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LOS ANGELES, CA… Before we delve into chapped lip and dry skin,l I want to take a moment out to tell you today marks my ten year anniversary of beauty editing on the KTLA Morning News. From that first segment in 2008 when I used laundry pins to clip back my blazer because it was too big to the time I dressed up as the Spider Girl and Mark and Abraham (who work backstage on the show) lowered me into the segment from this huge climbing wall…  as the song goes… “I’ve had the time of my life!” It’s been and continues to be one of the joys to create content for this award winning broadcast and get to share all the tips I amass with LA viewers. My producer Leila is like the sister I’ve never had.  Janet thank you for being my rock and teaching me with display tables… less is more.  I have so much fun running into Nancy at beauty events. Jess and Sam you 2 are the best hosts an expert could wish for. And Abraham thank you for being my quiet support and always having my back. Thank you Leila, Nancy, Janet, Kalina, Jessica, Sam, Lu, Lynette, Mark, Frank and my darling Abraham for making always feel like a part of the KTLA Family for the past 10 years. Words cannot express my gratitude.

And now onto me teaching you a thing or two about winter beauty blunders. As temperatures continue to make you wish for warmer days, the lack of humidity leaves you feeling dry from head to toe.  The Sahara dessert has more moisture in it than you do currently.  So have a read over how to add hydration back into your body, mind and soul with 8 products well worth your time and focus.


BLUNDER: “My lips are so chapped, I can’t apply lipstick over them! What do I do?” The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm
One product. Nine ingredients. Endless uses. Inspired by the Amazonian communities that have relied on natural oils to care for their skin for centuries, this balm is made with just nine, 100% natural-origin oils and waxes. Use this multi-tasking balm for all of your winter beauty concerns, such as to nourish and soften dry skin (including chapped lips, nose, cuticles and feet) or to hydrate skin and add a natural glow to your beauty routine (apply across eyelids and under puffy eyes). Enriched with Community Trade organic babassu oil and organic andiroba oil from Brazil. The balm does not contain silicones, added colorants, mineral oil, parrafins, and added fragrance. 100% vegetarian and is never tested on animals.
Price: $10, Available at The Body Shop stores nationwide and

BLUNDER: It’s so dry outside my eyes look puffy and my fine lines more pronounced NEW Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask
When a brand that’s treated icons: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, comes out with  a new product, I’m all ears or in this case all eyes to try it out. Repair cold weather/winter-induced inflammation around the eye area with these silky, all-in-one hydrogel eye patches are formulated with a powerhouse of ingredients to tackle the major signs of undereye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The masks conform perfectly to the contours under eyes and deliver transformational results after each use. Glycerin acts as a powerful moisture magnet to attract and hold hydration, helping fill in fine lines and crow’s feet, Vitamin B3 works as a natural illuminator that defies dark circles and discoloration by jump-starting skin cell renewal and Gotu Kola calms stressed skin and improves circulation, reducing puffiness from allergies, pollutants and other daily offenders. To use, apply to clean, dry under-eye area, avoiding direct eye contact. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove and gently massage any excess product into skin.
Price: $35 for a pack of six applications (12 individual masks), Available in January at Nordstrom,, and

BLUNDER: Your skin feels dry head to toe! But rather then panic, lets take it one thing at a time here and gauge how the winter months zapped a glow from your complexion in the first place…

 L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Cicacream
If you’re constantly moving from heated buildings to cold temps outside day in and out… this is a huge culprit as to why our complexions feel like they’ve crashed and burned overnight! So to counter this, I’ve been researching L’Oreal Paris’s new Revitalift Cicacream. It marries the best of modern science with eastern philosophy and Chinese Herbal Medicine into one anti-aging miracle in tube.  It’s a way to shield skin from internal and external aggressors that affect the skin barrier such as the brutal winter weather with Revitalift Cicacream. Formulated with Centella Asiatica + Pro-Retinol, Cicacream strengthens and repairs skin barrier to help resist visible lines, loss of firmness and other signs of aging that a weakened skin barrier can accentuate. Formulated with key ingredients like Glycerin and Shea Butter, the barrier cream helps skin maintain or regain its suppleness and smoothness, while Centella Asiatica (an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine) helps keep the skin strong, resulting in a healthier looking texture and noticeably hydrated skin.
To use: This lightweight, protective cream should be used after cleansing and before a moisturizer. Every morning and evening, smooth over the face until thoroughly absorbed. For best results, use in conjunction with other Revitalift products.
Price: $17.99, Available at

BLUNDER: Now add a dry scalp and hair to this growing list of winter skin woes! What will work wonders and at the same time not cost an arm and a leg?

Kérastase Nutritive Magistral Collection
Kérastase Paris introduces Nutritive Magistral – a haircare collection designed to help transform dry, sensitized hair. Utilizing advanced technology, Nutritive Magistral is comprised of Kérastase’s Nutritive Irisome Complex – a powerful nutrition complex that nourishes and creates a shield on the hair surface to provide 72 hours of dryness immunity protection. The collection also contains resin from the Benjoin Tree, known for its ability to recreate its inner nutrition from within. Kérastase extracted the miraculous Benjoin Tree resin to combine with Irisome at its highest concentration.
· Nutritive Bain Magistral – gently removes impurities and prepares the hair for treatment.
· Nutritive Fondant Magistral- provides deep nourishment, high manageability and extremely supple texture.
· Nutritive Masque Magistral (thick hair)– intensely nourishes the hair fiber and protects it from drying out.
· Nutritive Crème Magistrale – Featuring NEW Nutribalm Technology, Crème Magistral is a creamy white thermal-protective leave-in balm that melts into hair, immediately penetrating lengths and providing the perfect coating down to the ends. The formula contains a smoothing agent, shine booster and softener, providing shine and a lightweight finish
Price: $42-$62.50, Available at and Kérastase Salons

BLUNDER: Men think in the winter months they can skip applying SPF. Uh the sun doesn’t take a vacation December through March, neither should your SPF.

Big Cloud Daily Face Moisturizer with SPF by Dollar Shave Club
Winter UV can be sneaky and dangerous because most of us are off guard when it comes to sun protection during the colder months. Protect your skin from damage by looking for beauty and grooming essentials with SPF. This all-in-one Daily Moisturizer from Dollar Shave Club was developed with effectiveness and efficiency in mind. It’s a water-resistant SPF 25 moisturizer that combines the UV deflecting properties of Titanium Dioxide with the UV absorption qualities of Octinoxate. It’s formulated with Grape Stem Cells to further counteract the negative effects of UV exposure, Swiss Cress Sprouts to protect against environmental pollutants as well as Birch Bark Extract which stimulates collagen production to prevent visible signs of aging.
Price: $9 (2 oz.), Available at www.

BLUNDER: That gel cleanser that worked so well during Summer now suddenly is too drying for my skin.

SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser
During LA’s wet, humid winter months, it is imperative to properly cleanse skin to avoid clogged pores. This cream-to-foam dual-action cosmeceutical cleanser boasts a rich amino acid based surfactant technology that cleanses skin of dirt, debris, long-wear makeup, and impurities while simultaneously replenishing skin’s barrier to maintain proper moisture levels. Composed of a 15% concentration of key ingredients combining ceramides, panthenol, glycerin and essential oils to retain hydration and promote skin’s natural repair process, this cleanser deep cleans without stripping the skin. Suitable for dry, normal, oily, and combination skin. Non-comedogenic, free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, and dyes.
Price: $34, Available at and dermatologists nationwide

BLUNDER; My scalp shouldn’t resemble a snow filled christmas morning! The dryness and flakes are starting to give me more bad hair days then good.

NEW! Whole Blends Gentle Hair Care Oat Delicacy with Oat Milk & Rice Cream Extracts
Whole Blends most gentle recipe tested on sensitive scalp blooms with the powdery-soft fragrance of Oat Milk & Rice Cream, bringing to life wholesome, soothing care for your scalp and nourishing your hair with weightless hydration. The collection’s Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling Milk help soothe sensitive scalps and hydrate hair for smooth and healthy tresses without the weigh down.
Price: $4.49-6.99; Available in January 2018 nationwide at drug, food and mass market retailers and

BLUNDER: The number one thing people can do to improve their appearance, but don’t know or forget to do is this… MASK!

NEW Garnier SkinActive Soothing Rose Water 3-in-1 Moisturizer Part of Garnier SkinActive’s all-NEW 96% Naturally Derived Skincare line, the Soothing Rose Water 3-in-1 Moisturizer is free of parabens, petroleum, silicones, microbeads, dyes and sulfates. Formulated for all skin types, including sensitive, the moisturizer is allergy approved and has been tested under dermatological control. This fast absorbing, lightweight moisturizer intensely restores skins softness and suppleness while reducing fine lines. Multi-functioning, this moisturizer can be used as a day moisturizer, night moisturizer, or my favorite use is as a 10-minute mask which can be washed off or rubbed into skin. If you’re not masking one to two times weekly, especially during these colder months you’re doing a disservice to your complexion and short changing your self confidence!!!! So pick up what I’m putting down here and get your mask on everyone!
Price: $14.99; Available in October 2017 in select retailers and

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