Top 6 “MBPs” (Mind Blowing Products)

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Arizona Midday’s 6 Top “MBPs” – Mind Blowing Products

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When you look in your bathroom mirror IF any hint of criticism enters into your mind, trust me when I tell you, you’re more than ready to: reinvent your beauty routine! The producers of NBC Phoenix’s afternoon talk show, Arizona Midday, put me to work and on the hunt for the top 6 “MBPs.” MVP of course stands for: Most Valuable Player! BUT “MBP” stands for Mind Blowing Products. After trying out these MBPs, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!


1. MBP Best Skin Care To AVOID An Eye Lift!
Amino Genesis EYE Control Lid Lifting & Dark Circle Serum
$49.95, SAVE 10% Off Use Code: “PHOENIX” At Checkout

  • Eye Control is the first cosmetic product in history to help tighten and lift sagging upper eye lids while at the same time improving the appearance of crows feet and card circles.
  • All of this is caused by something called Glycation. In simple terms think of what happens to bread as you toast a piece in the toaster…it becomes tight, dry, and brown.
  • Well as we age, much the same thing is happening to our complexions.
  • In Amino Genesis’s clinicals, 61% of participants noticed an improvement in their drooping eyelids with consistent use of Eye Control over a 60 day period.
  • Definitely the product to get on radars and try before seriously considering the cost and pain involved with any surgical procedures

2. MBP Best Skin Care To AVOID A Face Lift!
Stemulation Hi Impact Serum

  • Hi-impact is a transformative serum formulated to illuminate, smooth, and refine skin’s surface with a deeply hydrating compound. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced while the skin’s natural renewal process is accelerated.
  • A sophisticated blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C ester and Epidermal Growth Factors increases elasticity and collagen production and reignites skin’s luminosity, resulting in truly ageless beauty.
  • With just a few drops, this rejuvenating serum will instantly lift away dullness to reveal a hydrated and brightened complexion, with continued use yielding age-defying results.
  • A girlfriend turned me onto this recently and I was blown away by how my skin felt and looked. It’s a dramatic difference and well worth the investment in money to experience it for yourself before turing to more aggressive, expensive options!

3.MBP Mind Blowing Hair Care To Revitalize Dry, Damaged Tresses!
Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion
$2.99 to $4.99 depending on ounces
Drugstores & Supermarkets Nationwide,

  • A salon inspired range of hair care & styling products with a blend of rich minerals from the sea to help create effortless volume
  • Proven to work as well as comparable Bumble & Bumble Surf Products.
  • Shampoo DOESN’T contain heavy silicones and helps remove buildup from hair for natural looking body & bounce
  • Conditioner provides 24 hours of body and moisture that’s easy to style. Sea inspired fragrance is uh-mazing!
  • The Texturizing Sea Salt Spray I love because it helps create full-bodies waves that last up to 24 hours but what’s so great is this formula won’t dry out your hair when I find so many sea salt hair mists do!

4. MBP Mind Blowing Fragrance!
Spadaro Luxury Fragrances
Average Price Range $95 to $135 per bottle
I thought I was a perfume know-it-all until someone tipped me off to Spadaro! I realized I have a lot to learn and feel like this brand is a great teacher!
Visionary, alchemist and fragrance designer Kim Spadaro combined her strong passion for design, aromatherapy, travel and music to formulate a range of scents that are deeply personal yet inspirational to others.
Each fragrance is inspired by a different destination and brings to life a moment in time experienced during Kim’s journeys.
In just a few years, Spadaro Luxury Fragrances has become an internationally recognized perfume company known for scents and authentic stories that transport all who experience them to faraway places.

  • Beso Del Mar, meaning “Kiss of the Sea” is a fresh, clean light scent inspired by sunsets in Cabo San Lucas at the Las Ventantas. Combo of: Lime, agave, driftwood, musk and hibiscus
  • Noche del Fuego, meaning “Night of Fire,” A hypnotizing scent inspired by ancient terraced landscapes and an encounter with Spanish fire dancers during an idyllic escape to Majorca. Combo of: Bergamot, patchouli and an exotic blend of sandalwood, vanilla and honey spiked with paprika and saffron and the exhilarating rush of black pepper.
  • Doux Amour, meaning “Sweet Love,” Doux Amour was developed while on a journey to Morocco. A perfume poem, sweet and gentle, yet sensual… redolent of warm Moroccan night. Combo of: A rare blend of floral essences – ylang ylang, Casablanca lily and Moroccan jasmine – patchouli, rare amber sandalwood, and laced with a sheer veil of vanilla.
  • Sole Nero: Sunny Italian Grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of White Pepper and Cumin. Enveloped by tender Musk and comforting notes of Sandalwood, Almond and Vanilla, Solé Nero evokes fond memories of loved ones near and far.

5. MBP, Mind Blowing Style!
Laurel & Bleau Jewelry

Prices Start Around $75 and go up! surf for pricing so much of this is customized & tailored to YOU!
SAVE 10% Off Site Wide 6/24-6/29 Use Code “MVPZONA” at checkout!
Lori Gilman the brand’s creator feels “everyone has a journey or story they tell through names, photos and of course jewelry. the jewelry you wear is the world’s first look into who you are and what you are about.”
Allowing clients to collaborate on the design process is what truly sets Laurel & Bleau apart from other jewelry companies. When purchasing a piece from any of the collections, you become the designer. choosing everything from chain length, to color and engravings gives buyers an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience. “Designing a piece of jewelry that you are able to layer with what you own and love already is what Laurel & Bleau is all about.”
What’s on trend in jewelry right now:

6. MBP Best Self Tanner In The World!
Sephora and

  • What makes this ORGANIC self tanner stand out from the competition is the synergy of extracts Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Papaya and Raspberry! Together they are called the “Balancing Actives.”
  • The balancing actives react with the tanning active called DHA. What makes Vita Liberata so unique is how these balancing actives pick up the amino acids in the skin to create a beautiful bronze glow without any hint of orange.
  • Comes in 3 shades, it last up to 4times longer than regular tans.
  • Incredibly easy to apply, super fast drying so you redress immediately.
  • Contains odor remove for zero smell.
  • And the fade is gradual and even!

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