Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fall Beauty Trends

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If pressing your snooze button a couple more times each morning sounds utterly enticing… you’re reading the right blog! I’m sitting here with a few new beauty secrets to make this scenario possible!  So lets cut to the chase and look at ways to streamline our morning beauty routines this Fall that reduces time spent primping everything from skincare to hair!  The sooner we do this, the more minutes we can add back to into your AM beauty rest instantly. 

Food For Thought…

“I’ll stop being so lazy… when lazy stops being so awesome!”


1. No Time For Curling & Straightening Irons? You Won’t Need Them IF You Use This….
Try: 180PRO Length Revival Collection
Price: $8.99 Each For Shampoo & Conditioner & $9.99 For Combing Cream
Why This Is A Lazy Girl Must:
Gone are the days of hair-so-high and curly it takes you 30 minutes or longer in the bathroom to do. If you want the confidence of long hair that looks and feels strong, healthy and radiant without spending extra time styling it the answer lies in 3 products you’re already using for your hair? I know, surprising right? But formulation is everything and this long-awaited solution just arrived to Sally Beauty this past September! It’s a new damage reversing, 3 step haircare system called the 180PRO Length Revival Collection and it’s perfect for anyone with long or hard-to-grow hair that suffers from breakage and split ends caused by color, chemical services and heat styling. The collection is designed to strengthen strands so damage doesn’t hinder hair’s growth. The reason these products are so results driven is 2 fold: they combine the 180PRO’s patented Pro-Peptide Complex, which targets hair’s worst breaking points to help repair up to 2 years of hair abuse with a new reinforced Length-Lock Complex. The “LLC” fortifies strands from root to tip to protect against breakage for longer, stronger, nourished hair. The color-safe shampoo and conditioner are steps 1 and 2 and an innovative Combing Cream is step 3. What’s a combing cream? It’s designed to prep and prime hair for styling by detangling, moisturizing, smoothing and protecting against breakage. This multi-tasking leave-in cream can be used on damp hair before heat styling, or applied to dry hair to smooth frizz and add shine.


2. Healthy, Youthful Skin? You Want People To Wonder What Your Secret Is?
Try: Nubian Heritage African Black Soap & Nubian Heritage 24 Hour Deodorant
Price: $4.99 = Soap & $8.99 = Deodorant
Skin Types: All (combo, oily, problem & sensitive)
Shop: The Vitamin Shoppe Stores Or
Why These 2 Are A Lazy Girl Must:
Nubian Herritage’s African Black Soap up levels the concept of bar soap to a new standard of effectiveness. It’s one of my go-to affordable beauty secrets because it has the ability to rejuvenate skin fast and is considered one of the brand’s hero products. The results are delivered thanks to the way Nubian Heritage combines Shea Butter’s hydrating properties with the soothing properties of Oats, Aloe and Cocoa Pod Ash to minimize the appearance of superficial skin imperfections. This deep cleansing formula provides detoxifying exfoliation to reveal radiantly healthy-looking skin without striping the skin of essential moisture. So the net/net is an overall glowing complexion and even tone that will garner you compliments. The deodorant another must try from Nubian Heritage. This aluminum free, deodorant comes in 7 scents and for centuries, African Black Soap, made with Palm Ash, Tamarind Extract and Plantain Peel has been used in Africa to care for the skin. Historical references to Shea Butter, a staple of African pharmacology, date back to the reported Shea Butter caravans of Cleopatra’s Egypt. So this modern Godsend has it’s root in ancient times.

3. Nerves And Sleeplessness! It Will Steal Your Glam Every Single Time!
Try: Genexa Sleepology & Stress Relief
Price: $16.99 each
Shop: or nationwide at many retailers including GNC, CVS, and Vitamin World.
Why This Is A Lazy Girl Must:
My number one lazy girl tip: Is multi-task and get the most out of the beauty and stress relief benefits that come from a solid night’s rest. If you’re tossing and turning and running over the to-do list in your head when you need to shut down, the results will be apparent head to toe the next day. So say “hello” to Genexa! The brand’s mission is to provide the healthiest medicines on the market, with the purest ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, artificial fillers and toxins. Genexa introduced the first USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified over-the-counter medicines to market. Sleepology is a non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you wake up feeling refreshed. While Stress Relief addresses symptoms of anxiety and irritability, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness, and fatigue. So the 2 compliment one another perfectly. The vanilla lavender flavor is incorporated into both chewable tablets and no surprise here, was formulated with input from an award winning chef so they taste yummy.

4. Need The Express Shower? I Have A Time Saving “Treet” For You
Try: Treets Traditions Revitalising Ceremonies Hair and Body Wash
Price: $12
Why This Is A Lazy Girl Must:
The ultimate definition of beauty for a “Lazy Girl” are beauty products that serve double duty! Treets Traditions Hair & Body Wash is just this! A 2-In-1 wash that deep cleanses your tresses and body in one shot. The goodness in the tube is Inspired by ceremonial exfoliating therapies, herbal steam rooms and baths that have been used for many centuries to promote healthy beautiful skin. It contains Eucalyptus (calming) and Nordic Cranberry Oil (high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants). What’s an added bonus is this soap free formula is gentle and safe to use since Treet’s products are free of SLS, SLES, Parabens, silicones, colorants and mineral oils.


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