Mix, Layer, Hack? It’s The Cyo Way! Beauty That’s Just A Little Bit Maverick

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3 out of 4 are on display in this photo. Guess which 3 I’m loving…

Ages ago when the movie “Legally Blonde” hit theaters, my favorite Elle Woods line was “Just bend and– snap!” When I heard Cyo’s battle cry “Mix, Layer, Hack!” I knew I was going to love exploring all the makeup from this take charge, boss babe fueled brand!  Another one of their mantras, I pulled off their web site, is “Be the make-up maverick.”  This is exactly what the vast majority of us makeup adoring beauties want to be!  And here’s how the brand translates this under their masthead when you experiment with Cyo Make-Up…

  • Mix = Remix favorite colour, texture for max looks
  • Layer = Build up under, over and next level looks
  • Hack = New ways, little cheated, make magic

So they way I’m vibing Cyo… the products are totally buildable whether you want a little makeup or a lot. You can start with a minimal, “fresh faced glow” amount on your face, and them add and build, delete and subtract quickly and easily as you go through your day. You don’t need to have a degree in makeup artistry to enjoy using their cosmetics. But you do need an open mind, and love being a “rule breaker” when the situation calls for it.


  1. CYO ILLUMINATING MIXING CREAM TURN ON THE LIGHT ($5.50) They use the best description on the back of the bottle a “6am pick me up! You can apply this any one of three ways: A. As a primer/base B. You can mix it with your moisturizer or foundation to up level either C. Use it on top of makeup as a way to add luminosity and polish to your look. The “Into The Shadows” shade is the one I’d consider “Universal” meaning tons of different skin tones will enjoy it. It gives a complexion this warm, soft, diffused glow and lift. You’ll wonder how you lived without it prior! Oh and be mindful a little goes a long way. About 3 to 5 small, quick pumps will cover your entire face.
  2. CYO COOLING BRONZING STICK ($6) Don’t wait for your vacation to feel bronze. This stick which literally feels cool upon touch, comes in 2 shades: Fair/Medium & Medium/Dark and contains cocos nucifera fruit extract known to help with hydration. The dreamy coconut fragrance gives you a hint of holiday even if you’re sitting in gridlock traffic on the freeway (in reality).  And I discovered it contains an usually high percentage of water, so this is what actually delivers the cooling effect to the skin. It’s easy to use: draw a few lines on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and blend in with a sponge, brush or your fingertips. 
  3. CYO SWEEPING STATEMENT METALLIC EYE STICKS IN “CLOWNING AROUND” & “SMALL MINDS” ($5) These 2 pencils really pack a punch and are prefect to bring along when you travel and don’t want to take powder shadows that can drop and break all over the contents of your makeup bag or worse your clothes. With up to 12 hours of crease free sparkle they’ll work in one sweep over your lids. So you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get a result. It’s a blend of mineral pigments and pearl powder that combine to give our peepers a pop. This also subs in nicely as an eye liner. Both shades deliver you a bright eyed look, so all that’s left to add is eyeliner and a quick hit of mascara and you’re good to hit the ground running. 4. CYO EYELINER MARKER PEN THREE & EASY ($5) My obsession with any sort of liquid liner product continues people. I feel compelled to try everyone available to me on the market. This version has 3 interesting, mysterious divots in the applicator that offered me precision and a smudge free application.  It has nice glide and it lasted. I didn’t require much in the way of a touch up. And remember I teach hot yoga (my side hustle). Good stuff.
  4. SHOP ALL OF THIS GOODNESS: Exclusively at Walgreens, and when you play with products on social media use the hashtag #mixlayerhack
  5. DISCLOSURE: I was sent a makeup bag of Cyo products to play with and test out on my face. However in writing this review, I was NOT monetarily compensated by the brand. The thoughts and opinions reflected here are my own as a result of liking what I dabbled with. 

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