Gray Hair Has A New Enemy: Base Color Bar

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WISDOM: Gray hair is hereditary, we get it from our children

You know I love to make you laugh or smile as much as I can when I blog. But ladies… gray hair ain’t no laughing matter (to me).  My dad was pre-mature gray. He had a full head of gray hair by the age of 20. So when I was old enough to have beauty chats with my Mom, and this is me… so we’re talking about when I was 5 years old, I knew immediately trouble was brewing. “If Dad was gray by 20, where does this leave me?” I mused to Mom. Well let me tell you! It left me with big, fat gray roots by 27!  Jump forward to today and by week 3 (post color) I’m wearing a vast array of hats. By week 4 I try to make no major public appearances. And by this I’m referring to going to the bank or post office until I get a fresh round of color applied to my roots. Heaven forbid I might scare a small child with my 50 shades of gray.

So you know I screamed Hallaluah Ms. Haleh Lekkos when we met last month at her new hair color studio appropriately called Base Color Bar in Brentwood, CA. Haleh is one of “us” ladies. As salt-of-the-earth and down-to-earth as they come. Haleh originally gained her color I.Q. at Frederic Fekkai in Manhattan, NY.  She’s been coloring discerning folks’ tresses from Miami to Aspen to NYC. But what she started to decipher in her industry was the need for single process coloring at a competitive price. And with a little elbow grease and focus her color bar launched with a soft opening this past November. It’s fabulous for ladies of all ages and hair colors. It’s a spin on traditional hair color salons with an emphasis on NOT breaking your budget, being super convenient and sharing a touch of pampering and luxury while your gray promptly goes away.

Go Haleh Go! This is the owner and head colorist at Base Color Bar in Brentwood, CA

Go Haleh Go! This is the owner and head colorist at Base Color Bar in Brentwood, CA

The white wash walls, floors and furniture made the chilly November day feel light and airy when I walked in. Haleh got me some herb tea, sat me down and analyzed my hair. She was thorough and thoughtful in her assessment. The bar uses L’Oreal Inoa color products which come in regular or organic. I opted for regular and before I knew it my head was engulfed with lots of cold, rich, dark color… buh bye gray… see ya. Ladies in the plaza were noticing the color bar as they walked by and almost like a herd of zombies began filtering up to the front desk saying: “Wait you do color? Did you just open? Can you do my color? Like NOW?” Haleh smiled and while I was waiting for my color to process, she swiftly and expertly helped two other ladies bid their gray adieu. By the time my hair was rinsed out and blow dried, I felt… reborn.  Like shackles had been lifted, like the God rays where shining down from the sky. Okay perhaps this is a bit dramatic. Well needless to say I felt foxy once again.

From frumpy to foxy compliments of the color genius of the talented Haleh Lekkos

From frumpy to foxy compliments the color stylings of the talented Haleh Lekos

PRICES START:  At a reasonable $49 dollars (blow drys are extra, a la cart so add in another $35 if you want to depart with professionally dried hair.)

OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday, 10A to 7P

ADDRESS: 11677 San Vincente Blvd, Ste. 215, Los Angeles, CA 90069


PHONE: 310 820 0505

FINAL THOUGHTS: Why didn’t someone launch this sooner. I know Pitbull is know as Mr. Worldwide… but I want Haleh to be known throughout the land as Mrs. Worldwide and open more color bars for ladies trying to conceal their gray in Philadelphia and Dallas and Seattle for example. And I bet there are some stressed out gals across the pond too who need her intervention. The point is… she’s right here in our LA back yard. You have to try this out. It’s awesome.




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