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BEVERY HILLS, CA…  I’ve been an esthetician now for 17 years and counting and when it comes to facials AND skincare regimens, I’ve seen it all and tried it all. From bird poop masks to snail secretion serums… from 24 Karat Gold Facials to having thousands of micro-needles pierce the top layer of my skin… this little face of mine has been the guinea pig for almost 2 decades of experimentation. So I’m at a point in my beauty evolution… for which it takes a product nothing short of miraculous and life changing for me to sit here and type out a dedicated blog in honor of it. But here I am typing away and you reading away because this bad boy is truly worth our time, faith and beauty dollars. Read on and I will make the official introductions so you’re in the loop.

My favorite skincare colleague, Jessica Crocker, who has worked loyally and enthusiastically for Environ for many years… has been emailing me about the Environ Revival Masque for quite a few months now. She even got in her car and drove to Studio City to hand deliver me a lovely sample of it.  She was like, “Stacy, I’m so excited for you to try this masque! I’m dying to know what you think of it. I’d love your feedback. I think you’re going to be blown away by this one!” Well gosh, Jessica represents the brand right? What else is she going to say but glowing things (pun intended).  Then she invited me to have a facial with Brigitte Beasse who’s skin care clinic Brigitte Beaute (located in Beverly Hills, CA).  Brigitte’s Studio has been generating quite a bit of buzz lately as a “Must Try” destination amongst LA’s discerning skin care divas.  Well you don’t have to ask me twice folks.  So I made my appointment and had “face time” with Brigitte. Her skincare treatment and techniques are nurturing, thorough and results driven. Her personality however is what will keep you coming back. Brigitte really understands the nitty gritty about aging and how to circumnavigate it swiftly and decisively.  She had me leave her treatment center with a full size jar of the Revival Masque to take home and use post the facial to fortify and prolong the glow and lift she worked so hard to achieve for my benefit.

Brigitte hard at work with a client.

Brigitte hard at work with a client.

Dear Ms. Jessica Crocker:

YOU and Environ are siting on a virtual GOLDMINE with the Revival Masque!

Love, Stacy

This masque is life changing!  Why? Because it will transform your complexion and all you need to do is use it with just a little bit of consistency. The translation and my recommendation here is this: at the outset apply it 3x’s per week for 2 weeks (20 minutes). Then 1x weekly for 20 to 30 minutes for upkeep and maintenance. What makes this masque revolutionary and better than the rest? Of course it’s the way Environ blends and releases the key ingredients: Asiatic, Mandelic and Lactic Acids. This trifecta gently, without irritating, sloughs away heavy, dull dead skin cells to reveal younger, juicy, brighter skin underneath. The three also hydrate faces to a level that has left me stupefied.  Speaking for myself, when I remove the masque with luke warm water and a cotton pad, I really haven’t felt the need to douse my skin in serums and moisturizers as I normally do, post any masque I try out. It’s THAT yummy, effective and hydrating!  So after my first round with it… the next day I thought “Oh I shouldn’t do it again so soon!” But then again I thought… “Well, why the heck not?” So I slathered a layer on again!  And then I went through this dance again the next day… 3 days in a row, YES!

So IF you happen to be in LA or somewhere nearby… trust me, treat yourself to a facial with Brigitte Beaute Skin Clinic you will walk out their feeling and looking like you had a nice 10 day vacation. If you live outside of Cali but want to pick up a game changing masque… The Revival Masque is what your anti-aging regimen is missing!

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  • AVST Cleansing Lotion
  • Focus Hydrating Serum (Love this one)
  • Super Moisturizer (Excellent moisturizer for dull, dry skin)

TO SCHEDULE AN ANTI-AGING FACIAL WITH BRIGITTE & HER TEAM:                                                                                          310 858 4038 OR www.

Facial Treatment Room At Brigitte Beaute

Facial Treatment Room At Brigitte Beaute

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