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View of the stage from my seat as the curtain went UP! on the 2015 MTV VMAs

View of the stage from my seat as the curtain went UP! on the 2015 MTV VMAs

Hey there!  Just thinking out loud, I could also have titled my post: Mascara, Minaj & Marijuana!?! Or would this be pushing it? Okay this sounds a smidgen over the top!  However there are so many silly ways I can run with this, plus I’m on an “M” roll so why stop now? Moving on, here’s a question for you to mull over:

Are you up to your eyeballs in…

  • MTV Video Music Award post show recaps?
  • Hearing about Kanye’s 2020 epic run for the White House with Kim K as our selfie loving first lady?
  • The on stage feud Nikki Minaj fueled with Ms. Miley?
  • The negative commentary over Kim’s Balmain styled frock that night?
  • Fart-Gate: Did Taylor let one drop by accident on stage?
  • All the marijuana references and swearing on stage, predominantly by Miley, BUT also peppered throughout the pre-taped skits & by other talent?
  • Hearing comparatives that this year’s show wasn’t stacking up to years’ past?

Kayne For President


fart gate

Whether she did or didn’t…the looks of the ladies faces is priceless!

I know me too! Sure, sure I could toss my ten cents into all the above conversations and speak my peace, but to what end? By now you’ve heard it all and you know I perish the thought of putting you to sleep.  I would much rather let the haters hate (As Ms. Swift’s lyrics state) and write about something way more constructive, positive and (in my humble P.O.V.) useful:  Red Carpet  Confidence & Makeup Trends to Support Your ‘Tude!  No Miley, you cannot stick this in your pipe and smoke it, BUT you can and will take your complexion and appearance to the next level of chic and badass!  When I look back at the 2015 VMA’s, I think things tie together quite nicely.  As I saw it, the overriding vibe and theme was: be loud and proud and shake what your mama gave you.  Kudos to my pals at Covergirl. CG you did a tremendous job at amplifying this concept as a sponsor of the week and the award show. You aspire to elevate woman to be more than just easy and breezy!  These days you’re encouraging us to be fierce and brave. I think as you’ve evolved as a company, it’s been your mission to bring on us along on this journey too. I love this, YES!!! 

With this recapped and explained, allow me to share… maybe not 10 cents…lets say 20 cents after attending Covergirl x MTV’s Got You Covered: A Beauty Trends Forecast & Celebration AND then the actual VMA’s, both in my hometown… Los Angeles, with my best friend, business partner and fellow beauty scout… Romy Schorr! 


Stacy and Romy at awards


Nicole Richie, Amanda Steele, Singer Tori Kelly and my beauty colleague and pal, makeup artist, Jake Bailey were part of a 6 person panel chatting about what they anticipated seeing, glamour/style wise at the 2015 VMAs plus their favorite makeup tips and tricks they’d perfected over the years and felt were on-trend for the Fall season.  However before I get into those, as I heard it, the biggest take away from this VMA kick off event, cliche as it might sound to you was: “Dig out your confidence, polish it up and rock it for the world to see.” Beauty and  inspiration come from within, yes!  BUT confidence is the key to pull the beauty look all together. They collectively agreed it’s important to be adventurous in trying new trends and even setting them yourself…stand strong and let your personality shine. In an age where mean girls and bullies have found a voice… this message of positivity  bears repeating over and over.

Other Women


MTV Panel

Pic from the Covergirl/MTV Beauty Trends Forecast & Celebration: Nicole Richie, Tori Kelly, Amanda Steele and Jake Bailey sharing tips!


These days no matter what season we’re heading into, the current trend with makeup is translucence! Even out, fade and minimize the imperfections and allow freckles and your natural skin tone to shine through. Pop sensation and VMA performer, Tori Kelly elaborated on this and said she’s NOT into heavy face makeup for her performances and fears a “Caked” up look on the red carpet.  Jake Bailey mentioned he’s a fan of Covergirl’s Clean Liquid Makeup Foundation so I bought a bottle in the days between the two events to see for myself. Well truthfully I handed my shade over to makeup artist, Red Dodge (yup that’s her name) on Sunday before the award show, and she did the deed! See below…

clean 2

attends the COVERGIRL and the VMAs Got You Covered: A Beauty Trends Forecast and celebration at Lure on August 27, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Tori Kelly’s acoustic performance at the COVERGIRL & VMAs Got You Covered: Beauty Trends Forecast/Celebration August 27, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Red Dodge 2

Makeup Artist, Red Dodge (Yep that’s her name) helped me create my #covermoment



Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Nikki Minaj collectively hit the 2015 VMA Red Carpet rockin’ a key beauty trend… The “cat eye” Taylor’s was the wildest spin on this classic eye makeup look with thick lines on her upper and lower lids that were reminiscent of the 70s Disco era. I think it was a little risky, but paired with her houndstooth sequin harem pants and sequin midriff top it made total sense. Amanda Steele, YouTube Sensation and beauty expert, said the secret to a precise cat eye is: Practice!!! Finding a product with a stealth tip to help control where you’re going [where you’re landing that line] is essential. And my buddy, Jake Bailey…who does Katy Perry’s makeup added that it’s Katy’s signature look. Personally, it’s my all time favorite look and something I’ve been working on perfecting since I was 13!  I apply cat eyes daily even if I’m just going to the market.

TRY: Covergirl’s Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner (it has a great tip. I would know I’ve tried them all!) & then give your lashes a hit of Supersize Lash Blast Mascara

Super Size Mascara and Intensify Liner Duo


Taylor cat eye

Taylor and her 70s inspired cat eye!

Nikki MInaj

Love Nikki’s winged eyeliner drama (granted this isn’t the only “drama” this little lady brought to the VMA stage that night!


When you want to make an instant imprint on people for any special occasion a bold lip delivers every time and the Covergirl panel spent a few moments elaborating on this trend at our little beauty conference. The trick is to use a lipstick that goes on creamy and will stain your lips. When you’re out for a big occasion you need a color and formula that won’t fade and gives you some stay power. Nicole Richie mentioned she’s loving bold orange right now (as am I, it’s fun). Jake did her makeup before the Covergirl panel and used Outlast Longwear Lipstick in “Fireball!” Check out the collection of colors here:

Nicole Richie 2


Outlast Lipstick In “Fireball” worn by Nicole Richie


Romy Stacy Rosie



You needed a pair of sunglasses to even just look at the tickets they were so metallic!

Group Champaign Shot

Pre VMA Cocktail, hosted by Covergirl


By far my favorite pic! Team Miley!

Miley Show

Finale Number with Miley front and center and 30 or so fabulous Transgender Women and professional drag queens closed out the evening. It was pretty inspiring, fun and carefree!

THANK YOU COVERGIRL FOR ALLOWING ME TO JOIN YOU ON THIS ADVENTURE! It definitely amplified my own confidence and reminded me how important it is to be consistent in promoting and sharing this with young ladies and women I’m lucky enough to connect with on my blog and in life every single day! XO


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