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This week ushered in a new couple to hang out with and break up our midday hum drum… Fox launched the Boris & Nicole Show with Boris Kodjoe and his lovely wife Nicole Ari-Parker. Married 10 years and parents to 2 cute kids…this is a Hollywood partnership legends are made of. Their relationship which began on the set of Showtime’s “Soul Food” has stood the test of time in an industry where who you’re dating NOW is as topical, interesting and well shallow as the question “Who are you wearing?” But clearly FOX saw this twosome as the next Sonny & Cher and this week they found a summer home on our TVS! I got to work with them today and had a blast producing our “Love it? Or Lose It?” Style Tips Segment. We took 3 fun hearted, open minded couples and I got to work my magic on them, tweaking some fashion ruts they had fallen into and needed some loving support and humor to get out of. Here’s the inside scoop and some tips you can adapt to you closet too!!!

Which do you love more: Fashion Styling? Skin Care? Makeup? Or Teaching Yoga?

I enjoy the fashion styling the most because you get instant gratification from the people you are working with, you see the skepticism at first then you get them in a new outfit and it melts into a smile of self-confidence and a twinkle I their eyes.

How difficult is it for people to let go of things, wardrobe styles or looks?

Old habits die really hard. It’s challenging for people to get outside of their comfort zone on their own. So segments like this are an opportunity to connect with couples and the viewers at home and remind them of the idea that it takes a village, and sometimes you need to ask for help, input and second opinions.

What simple inexpensive things people can do to make changes to their look or wardrobe?

~ Horizontal stripes look great on super models and Taylor Swift but not on the average body type – they make you look wider, older and heavier than you actually are – so do busy prints. Retire those things from your wardrobe.
~ Look at your favorite anchor person (news) – they wear bright solid colors – wear lots of great sheath dresses and blazers.Follow their lead. Take a screen shot with your cell phone and take it along with you when you shop of some of your favorite looks this person sports on air!
~ Tayloring – when you see J-lo, Jennifer Anniston etc they look great – well a little Hollywood secret is: a lot of their clothes are tailored, even their sports/activewear/jeans! It’s true. If you were going to make yourself a “slush-fund” for wardrobe – include tailoring in the game plan! Remember: The clothes aren’t wearing YOU are wearing them. Hire a tailor or seemstress to get them fitting well.
~ Often it’s not the dress that’s the problem – it’s NOT having the right under garments! Invest in quality spans & body shapers slimmers and shapers to go underneath things and deliver you a streamlined, smooth silhouette.

What nuggets would you give couples/people when they want the other to make a change?

Start with a positive – “You know that night… you looked amazing… I would love to help you adapt that look more often.” This way you are saying we will do this together and it will be fun, a date. Take her to get a makeup lesson, take him to go shopping. Do something interactive that you can enjoy together.

What would you do for the couples to spruce up their looks?

Fatimah – Rockin’ her floral dress – husband says it’s country and has a grandma, dated feel.
We want to get her into something that’s sleek, contemporary and classy – get her away from busy prints, outfits that don’t figure flatter. Separates, fitted pencil skirts, fitted blazer or sheath dresses.
Raoul – Booty shorts and very little else. He doesn’t believe that he’ll get attention unless his derrier is in the air. I want to challenge him on that – I think I have the skills to make him look even more handsome with a few more inches of fabric. I want to introduce him to fabrics that have cooling elements built into their blends. I’m going to show him products that have elements that can cool the body down for up to two hours.

Tomboy – How do you unlock Bri’s inner girlie girl without overdosing on that feminine energy? Tomboys are fragile creatures and – if you go too sassy, too feminine and too sexy – you’re likely to send them off the deep end and they won’t want to do anything. Best bet is to take baby steps – don’t overwhelm the tomboy – she’ll go right back to the tree house. Don’t intimidate or alienate the person. We’re trying to get a balance and support her with a bit of education with regard to makeup that makes sense to her, so she can go from store department store application to adaptable and digestible application at home. Clothes – something super cute that is not too plunging, short or shear. With a tomboy you only have 1 chance to get it right

Dave says Julie’s Old PJs make her looks like she’s going on a sleepover with her girlfriends!
So With Julie – we need to give her permission to be sexy. Like so many other women she is a people pleaser, because she is a wife, mom and busy real-estate agent being sexy feels like something she has no time nor energy for! I get it. So we must give them permission and encouragement to unlock that energy in herself. My goal is to help her and women just like her tap back into this beautiful but often ignored energy. Sometimes its just the psychology of it all that when I can show ladies: The psychology of wearing cotton is way different from wearing something smooth and silky, satin or lacey they get it and make the needed changes. Husbands always appreciate this LOL! My advice is: Go shopping together – make an evening of it – get a babysitter – try on some lingerie, silky and lacy nice things – buy it, go to dinner, go home wear it have fun!
Julie says when she and Dave head out to date night the tends wear super casual shorts and tees and it just doesn’t feel special or like he’s putting any effort in like he did when they first started dating. I think it’s hard for Dave because he’s a busy Dad and Hubby pulled in a million directions. So I worked with Dave on a couple different, easy to throw on date looks that look a whole lot more stylish and hip than the current shorts and tees! Stashing a couple jeans, blazers, pocket squares and clean stylish tennis shoes like Converse for example are all you need to make your honey feel like you made an effort! xo

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