How Mederma Saved Me From My Curling Iron…

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When you’re watching an old Clint Eastwood movie or anything with Bruce Willis or Sly Stallone starring and they’re sporting a scar or two on their face you immediately think: “Rugged,” “Tough…” maybe a few of us ladies might even connect with the adjective “Hot!” However, correct me if I’m wrong, but when the scar is located on your face or as is my case on my knee…there is nothing “Hot” nor “Rugged” about it! “Tough?” Yes as in “Tough nut to swallow!  How do I minimize the appearance of this A.S.A.P.?” This said, in April of this year when my new curling iron magically found its way to my knee instead of my head all panic broke loose in my bathroom. “Oh for heaven’s sake, I KNOW this is going to scar!! I wonder to what extent? Will it look noticeable when I’m wearing shorts and skirts?” This is the mantra that played through my head over and over for days.

This torture landed me in the drugstore marching up and down the aisles, reading the back of boxes searching for the just the right solution. Eventually my gaze found its way to Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream and a glimmer of hope lit in my eyes. The box states it’s the #1 Doctor and Pharmacist recommended brand for scars. This was exactly the endorsement and validation I was looking for in the midst of my angst. So home we went: me and my new jar of hope!

I followed instructions and I applied a layer evenly onto the scar once nightly for 8 weeks (this is on new scars, which mine was. It’s 3 to 6 months on existing scars FYI). I waited and waited. About 2 weeks later I was wondering if my eyes were deceiving me but I thought I could detect a lighter looking appearance. By 4 weeks, we were in business and as my photo below reveals…a genuine, significant improvement was noticeable. There are no guarantees here!  You have to realize results may vary for each person. Give Mederma® PM a look see and see what it can do for your scar.

As Mederma® PM gradually became my new best friend over a period of 30 days…I began to want more knowledge and delved into the who, what, where, when and why Mederma® PM is such a rockstar beauty aid. Why did they gear this for night time use? Because during sleep our bodies work harder to reverse the skin damage caused during the day. At night while we’re resting, our bodies are repairing and regenerating skin cells at a faster more efficient rate. To complement the activity, the brand created Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream with Tripeptol™, a skin nourishing complex with peptides, collagen and antioxidants to support healthy looking skin. Mederma® PM is the first and only overnight scar cream specifically formulated and clinically shown to improve the size, texture, color and overall appearance of scars! The translation is this: Over time scars will appear softer, smaller, smoother and most importantly less visible. As you know Rome wasn’t built in a day so I think the thing to remember is the more consistent you are applying Mederma® PM nightly, the more likely you are to see an improvement.

Irony reared its head not long after my love affair with the brand began. Their publicity team contacted me to ask me if I had any awareness and experience with Mederma® personally? They wanted me to work with them on a media tour to create consumer awareness about their new Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream. I emailed them back and the conversation began like this “Hi Mederma…let me tell you the story of when my bright yellow curling iron landed on my knee…”

Curling Iron Attack on Knee, March 2014

Yikes...When Curling Irons Attack!

Yikes…When Curling Irons Attack!

30 Days Use of Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

knee way better

You can barely detect the slight discoloration. In my opinion, my knee is almost as good as new.

Please Be Aware:

I was compensated by the brand for this post, however the thoughts and opinions I’m sharing with you are sincerely from my heart, head and knee.

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