Dr. Oz & Stacy RX For Looking 10lbs Thinner Instantly

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Dr.Oz & Stacy’s
Hollywood Secrets To Looking…
10lbs. Thinner Instantly
(As Seen On The Dr. Oz Show, 2/7/14)
“Really skinny actresses make me HUNGRY! I see them and think…honey you need to eat!”
~ Miranda Lambert ~
I love Miranda Lambert because regardless of the fact we’ve watched her weight and figure fluctuate over the years, she constantly exudes positive messages that keep it real for herself and her fans. Women DON’T need to crash diet or have plastic surgery to look thinner IF they understand how to create a slimmer silhouette. The biggest secret to instantly looking pounds thinner is all about mastering the art of “smoke and mirrors.” Women on TV know what to wear and how to wear it so they look their best every time they have to turn it on for the public. This said, here are some of my tips to help you create the illusion of a leaner YOU!
WHO ON TV: News anchors and talk show hosts (Think: Katie Couric, Oprah, Ann Curry)
PROBLEM SPOT: They are seated at a news desk so you’re seeing them from mid waist up. If you aren’t wearing the right body shapers/slimmers you’ll wind up with “tummy spillage,” muffin tops the visuals aren’t pretty here! And you might sit a desk all day long or be headed out on a date and will be sitting at a dinner table all evening with a prospective beau or you might be headed out on an interview. So we all at one point or another…seen by others in this framework/context.
DON’T: We the wrong body shaper underneath clothes that won’t deliver you full coverage
DO: Wear a body slimmer from bra line to just above the keens in order to get proper support. Find them at any department store for about $30 to $60
DO: Invest in a V~neck cardigan in a solid color and big stretchy black belt. The cardigan pops on camera while covering your arms and the belt gives the illusion of a super slim waist.
WHO ON TV: Actresses walking the red carpet at events who want to look slimmer and are being photographed from every angle imaginable (Think: Jane Fonda, Kate Winslet & Liv Tyler)
PROBLEM SPOT/GOAL: These ladies want to instantly create the sense that they are smaller all the way around
DO: Master the art of “strategic color blocking” Stars use this trick all the time and it helps them look somewhere in the ball park of 2 sizes smaller. You can do this to by shopping for a dress that blocks out color on the vertical (NOT the horizontal). Think panels of black fabric hugging your curves on both sides of your body and then down the middle a contrasting color…blue, cream, purple…you getting the idea? So it creates an illusion of a curvy and slimmer waist from any angle.
TRY: Macys has a ton of options to consider from brands such as: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Ivanka Trump
FOLLOW: you can create a shopping list via their web site of all the fun clothes you want to purchase and they will alert you as to when those items go on sale so you can ultimately purchase them at the lowest price point! Love this!!!
WHO ON TV: Think all the Kardashian ladies, Oprah, Kerry Washington, Sandra Bullock for example
WHAT: To lean out celebrities faces AND shape and shave about 5 pounds off their faces, Hollywood makeup artists employ the art of contouring check bones and noses.
HOW: The technique is the same on everyone. Make a “fish face” with your lips by sucking them in. When you do that, you’re able to identify where the hollows of your checks are at. Lay a matte blush or face powder 2 to 3 shades darker than your normal skin tone or blush into those hollows working the long angle you will notice appear. It might look a little severe in person, but it’s awesome if up on stage giving a speech or if you’re being photographed for a company or family photo…think along these lines. 

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