Fa La La La La! My Annual Holiday Beauty Gift Guide! Ready? Set? SHOP!

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The Holidays! The one season that takes the expression “Shop Till You Drop!” to hightened levels of insanity and stress. But guys, this isn’t rocket science. Nope!  It’s just means you play “Santa” for some of your favorite girlfriends, colleagues and family all month long. This should be fun, not a tear your hair out experience. So to help infuse some fun back into the equation, I’m framing out 4 gifts that can cover everyone in your inner and outer circles… from your best friend to your annoying colleague. Sure when your co-worker cooks fish in the break room microwave every week, leaving the environment smelling like Libby’s Lobster Shack… you want to strangle him. But lets take a deep breath… inhale… stay for the exhale… we got this! It’s time to get our “shop on…” you and me!


SITUATION: YOU crowned yourself this holiday 2017’s gal-on-the-GO!  Why? Because you’re racing from work to cocktails with your book group, you’re doing back-to-back holiday parties Friday through Sunday… and STOP wait!  You forgot you need cute White Elephant gifts for co-workers not to mention the other soccer moms you hang out with on the field every Saturday morning.

GIFT SOLUTION: Go on line to and purchase 1 to 2 dozen Gray Disappear Root Touch Up Tubes Leave them in your purse or car all December long, so you have an instant pampering gift! Thereby rendering you prepared for any and all sudden holiday gift-requiring situations. GD comes in your choice of 6 different hair colors. Generation Klean created an award winning, super easy to use natural gray hair cover for women and men. Your friends will anoint you their new “hero” because if you’re strapped for time, realize so are they! And if you have no time to get into you hair salon for a color appointment this hair essential saves us all time and money at the salon b/c you don’t need to get your hair colored as frequently. You apply Gray Disappear over gray hairs with a mascara-like brush. The results are instant and provide a uniform color… so no one will know you’ve used it. And before you ask me… “no, it won’t rub off on your pillow.” It contains Vitamin E, panthenol and natural waxes which are good for your hair and it’s completely free of the unhealthy chemicals you don’t want touching your hair nor scalp. Men love this for their beard, mustache and side burns because it discreet, fast and easy. It washes out with shampoo or even makeup remover. It’s a favorite of many well known celebs and some celebs that are battling cancer. So tie holiday ribbons around them and drop one in a stocking, gift another at your upcoming girlfriend get together or it’s perfect for an office gift exchange with colleagues. PRICE? $20 SAVE: 30% Off with the promo code “Klean” at checkout! SHOP GENERATIONKLEAN.COM HERE


SITUATION: You have a mom, best friend or sister who thinks she’s a natural born beauty expert! Or perhaps all 3 believe this about themselves. There is no antioxidant, peptide or hyaluronic sphere she’s not aware of in the beauty space. So you want to “wow” her with the latest ingredient and skincare technology, but you’re not sure exactly what this translates into?  This is why you know me!!! We introduce her to: Ceramiracle!!!

GIFT SOLUTION: Ceramiracle’s entire First Light line was inspired by a baby’s skin! Genius right? These skincare products were created for one purpose – to return our skin to the original baby smooth state of perfection. The products are suitable for all skin types and contains no fragrances. And what I love about the brand is there aren’t a million, different, time consuming steps! I can wrap this up for you in a bow in 3 steps. First Light Skin Supplement ($55) is hands down the easiest way to experience youthful skin. Just pop a capsule before bed and discover the magic when you wake up. The ingredients have been shown, in studies, to increase skin hydration, reduce wrinkles and diminish pore size. We were all born with the best moisturizer as infants, and now we can have it again. First Light The Serum ($89) is designed to mimic the Vernix Caseosa – the waxy layer protecting a newborn also known as the ‘first moisturizer’. The Serum is preservative free, and formulated like the vernix to protect, hydrate and nourish the skin. Oh and it works in under 5 minutes. After investing in a high performing serum the other thing that’s a skin game changer when your complexion looks “bleh?” A good face mask.  First Light The Reboot Mask ($59), a 2 in 1 treatment product that exfoliates like a gentle peel, while softening and conditioning the skin like a Korean sheet mask. It also preps the skin to maximize the efficacy of The Serum. Your “skincare expert” will bow down… there’s a new beauty sheriff in town… YOU! SHOP CERAMIRACLE HERE


SITUATION: From rotating face brushes to cellulite massagers… this friend has every beauty device under the sun! But does she have this rose gold, lipstick looking gadget that will make her face hair-free and smooth and her bathroom vanity sparkle?

GIFT SOLUTION: Trust me your friend will want to name her first child after you IF you gift her a Finishing Touch Flawless  It’s this year’s must-have addition to your beauty routine and the new (rose) gold-standard in women’s facial hair removal. Dermatologist recommended Flawless instantly and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair with a new spinning technology destined to make painful plucking or waxing obsolete. It works on all skin types and tones and is gentle enough to use every day without risking redness, irritation to your skin or battling in-grown hairs.  Best part is there’s no downtime waiting for regrowth to remove hair. The sleek and discreet white and rose gold façade is a serious upgrade to any vanity. With a built-in light and battery-operated design, Flawless is ideal at home or on-the-go for face, body and even bikini hair. It’s also TSA-approved for convenient travel. Insider Tip? When you have a special occasion and want to amp up your makeup application, use Flawless beforehand to remove peach fuzz. The 18-karat gold-plated head is hypoallergenic and removable for easy cleaning. PRICE: $19.99  SHOP HERE or Find It At: Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, Rite-Aid, Sally Beauty, Ulta.


SITUATION: From his office chair at 3P… to his lounge chair on Sunday afternoons… to the airplane seat… This gentleman values his cat naps as much as he values his local sports bar and favorite micro brew! So lets gift him something that’s healthy for his neck and head AND at the same time, support a company capitalizing on this holiday season by spreading love, joy and warmth throughout the community. 

GIFT SOLUTION: Memory Foam!  You have to be a savvy shopper folks, because not all memory foam is created equal. However the travel pillows at Burlington Stores are A+ and your hubby, colleague, brother of guy pal will thank you for up leveling his beauty sleep, his cat naps and any other form of rest and relaxation he manages to squeeze in there with a new travel pillow. Burlington offers 65% off other retailers every day price points.  So the good news is these pillows price out under $10 meaning it’s possible to gift someone a couple.  This way they can stash one at work and one at home. Another awesome reason to shop Burlington now through January 22: customers can donate a gently used coat at any Burlington store nationwide. As a thank you, those who donate will receive 10% off their entire order, valid through the end of the campaign.  For me… Burlington is a one-stop destination for all sorts of your holiday and gifting needs and emergencies. SHOP HERE

This is the look I’m going for, for you! Organized, prepared and at peace… until you have to deal with returns! But we’ll leave that for another blog another time! Happy Holidays!


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