My Fall Guide To Sleeping More & Looking Foxier!

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What if I told you… I have know the secret sauce to gaining MORE beauty sleep, and spending less time in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready? Seriously? Really? Truth!  I know this sounds too good to be true. Plus it definitely sounds like a scenario you’re wanting to get in on! So ladies… these tips below are four I’m loving and trusting will streamline my beauty routine and yours and make all of our lives easier!”


“There are two secrets to success: 1. Never tell everything you know” ~ Steve Shelton


PRODUCT: Peptide10 Lifting Serum
WORKS IN: 2 Minutes!!!
FOR FACES: Crows Feet, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Sagging Neck, Throat, Jaw & Forehead Wrinkles
PRICE: $79 Plus FREE Shipping
TELL ME MORE: Peptide10 is what I love to refer to as a “super serum!” It combines 2 of the strongest anti-aging ingredients you can get your hands on in one bottle: A 10 peptide chain and probiotics AND does it’s lifting magic in a mere 2 minutes. The peptides support and rebuild collagen and elastin the two things responsible for the lift, firmness, tone and smoothness of our complexions. While the probiotics work much like a cocoon, bathing your skin in protection and nourishment. The medical looking syringe the serum comes in is NOT a real syringe but just a fun/safe simulation. You still pump out the serum from the pump at the top and use a brush applicator they provide to apply it in upward strokes. Give it two minutes to take effect. And the clinicals revealed a 48% improvement in the tone, firmness and lift to your skin over a 28 day period. So there’s instant gratification and long term lifting benefits by applying this peptide/probiotic combo serum to any part of your visage that needs a boost without turning to pricey surgical alternatives and big downtime.



PRODUCT: Verona Active Oils
WORKS IN: Approximately 8 Minutes
GEARED FOR: Improving all kinds of things from helping w/weight loss to sleep deprivation to your focus
PRICE: $37 per bottle, PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!!
TELL ME MORE: A whole new spin on what you think you know about Essential Oils! The single biggest thing to understand here is these treatment oils do whatever it’s name indicates on the bottle in approximately 8 minutes! Want more focus… Try the one called “Focus” Want to curb your appetite? Try Weight Loss! ACTIVE Oils launched this month with 19, 100% pure, clinically proven, essential oil blends. Knowing the correct types of oils to blend and the actual blending techniques are key to being the only certified, ACTIVE oils in North America. Verona Active Oils are organic, farm fresh to your door and deliver results you feel in just minutes. All 19 are intriguing, but 3 that caught my attention right now are…

Focus: Italian inspired organic blend that helps the mind stay focused and promotes metal clarity. On the imminent verge of a midday mental meltdown? In 8 minutes (yep, you’re reading this correctly) this brain-boosting organic essential oil blend will dramatically energize, re-assimilate, and ignite and activate laser-sharp concentration, while inspiring creativity and enhancing cognitive function.
Weight Loss: Struggling to curb your nonstop cravings and hunger pangs!? This is a must try. I’ve been consistently using it 3 times a day and dropped a whole dress size as a result.
Organic Sleep: Stop tossing and turning and quit popping sleep pills. This instantly relaxing and super soothing organic essential oil blend will help you effortlessly slip into a deeply restorative and much-deserved sleep, naturally. You’ll awaken to recovered vitality, restored and renewed energy, and allover physical, emotional, and spiritual functionality, ready to start your day.


Active Oils, 19 Different Blends Of Treatment Resulting Essential Oils. It’s the only essential oil company in North America that’s certified Active. Which is huge! The weight loss blend helped me lose a dress size by curbing my appetite and cravings.

PRODUCT: AgeBeautiful Tint Shines
WORKS IN: 10 Minutes
GEARED FOR: Want just a touch of color and radiance without dramatically changing your hair? This is perfect for you.
PRICE: $6.29
SHOP: Sally Beauty
TELL ME MORE: 10 minutes to brilliant shine with a hint of color. Be your own professional- mix with demi developer and apply over dry or Damp hair. 4 color options. Enhances natural hair tones, adds radiance to color treated hair without a dramatic change in shade




This is me road testing Skinny Tan! I’m sitting here waiting the 5 hours for it to develop and working on this blog!

PRODUCT: Skinny Tan
WORKS IN: 5 to 8 hours & lasts for 7 days, perfect to apply before you doze off to sleep so you wake up tan & “skinny” too!
GEARED FOR: Someone wanting a safe, self tan AND desiring to minimize and conceal the appearance of their cellulite
PRICE: Body Mousse $39.95, 7-Day Tanner $39.95 & Gradual Tanner $29.95
TELL ME MORE: One way to extend your summer tan is with self-tanners – Sales of self-tanners grew 7% in just the last year because they are quickly taking the place of tanning beds since those are so bad for you. And what I love is self-tanners have come a long way from that terrible orange color, that awful smell and the streaking. One of the newest (or fastest-growing) self-tanners is Skinny Tan – from Australia. Understand, this is the only one I’ve discovered with ALL NATURAL ingredients. The tanning active comes from seeds. And the SKINNY part is that it visibly reduces the signs of cellulite using guarana. So Skinny Tan delivers a healthy natural glow that lasts 7 days with visible cellulite reduction.



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