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On-The-Go Beauty Shares From Actress, Mom, Wife &

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Jordana Brewster

LOS ANGELES, CA…. I’ve watched and read other people’s interviews with Fast & Furious actress, Jordana Brewster for years and alway thought to myself, “She seems like such an approachable, down to earth soul. Someone I feel like I would know here in LA.” Well thanks to Ponds… now I can say I’ve had the pleasure of connecting and chatting with Jordana and she truly is a grounded, warm, funny actor, mom and wife.  So it makes sense why Ponds would want to align with Jordana as a brand ambassador over these past 2 years.  All of their products are geared around streamlining our beauty routines and making life easier whether you’re a single lady or a working mom. We’re all trying to cover a million bases daily, and Ponds has engineered some great beauty essentials to make caring for our complexions affordable and easy.  Jordana understands and relates to this core concept, and so she shared a few fun tips with me I want to recap and fill you in on right now.

Q: Jordana what’s wound up being your go-to, can’t-live-without, “beauty bestie” from Ponds?

A: As a mom, I’m all about speed so I’m obsessed with Pond’s Towelettes. They’re super moisturizing and convenient – I keep them in my car or bag and literally wipe my makeup off as I’m going home. They’re a great time saver. – JB

Q: Have you had any recent “Beauty 911’s?” And if so how did you put the “fire” out?

A: The other day, I was in a rush and did my makeup in minutes. I went to leave my house and my nanny, who was there watching my children said ‘Wait, stop! What’s that brown streak on your forehead?’ I ran to a mirror and looked… it was some bronzer, I forgot to blend in. Oops! So I grabbed a Pond’s Towelette and quickly erased the evidence from my face in seconds, and hit the ground running. – JB

Q: I’m getting a strong sense you’re my new makeup-on-the-fly guru!  What’s your tip for adding color to your complexion easily?

A: Well you just read I love looking tan! But I also love a rosy dewy glow. I use Josie Maran’s Coloring Stick on my cheeks and lips – Rosie is the perfect color. – JB

Q: One thing I’ve always admired about your look is your brows. Through the years as brow trends have shifted from thin back to fuller… yours have always remained consistent and never diverted. What’s your brow I.Q. and tips for readers?

A: I love full brows and natural beauty look – which is maybe why Ali McGraw is my beauty icon! Charlotte Tillbury’s Legendary Brows gives me the perfect brow boost without making them too wild. – JB

I’ll add to Jordana’s tip and tell you the applicator brush is teeny tiny and it makes applying the color precise and extremely easy if you’re not savvy with makeup. It’s a must-try!

Q: With the holidays fast approaching do you have one last tip that’s a perfect “girlfriend gift,” office gift or stocking stuffer?

A: No matter the occasion, I always keep lip balm on because my lips get so dry, especially during the drier winter months. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is one of my favorites. It’s super moisturizing and it has a natural color so I can reapply and it makes a thoughtful, pampering treat for a friend over the holidays. – JB

You can follow Jordana’s life and adventures on Instagram and Twitter @jordanabrewster and watch her on Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” Tuesday nights!

DISCLOSURE: I was NOT compensated for this post. The thoughts and ideas are mine start to finish.


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