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February 16, 2017… National

Who doesn’t, at various moments as you’re getting dolled up for the day or a night on the town, love to employ a few “McGuyer” style beauty hacks to spin doctor your beauty routine around a bit?  Today, I’m heading over the set of Hollywood Today Live to hang out with this fun crew and compare and share my hacks with a few of theirs. Then we’ll bring the best ones straight to you to enjoy.  If you’re in LA tune in around 4PM PST on KCOP My 13. If you’re an NYC kid the segment will air in the noon hour on My 9, WWOR. So on this note, here’s my running list I’ve been compiling…

Stacy’s Favorite Beauty Hacks…

  • Dryer sheets can be used to add shine to your hair.
  • Don’t have a nail filer? Borrow the back of a matchbook. THEN for quick and easy eyeliner… lite a match, blow it out, wet the tip and use it to line you eyes with the black soot!
  • Savvy women swear by Cornstarch, which works wonders as an all-natural dry shampoo replacement. It soaks up sebum—which makes your hair greasy leaving you with killer volume and clean-looking roots. ALSO… adding an eighth of a teaspoon of cornstarch to nail polish instantly makes it matte.
  • Banana peels: use the peel of a banana to whiten your teeth! The reason is the peel is loaded with minerals, magnesium and potassium. The combo of these is what moves to whiten teeth. Do 2 min treatments 2 times a day initially to start to see a difference.
  • Petroleum Jelly: use under perfume to make the scent last longer!
  • Toothpaste: use it to get rid of a sudden ugly pimple. It’s the Sodium Bicarbonate that helps reduce the redness in the pimple and also minimize the swelling.
  • And more remedies for acne – Aspirin. Or honey mixed w/oatmeal
  • Coffee Grinds: Mixed with a little water to create a paste… apply under eyes to reduce puffiness. It’s the caffeine in the coffee that works it’s magic!

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