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40 ISN’T FATAL… IT’S MY GRAY ROOTS THAT ARE!                                                                                                                          ZOTOS PROFESSIONAL AGEbeautiful ROOT TOUCH-UP HAIR COLOR TO MY RESCUE

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My Conundrum: My journey to amplify my confidence doesn’t require weekly visits to a therapist’s office. It isn’t validated by going shopping for new clothes and makeup all the time. Nor do I need random guys at Starbucks or walking past on the street to whistle or cat call at me. Nope, No Sir Ree Bob… I don’t need any of those things. For my confidence to be at it’s high point I need my gray roots covered up and concealed.  I know you were expecting something much more grandiose…however when my roots are blaring “gray,” I feel like my appearance screams 10 years older than I really am. Not that there’s anything wrong with being 52, mind you. I’m just not ready to look 52 when in reality… I’m 42.

So understandably, my monthly appointment to get my hair colored is more valued and coveted to me than if you told me Ryan Reynolds was waiting out front of my house with 2 dozen roses to take me to dinner this very instant. The first thing I would do is run for a mirror to evaluate how my center part is fairing anyway. With color on my hair I feel invincible as I walk out of the salon. “Look out world…here I come…I’m kickin’ butt and takin’ names!” Well this is how I feel throughout weeks 1 and 2.  Then by the start of week 4: I’m wearing lots of hats and my mantra vibes like: “Look world…hey have a heart would ya? I’m a girl with a gray happy trail down the middle of her head that needs a little compassion.” Yep, I know I sound like a mere shell of the vivacious soul I am in week 1 and 2.

If you look at my center part, you can see the gray roots peaking out! I forgot to grab my can of AGEbeautiful my bad!

If you look at my center part, you can see the gray roots peaking out! I forgot to grab my can of AGEbeautiful my bad!

My Ah-Ha Moment: This all mapped out for you… the single thing that has turned my ship around was the day I discovered colored root touch up products. Do you think I have tried them all? Well as Ms. Palin would say: “You bet’cha!” I’ve tried mascara wand type root touch ups and brown colored creme sticks, oh and powder based ones that look like a makeup brush for hair. Those can be quite messy. My bathroom counter winds up getting a dash of root cover up too… just what it needed. So you can imagine my genuine elation when my agent forwarded me an email last month from two lovely ladies who work in public relations for Zotos Professional Hair Care. He casually said “oh here, take a look at this, it might interest you.  Something about a new Root Touch-Up Spray.” Might interest me? Has he lost this mind? Is the pope Catholic? Is Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend hotter than Hades?  Uh yeah I’m all about this!  Now what did he say they were called “Zotio? Sotos?”  No wait, I got it Zotos! Like Toto, Dorothy’s dog but with a “Z” in the front and an “S” at the end. Zotos!  So as those of you who know me realize… the brand immediately became my new “bestie” and I scoured the internet devouring their web site to learn everything I could about what makes the brand, especially this Root Touch-Up different and unique.

Here’s the AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up “411,” you’re gonna love this:  It doesn’t just conceal gray roots in seconds… It adds volume to your roots too. Wait do I detect a glimmer in your eyes at the notion of this? The 1 minute mist delicately covers thinning patches so hair looks naturally full.  Another big determinant that separates the men from the boys is: is AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up water, sweat and stain resistant?  I teach hot yoga and there’s nothing more eyebrow raising to a student when they glance over and see my beads of sweat are brown.  Yep it’s happened to me before with other brands (sigh). But NOT with Zotos. It allowed me the peace of mind to get through my 86 degree yoga class with total confidence. It’s also super embarrassing when you’re sleeping over at your new boyfriend’s home and your root cover color winds up on one of his pillow cases. Yep that’s happened to me too. Lucky girl right? But if I can’t laugh at myself then who can I laugh at?  The nice thing is that although this root touch-up is super sturdy, it washes out with the next shampoo. The brand created it in 8 natural looking shades that were specifically developed to compliment AGEbeautiful’s top-selling permanent shades (think: permanent hair color), but they confirmed to me their root touch-up will seamlessly blend with any other hair color brand on the market.

How To Use: The product is very user friendly. Shake the can, hold it 4 to 6 inches from dry, styled hair and spray into roots using light, even strokes. A little goes a long way, so start easy and layer the product for darker results. It just launched last month at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide. Surf to find a location closest to your home or work.  This is a beauty essential I don’t recommend motoring through life without. It’s often the little details and touches that carry the greatest impact on our appearance.

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Mike is an expert at teaching you how to use AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up watch his youtube video for tips! It’s fab!

This youtube Video Teaches You How Easy It Is To Use It:  Click Here!!! To watch the inside scoop from NY, celebrity colorist, Mike Petrizzi!!!

Price: $9.99, Surf & Shop HERE!!!

As Seen On: I love to put new products through a test to see how well they “fire” under pressure. So I applied it to my roots 30 minutes before my September 1 beauty report on NBC’s “Extra!”  The show is shot outside and on this particular day, temperatures were well in excess of 100 degrees here in Los Angeles. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you agree?

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up in my hair in "Medium Brown"

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up in my hair in “Medium Brown”

TRANSPARENCY: Although I want to always remain transparent to you, the reader…my roots totally don’t LOL! Zotos compensated me for my time to put this article together, once I tried this root touch-up product and was wow’ed by how well is covers.

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