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Los Angeles, Ca…Nokia Theater…When the hair care brand Clear Scalp & Hair invited me to get my hair styled and attend NBC The Voice Concert Tour this past Tuesday evening, I thought “Oh that sounds like fun!” But the whole experience turned out to be way more than fun…kinda bordered on uplifting and inspirational…seriously!
Nokia Clear Scalp and Hair
LA’s 100+ degree weather is “No Bueno” for my hair. The ends are dry, my scalp feels dry…in short…I’m feeling like a lizard. Now there’s an attractive analogy for you to picture. But that’s where the magic hands of Celebrity Hair Stylist Jen Atkin comes into play. Originally from Hawaii, then Utah and finally a resident of Los Angeles…Jen immediately gives off such a lovely vibe when I connected with her. You have that “a-ha” moment and know your hair and even your spirit are about to have a cool experience. I love that JA took time to talk to me and assess what’s going on with my tresses and determine which Clear products to use on me. We ended up picking Clear Scalp & Hair’s Voluminzing Shampoo and Intense Hydration Conditioner for tech support. The whole wash/condition part of our appointment felt amazing in this summer heat…I was loving it and so was my scalp. What’s cool is the products are affordable and readily available at drugstores nationwide so it all translates from salon care to home care.  JA’s blowout delivered equal impact and polish! She’s a rockstar simply put!
Clear and Stacy Hair
As I departed the Andy Lecompte Salon feeling one part Kim Kardashian and one part good old me with really pimp hair, I headed off to the Nokia Theater to meet up with the performers from various seasons of NBC’s hit reality show “The Voice.” My number one target to connect with was country crooner… Jake Worthington. My mom and I adored his down home charm throughout season 6. When I located him at the meet and greet pre-show…he was all this and more. We took a selfie together and he told me he was so excited to be performing at the Nokia Theater on the same stage that Prince has stood on! I asked him if he gets nervous each time he hits the stage. Jake said “not really nervous, but adrenaline and excited to nail it!” That’s the spirit, love this kid! Jake also confided that’s when he gets home, he’s eager to obtain his boating license so he can drive when he goes fishing. Um can you say “Too cute?”
Jake the voice
I also had the pleasure of connecting with Dani Moz of Season 5 & TJ Wilkins of Season 6 (Remember him on Team Usher?). TJ is an LA boy, one of our own! He attended Cal State Northridge…his parents were in the audience on this night which is so lovely. TJ teased me that he’d be singing a song we could all sing alone to and when asked what fierce look he’d hit the stage in…he smugly smiled and said “yellow!” I was intrigued naturally to see what he had in store for us. Dani is one big ray of sunshine. She draws you in instantly with her warmth and smile. She looks you straight in the eyes when she speaks and what she says comes across with such sincerity and conviction. In short…I love these young performers to pieces. They have heart (and lots of soul) something that’s all too often discounted in this world.
Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins
The concert was phenomenal from the moment the lights went down to the moment it ended. Everyone gave a 100% every second they were on stage. Tessanne Chin the champion from Season 5 rocked the house when she sang Whitney Houston. I had the chills, her voice shook you to your core. And Josh Kaufman, Season 6 winner, blew the roof off the Sam Hatch tune “Latch.” Kristen Merlin walked herself though the audience as she rocked out to Carrie Underwood’s “Two Cadillacs”. She really connected with fans which has always been her strong suit. Will Champion, Jacqui Lee, Jake Barker and Christine Grimmie also shined and sang with every ounce of passion they possess. Dia Frampton Season 1’s runner up  showcased a new song she helped to write. And every time Jake Worthington lets loose that first note from his lips all I ever quietly utter is, “oh my!” The show was all about positivity, gratitude and having your voice heard. They even found 3 singers from the audience to come up on stage and experience a “blind audition” (we all covered our eyes and then clapped to pick a winner). By the time the huge red bouncing balls where floating through the audience while everyone on stage collectively sang “Happy” I didn’t want it to end nor did I want to go home. I danced myself “happily” right out of the Nokia humming all the way.
The final 2 concerts are tonight in Portland and this Saturday 8/2 in Redmond until the tour resumes next summer. But here’s the thing…the concerts may be ending BUT the music lives on, it never dies! And I think to a large extent this is the message Clear wants people to grasp, whether you attended the concert or not! ALL of these singers have songs available on itunes and they would love nothing more than to wind up on your ipod and in your hearts! Find a #CLEARVoice…that’s the message Clear Scalp & Hair is projecting in whatever it is you find joy and passion in! AND, if you support young talent…they will entertain you for years to come.
Voice whole group
DISCLOSURE: Clear was generous to me by treating me to a hair blowout at the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood and taking me to The Voice Tour as their guest…However my opinions and feedback in this post are all my own.
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