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Summer Essentials

A Guide To Surviving Extreme Temperatures

Whether the clouds roll in, we get an unexpected thunder shower or have to contend with intense sun….there’s one weather condition we can alway count on in Arizona… of course i’m referring to their heat. Rain or shine it’s a summer standard! So I did some research and came with my own version of a “weather report” to melt proof, sweat proof and outsmart the heat so AZ soaring temps don’t get the best of you!

1. Elevate Dry Skin Moisture Levels By 90% W/ Your Face Wash? WTW?
Simple Micellar Water
AVAILABLE: Drugstores Nationwide

  • Dry desert air, sun exposure and air conditioning can all leave our skin feeling dehydrated and sensitive this summer.
  • The solution? Simple Skincare’s Micellar Cleansing Water.
  • This breakthrough cleanser instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 90% while cleansing and removing makeup.
  • It’s formulated with triple-purified water to minimize irritation and contains skin-loving ingredients like Pro
  • Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C.
  • You simply apply to a cotton round and gently wipe over your face – there’s no need to rinse!

2. Overheating Is So Dangerous & Unpleasant!
MISSION Athletecare Enduracool Instant Cooling Collection
My Pick is their Endura Cool Multi Cool which you can style and use 12 different ways
Available: Sports Authority
MISSION launches the latest innovation in performance technology, made from a proprietary performance fabric that cools to approximately 30 degrees below the average body temperature in under a minute when soaked with water or sweat, wrung out and then snapped in the air to activate the cooling properties.

  • This incredible technology offers innovative and sustainable cooling solutions to athletes and those who spend time outdoors (gardening, walking, biking, cutting the lawn, doing yard work, watching sporting events, etc.) – giving them the ability to feel cooler, go harder and enhance their performance.
  • The high-performance, light-weight fiber absorbs and retains moisture into its fabric core, circulating the molecules while regulating the rate of evaporation to ensure an instant and prolonged “air conditioner” effect to cool your head, neck, shoulders and other pulse points.
  • The impact lasts up to two hours before needing to be re-activated and each of the machine-washable and chemical-free wearables will continue to perform for as long as you need it.
  • Added bonus – Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF50) provides sun protection when covering the skin, making it the perfect outdoors summer essential to stay cool and protected.

3. Melt Proof Your Makeup
Amazing Cosmetics
Amazing Concealer $42 Full Size, $28 Travel Size
Amazing Primer & Line Smoother $35
Ulta & Sephora
SAVE: 20% off Site Wide w/ Checkout Code “PHOENIX” Today – Through Midnight 6/26

  • AmazingConcealer is a full coverage, water-proof concealer that makes all skin imperfections disappear including: dark circles, broken capillaries, redness, blemishes, sun damage and more.
  • AmazingConcealer has a complexion-perfection, highly-pigmented formula that gives a natural-looking finish and full coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes.
  • Available in 20 Amazing Shades, it provides full coverage without the feeling of wearing any makeup at all.
  • The favorite of professional makeup artists, celebrities and enthusiasts from around the world
    AmazingConcealer is considered the “magic-eraser” that will transform your skin, into amazing skin.
  • The Primer & Line Smoother is what Pro makeup artists are calling this “Photoshop In a Tube”
  • The whole point of launching the Line Smoother + Primer was to take having a flawless complexion to the next level with a scientifically advanced wonder product that harnessed Neodermyl technology.
  • It hydrates, firms, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while priming the skin for a flawless makeup application. It also acts like a skin care product and delivers noticeable and sustainable results in 2 weeks.
  • It will resurface your skin so makeup applied afterwards glides on effortlessly. What’s smart is now you will need less concealer and less foundation.
  • The secret sauce is a powerful cocktail of peptides, ceramide-3, HA, Botanicals and that Neodermyl technology I was mentioning.
  • 100% of their trial participants said their skin looked and felt smoother, were satisfied with it’s performance and would recommend it to a friend.

4. Lazy Gals Way to Avoid Sun Damage & Skin Cancer
Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50
$64 Full Size Brush & select resort spas / dermatologist offices nationwide

SAVE!!!! I got Colorescience to discount their travel/mini SPF Mineral Brush for us for a limited time. Shop now & purchase one for your purse & all your summer travels
Now onto one of my favorite new obsessions….Colorescience! This will quickly be everyones favorite summer must-have!

  • Whether you’re traveling this summer, hitting the trails, golf course, pool or tennis courts, you’ll discover the beauty of protection with Colorescience Sunforgettable products
  • It’s water-resistant and makes protecting your skin easy. And who doesn’t love easy??
  • This product is 100% healthy sun protection comprised of zinc and titanium.
  • It will give you sheer, natural looking coverage and can be applied right over your makeup for continued protection throughout the day.
  • The best part is that this product has no harsh chemicals – no one else retailing SPF mineral protection can claim this
  • Takes 10 seconds to apply – wrinkles and sunspots, you’ve been warned.
  • This entire Sunforgettable collection of brushes, glosses, mists and primers are all armed with SPF and can be found online at
  • All products at TSA approved too!

5. The Perfect Solution To Protect The Other Thing Almost As Important As Our Faces…Our Handbags!
The Handbag Raincoat
$25 to $30 Depending on size

  • I first heard about this recently when the lovely Kelly Ripa was singing it’s praises on her talk show and I thought for all of us here in Phoenix!
  • Keep your handbag dry & dirt/dust free with one of three sized handbag raincoats. It turns any rainy walk into a fun, care-free outing.
  • Use it when you’re at the pool, lake or camping this summer. Perfect any time you have to place your handbag on the ground and want to protect it
  • The design includes an easy-to-grab, easy pull-tab, to effortlessly open the universal Velcro top closure.
  • It comes w/a pouch to store it between uses in any size handbag.
Cloud Sunglasses

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