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In my last post about scars and that “goodness-in-a-jar” know as Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream I was explaining to you how when one tries to curl her hair in bed you never know when disaster might rear it’s ugly head. Newsflash to myself: knees don’t need to be curled!!!  So when my curling iron accidentally connected with this part of my leg, the outcome was 8 weeks of applying Mederma with the hope it’ll improve the appearance of the scar and discoloration that resulted. To my utter relief it worked! All’s well that ends well…or so I thought.

Cut to me in my backyard, recently, trying to rapid fire water my plants with the last 5 minutes I had before I dash off to work. I attempted to snake around an iron metal log holder that’s positioned next to my outdoor fireplace and this, dear friends, is when as Britney  so eloquently sings “Oops I did it again!” The metal collided with the inside of my left leg.  I hopped around on one leg in pain shouting every expletive under the sun. “I’m fine, I’m fine” I kept telling myself! “Shake it off!” (notice how I can adapt any moment to a pop star’s greatest hits). BUT when I looked down and saw the trickle of blood I knew “fine” was all relative. Then I went into drama queen mode “am I going to die?” I pondered even though it was just a cut.  After I finally pulled it back together and my wound healed, I once again began the ritual of applying Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream to my leg before bedtime.  After my first go around, I was pretty confident this would have a happy ending and achieve a positive result. The Tripeptol complex with peptides, collagen and antioxidants is what I like to think of as the “secret sauce” that works while we’re  asleep to improve the appearance of scars and make them less noticeable in as little as 14 nights. Thankfully it did just this. Now if it could magically fix my klutziness we’d really be onto something here!

Here's the latest scar inducing villain

Here’s the latest scar inducing villain

So know that I’m taking away two two life lessons, from round two. First off:  Mederma is way more than a “one hit wonder.” Translation = I thought I’d use it post my “curling iron” mishap and that would be that. But as the saying goes…”Life happens” whether you’re ready for it or not. So I’m realizing the intelligent way to approach things is to have Mederma products in force in my beauty cabinet, ready to support me, my skin and my accident prone antics.

The second life lesson is such an emotional and personal one: Having visible scars can be a real blow to your confidence – trust me I know! I might not be so quick to opt for a summer dress or shorts, knowing my scars will be on display. One of the things I love about Mederma® is their commitment to helping women look and feel beautiful in their skin and regaining their confidence. In fact, this year Mederma® partnered with Dress for Success® to launch Project Confidence, a year-long initiative that seeks to empower women to live confidently and project their best selves in everything they do!  Two thumbs way up for recognizing the need and value to impact the lives of women directly with love, compassion and an initiative that unites us. (Can someone pass me a tissue, this is powerful stuff!)

At the end of the day whether you’re a klutz (like moi), outdoorsy, an expectant mom, a new mom, just want to show a little skin, or you have adventuresome kiddos… Mederma® products cover a lot of ground and will be there for you to support the expected and not-so-expected life moments.

My Mom snapped this pic of me treating my 2nd scar!

My Mom snapped this pic of me treating my 2nd scar!

Note To My Lovely Readers: I was gifted samples of Mederma® products for this story and compensated for my time to write it, however the opinions and ideas are coming straight from me and my now (2) and counting scars.

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