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The theme for this year’s Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. So I’m tackling this from an anti-aging perspective, and found out about a green haircare brand harnessing plant based ingredients long before “green beauty” was in vogue! Checkout who they are, and 4 additional brands leading the clean beauty category in 2021.


LEONOR GREYL, Created in 1968, was the first natural line of haircare to harness plant-based ingredients long before “green beauty” was in vogue. PACKAGING: This leaping bunny certified, brand’s containers are made from PET, which is one of the five materials recycled by Eco Emballage. SAVE THE PLANET: For several years they have sponsored ‘The Sea Cleaners’, which is an organization whose mission is to build the “Manta”, a catamaran capable of picking up more than 100 tons of plastic per deployment across the ocean.

  • HUILE SECRET DE BEAUTE ($70) Leonor Greyl’s multi-tasking oil is perfect for those looking to streamline their beauty routine. This nourishing blend of natural oils is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins E and A that offer instant benefits to your hair and body. Used as a detangling styling tool, it leaves hair softened and shiny. Used on bodies, it’s properties protect your skin from premature aging. Think of it as a “One-And-Done” beauty product.
  • PRO TIP: Use at a beach or pool on hair as a natural UV filter, OR on body to prolong your tan.

PLUS LEONOR GREYL MASSAGING SCALP BRUSH ($28) The whole brush can be recycled!!! MATERIAL: Recyclable ABS and silicone. Created to clean, massage and support scalp health… this brush helps shampoo to lather up and purify the scalp while eliminating dandruff and residue. Its relaxing action leaves the scalp more supple and improves scalp oxygenation, thus promoting hair growth. The ultimate tool for healthy and shiny hair!



FILE THIS UNDER SUPER COOL: This deodorant is made with simple and clean ingredients that work, and comes in 100% plant-based sugarcane tubes.  Sugar absorbs CO2 as it grows, removing it from the atmosphere – resulting in a package material that is carbon negative and earth positive. Beyond the earth preserving packaging, the brand is regarded for creating high quality products without complicated chemicals – Each & Every ingredient matters (get the brand name now?).  As I was looking to part ways with my old aluminum infused deodorant, for health reasons, my instincts led me to Each & Every. EWG VERIFIED? YES they are! Hot off the presses & working up a sweat with People, Allure, Health, The Cut, GQ & In Style… I’m a fan of the the clean, natural Cardamon & Ginger Deo. It’s perfect for any flower child or globe trotter because this essential oil combo is a congenial scent that’s as warm as it is worldly.  It delivers a fun bohemian energy and vibe. IS THERE A FRAGRANCE FREE VERSION TOO? Yes, they make an unscented version plus, the Cardamon & Ginger scent and 6 other scents round out the core collection.
WHAT’S LEFT OUT: No Aluminum. No Parabens. No Synthetic Fragrances. No Baking Soda. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free and Vegan.
SHOP: Take advantage of their Earth Day discount. Use code EARTHDAY30 to save 30% off your first purchase.

PHYSICIANS FORMULA’S Intention is to be the altruistic brand at mass. Not only does Physicians Formula want you to feel safe and trust every purchase you make with them, but they also want you to feel better when you do it. They coined themselves: “BEAUMANITARIANS.”
SAVE THE PLANET: The brand partnered with to support its reforestation campaign. The Canopy Project helps plant trees & combat climate change around the world. Every Butter Bronzer sold during the month of April supports The Canopy Project. And on 4/22 ONLY, Butter Bronzers are an amazing 40% Off!!! Stock up & preserve the environment. Think: affordable Mother’s Day Gift.

  • PHYSICIANS FORMULA MURUMURU BUTTER BRONZER ($15) This Ultra-luxurious bronzer, infused with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter all from the lush and nutrient-rich Amazon, is incredibly creamy and soft combining the best features of a powder and cream bronzer, to deliver a lit-from-within tropical glow unlike any other. It’s also fueled by essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften, condition and moisturize skin, leaving it silky soft. Hypoallergenic. Paraben Free. Gluten Free. Dermatologist Tested. Vegan. Cruelty Free
    Last year, they repackaged their Butter Bronzer so that it’s safer for the environment, more eco-friendly with recyclable components and overall packaging reduction.


PURERB’S BUBBLE MINERAL ESSENCE (2 Sizes: $15 to $30) This cloud like foaming essence is filled with airy micro-bubbles that pop and crackle on contact with skin, immediately soothing and nourishing stressed-out faces & acne inflammation too. Remember pop rock candy when we were kids? Yep reminiscent of this, but way healthier and youth inducing! The purpose of the micro-bubbles are to help oxygenate, rejuvenate, and soothe complexions after you cleanse, BUT it also works as the perfect base and delivery system for any face serum too. It’s unique cocktail of essential minerals from Mother Earth: zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium & vitamins relieve inflammation and redness from acne, sun exposure, and blue light exposure. 2 standout ingredients: Edelweiss Stem Cells defend and protect skin from environmental stress & Bulgarian Rose calms and revitalizes Pre-maturely aging complexions. No sulfates, silicones, parabens, artificial thickeners, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, fillers & not tested on animals.

($42) Honey is a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin. This new skincare collection from Banila Co. banks on this fact and offers deep skin nourishment through the benefits of Honey. This Intense Nourishing Cream includes 6 types of premium honeyRoyal Jelly, Honey Butter, Beeswax, Honey, Propolis all blended together to replenish, protect and lock in moisture for a healthy, supple complexion. It glides on smoothly to give skin a vitality and it supports & strengthens the skin’s barrier. So you get all the benefits of honey without the sticky texture. When you’re done w/the honey comb looking jar, plant a succulent inside it to upcycle the container.  Important to note: NO bees are harmed in the process of making this moisturizer. And the brand’s clinicals are key as you discover this skin quenching goodness. Based on a survey of 835 participants:

  • 92% of respondents said it helped their skin feel hydrate 
  • 90% of respondents would recommend the Honey Cream 


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