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If you’re a movie buff (like me)…you’re probably at the point in your Saturday for which you’re pondering which of the many Academy Award movies you want to catch this evening? Are you in the mood for “Boyhood?” “Birdman?” “The Imitation Game?” “American Snipper?” or perhaps “Selma?” There are so many rich performances in these films!  But what about seeing “The Wedding Ringer?” Cue the sound effects of screeching car breaks right? The Wedding Ringer? You mean the movie with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad? Yes that’s the movie I’m thinking of.  It just opened last Friday amidst a sea of heavy weights. I got to attend the red carpet premiere recently, didn’t have a clue what to expect but was happy to go with an open mind and see what it’s all about. Turns out it’s fabulous!!! Is it an Academy Award piece of cinematic art? HELL NO!  But if you want to laugh your butt off, laugh until your sides hurt and have a blast this movie is just the ticket!

Wedding Ringer With Katie

The Wedding Ringer, directed by Jeremy Garelick, is the ultimate fish-out-of -water, buddy/buddy romp. Broadway vet, Josh Gad, plays Doug Harris a tightly wound guy who’s about to marry the girl-of-his-dreams when reality hits him: she’s going to find out he’s a big loser with no pals to support as groomsmen. Kaley Cuoco plays Paige, Doug’s bride-to-be. So to keep her in the dark forever, as far as Doug’s concerned, he hires Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) to be his best man and deliver the “Golden Tux.” Translation =  The first ever complete wedding party…Best Man plus a whole slew of groomsman. Getting this motley crew of random, wacko men together and training them to play their parts in this master minded wedding party is a labor of love and tons of fun to watch.  The Wedding Ringer keeps a nice pace and never lost my attention. Between igniting Grandma on fire and the dance off scene these two golden moments in the picture are worth the price of admission alone. It reminded me of some of my favorite moments from The Hangover (a movie Garelick’s name is on too). The chemistry between Hart and Gad and the friendship that evolves from their business arrangement is what drives the film. The notion of finding yourself somewhere between crazy and reality is a sub theme that hit home with me, and I would imagine resonates with lots of us.

And there are the funniest and most clever brand integrations that add loads of humor to the mix! Doug (Gad) has to figure out a name for his Wedding Ringer and tells Paige (Cuoco) off the top of his head it’s “Bic Mitchum!”  Jimmy (Hart) just about kills Doug when it’s revealed this will be his alias throughout the mission. He no more resembles a “Bic Mitchum” than the man on the moon.  But the awesome and effective Mitchum Deodorant got the ultimate compliment and plug when the writers of this movie, without their initial knowledge, wrote this into the script. It’s my mom’s No.1 favorite deodorant of all time. She’s been wearing it since I can remember. So between her and the movie I went back to Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Powder Fresh in the last couple of weeks, and I gotta admit I’m smelling (powder) fresh as a daisy!


Net/net the movie made me laugh to no end and also made me evaluate my body odor and regroup! I must say by evening’s end…it was a rousing success on both fronts. And I got to snap a pic along side Josh Gad after the movie at the post party. Turns out Josh is cooler than the under side of your pillow. I went home a happy girl!

Catch The Wedding Ringer in theaters NOW!!!! xo

Josh Gad

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