on and have it shipped to your home in 5-7 days! It’s the largest online retailer of art…meaning the colors and options you have to work with are enormous!
Quick Lesson:
Red: Brings warmth, energy and stimulation
Orange: warm cheerful and non-constricting, has a freeing action over the body and mind, relieving repression. Stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm
Yellow: The color of cheerfulness, curiosity and amusement
Green: This color brings peace, rest, hope, comforting and nurturing
Blue: Cool and soothing, dreamy and magical. Blue is the color of Truth
Purple: Color for contemplation, meditation and spirituality


Neutrogena T/Gel Theraputic Hair Care
Price: $6.99 for 4.5 fl. oz.
Heath & Beauty Challenge: When you suffer from a scalp condition, whether it’s dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, ordinary conditioners aren’t the solution. They may help condition your hair, but they won’t help treat the symptoms of a scalp condition, including chronic itchiness and visible flaking. And dandruff shampoos can be heavy, leaving your hair weighted down and lifeless. What’s needed is a therapeutic conditioner that will help control itchy, flaky scalp, yet treat your hair gently, leaving it shiny, manageable and full of life.
Solution: Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Hair Care is a line of dermatologist-recommended shampoos formulated to treat itchy, flaky scalp. Gentle and pleasant to use, T/Gel products leave hair shiny and manageable, relieving itching for hours after rinsing. The line offers different active ingredients and benefits to treat all kinds of scalp symptoms. The original T/Gel shampoo defeats dandruff for an entire week after just one use . T/Sal uses salicylic acid to clear scalp build-up and relieve itchy scalp .


Dermovia Lace Your Face Mask
Price: $55 for a box of 4
What: I knew it! One day someone would come up with a face mask that mimics Spanx and shape wear to tone, firm, lift, hydrate and brighten complexions. And now a darling local, LA gal, Mariella Scott, did just this! Lace Your Face Masks use this completely innovative “Lace-Tex” (NOT LATEX) material to envelop & compress your skin in a complex of botanical vitamins: Squalene, Apple Stem Cell and Dew Grass Extract! The minerals are sourced from deep within the seawaters of Tahiti. They’re about to blow up with 9 different options that range from: Chamomile to Bearberry to Healing Yogurt and Milk. I’m in love with whole concept of compression and all the many health related benefits. And think about it! The month of June is all about getting photographed for weddings, showers and graduations. For me…this is how I’m prepping my face and saving money VS heading out to spa for a much pricier treatment that try to accomplish much the same as Dermovia at 2 and 3 times the price.


1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses
Price: One month supply varies by doctor, but can be as low as $65
Head to a participating eye doctor in your area, the Acuvue web site will help you determine who to make an appointment with
Available: Just launched this past March!
What: This is a whole new way to amp up your natural beauty this summer. Available with and without vision correction, you can choose between 3 eye effects:

  • Natural Sparkle (I got Sparkle naturally
  • Natural Shimmer
  • Natural Shine

Wash your hands, pop the lenses into your peeps and voila! The lens create a defined ring around the iris that is called the limbal ring. Studies have shown it is a beauty cue people find both women and men who have a defined limbal ring to be more attractive. 1 Day Acuvue Define creates contrast that makes your eyes appear brighter and more awake. It’s like eyeliner BUT for your eyes. So it doesn’t change your eye color, BUT it enhances the natural gorgeous you already possess.


Amino Genesis EYE Control Lid Lifting & Dark Circle Serum
Price: $49.95, SAVE 10% Off Use Code: “SEATTLE” At Checkout
Beauty Challenge: People keep commenting to me I look tired, sad and at moments angry. But the thing is, I’m none of the above. How can I get my outside to reflect my inside and improve my appearance without…going through the pain and expense of a drastic surgical procedure?
Solution: Eye Control is the FIRST cosmetic product in history to help tighten and lift sagging upper eye lids, while at the same time improving the appearance of crows feet and dark circles. All of this is caused by something called “Glycation.” In simple terms think of what happens to bread as you toast a piece in the toaster…it becomes tight, dry, and brown. Well as we age, much the same thing is happening to our complexions. In Amino Genesis’s clinicals, 61% of participants noticed an improvement in their drooping eyelids with consistent use of Eye Control over a 60 day period. Definitely the product to get on radars and try before seriously considering the cost and pain involved with any surgical procedure!


Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Duos & Mary Kay At Play Lip& Cheek Sticks
Price: At Play Sticks = $10, Mineral Duos = $18
Available: Just launched May 15!
Challenge: Summer’s all about natural beauty! I want to unlock mine, but I’m not sure where to start? I’m not a wiz at applying makeup. So I’m looking for products that are user friendly, affordable and TSA approved for my summer vacation.
Rediscover user friendly color with the perfectly-paired Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duos and Lip & Cheek Sticks! The mineral duos rich, vibrant palettes come with a matte blush and a complementary pearlized highlighter shade in a high-performance mineral formula. It’s available in 3 combinations designed to look great on a range of skin tones. It brightens complexions with a radiant, healthy glow. The lip & cheek sticks come in 2 shades and are perfect for girls-on-the-go! You have the option of creating buildable, blendable color for a dewy, kissable finish that delivers you a radiant glow. However, should you desire a more matte finish, this is easy… just apply a touch of loose or pressed powder over the top!  This is makeup that gives you a pop of instant color, you can apply in 60 seconds and look awake and bright quickly year round.


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