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HOME BEAUTY TREATMENTS & DEVICES THAT JUST MIGHT LEAVE YOUR                                                                               PLASTIC SURGEON, MANICURIST & FACIALIST IN THE DUST!!!

There’s a new crop of beauty devices and treatments available to use right in the comfort of your home that could very well prevent eyelid lift surgery and give you new feet among the numerous awesome benefits these treatments offer up to us. Yep you heard me guys…who doesn’t need a new pair of feet after a summer of wearing flip flops everyday?!  Or a new set of yes while we’re creating out wish lists. So I dug in and did lots of research to save us a pretty penny (pun intended) when it comes to aging gracefully on a budget with the latest beauty inspired technology.

Lightstim bed

Yes that’s me in this picture!

PRICE: $249 + FREE shipping
Translation: On July 19 I had a facial at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa for over $200!!!! In it, the facialist used an LED Red/Blue light treatment for fine lines and wrinkles from the brand LightStim. My skin looked amazing, but I can’t afford to do this monthly. Turns out LightStim makes the same thing for home use for us! $249 (+ free shipping) LightStim devices are FDA cleared, gentle and great on all skin types especially aging skin and those battling acne. They emit UV-FREE beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. They make one for wrinkles, one for pain (which I have my mom using for her arthritis) and a third one for acne (which I’m using on my clients at my skincare studio to accelerate clearing up their complexions.) Word on the street is they’re making a LightStim LED bed with these UV Free lights that will help to rejuvenate, repair and energize every cell in the body! Who’s going to use it? Professional athletics to increase performance and stamina, and heal injuries more quickly. Physical Therapists for pain and healing, as well as Spas and Tanning salons for aesthetics and anti-aging. So innovative!!!


My photography skills in action at LightStim’s Irvine, Ca headquarters. Left to right: Wrinkles, Pain & Acne devices!

PRICES:   $240 cordless airbrush w/a foundation of your choice,  $195 cordless airbrush
Translation: Red Carpet Makeup right in your bathroom mirror
TEMPTU Air is the FIRST cordless airbrush makeup device for instant, effortless skin perfection. The brand’s patented technology delivers less makeup and more complete coverage than makeup brush application by itself. So what’s nice is the coverage is build-able from a very light, transparent finish to a look that delivers more full coverage and impact. You use it to apply Foundation, blush, bronzer & highlighter. One device covers all this ground! The Kit includes one TEMPTU Air device and one Airpod Foundation in your shade of your choice.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.25.39 PM

PRICE: $49.99                                                                                                                                                                                                 SHOP, SAVE $$$, FREE SERUM READ!!!:
viewers receive 10% off 1 Serum AND if you purchase 2 serums you get the 10% off PLUS 1 FREE!
Use the code “KTLA” when you checkout.
Translation: The number 3 cosmetic surgery in the world is eyelid lifts!!! Cost wise you’re looking at anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 dollars! Why spend all that money and go through the painful healing when you can try this first…
Amino Genesis NEW Eye Control is the FIRST eye serum in history to effectively lift your eyelids over a 60 day period. In the clinical trial participants said they saw a 61% reduction in the drooping lids!!! Users have actually canceled their cosmetic eye lid surgery. The secret ingredient is mimosa extract and the reason our lids tend to droop is called glycation. Sugar molecules in everything from eating a cookie to a piece of chicken have a negative impact on the lift in our faces! Who knew! This serum used twice daily applied all over your upper and lower lids has the ability to lift lids prolonging or halting pricey eyelid surgery all together. Eye Control helps you stop looking tired, or sad or even angry all the time, plus it works in fine lines and dark circles around you eyes too! May I please dunk my whole body into a vat of this? I want an all over lifting effect, right? Show of hands!

Eye Control Amino Genesis

First eye serum in history to minimize droopy, sagging eyelids!

PRICE: $25 per treatment
Translation: Know the chemical exfoliation during our pedicures nail techs place on the soles of our feet to make them baby smooth and we all pay an additional $8 to $10 dollars for it? Well have I got something for you to try at home that kicks its butt & is achieving “cult” level status. It’s appropriately called “Baby Foot!” This innovative foot care product makes your feet literally baby soft. The award winning formula of 17 types of natural extracts all work together on your feet to exfoliate NATURALLY, leaving them highly moisturized. PLUS it’ll improve other foot problems such as foot odor, athletes foot and blood circulation. So say adios to rough, cracked soles. It’s super easy to use. Place each foot in the treatment pack for one hour then rinse off feet afterward. The actual peeling begins in 5 to 7 days. Baby Foot has been starting to get super popular and gain awareness predominantly because of word of mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.21.14 PM

Beauty blogger is obsessed with Baby Foot and told me I had to jump on the band wagon. She’s so right and I’m it’s new biggest cheerleader!


PRICE: $649                                                                                                                                                                                                       SHOP: Available at
Translation: The system works to compliment and maintain the results of professional treatments performed in-office AND if laser in a medical setting isn’t your thing or in your budget…fear not! This is the next best thing.
This first-of-its-kind kit combines the Tria Age-Defying Laser w/Award Winning SkinCeuticals & their C E Ferulic and Resveratrol B E, for a nightly regimen that works in conjunction to diminish wrinkles and improve overall evenness and texture, while minimizing the irritation and discomfort typically associated with laser treatments.The combination of at-home devices with cosmeceuticals offers a revolutionary new way to treat skin at home, with clinical data proving devices assist in the penetration of topical treatments and enhance their effects. With the application of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and Resveratrol B E immediately post-use of Tria, users see a significant improvement over standard results. Here’s the bottom line: For folks with very sensitive skin for which a doctor’s laser might be too potent…Tria Beauty’s laser delivers safe, FDA approved doses of it on a daily basis. Then with the skin warmed up, primed and ready to go, the SkinCeuticals 2 Antioxidant serums have an easier time penetrating the skin and a much higher level of adsorption for quicker more noticeable anti aging results. This was a very thought through partnership and it makes total sense to me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.42.17 PM

NEW GO SMiLE Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System Colors- VIOLET
PRICE: $129
SHOP: Available
Contains 1 Sonic Blue LED 2 speed toothbrush with Blue Light, 1 3.5oz Teeth Whitening Gel (sold individually for $29), 2 replacement brush heads and 1 charging station.
Translation: Teeth whitening is a lesson in gluttony, humility and underplaying the post treatment pain factor at the Dentist’s office.  I have vivid memories of that 2003 appointment I endured and plan never to head down this road again. Talk about traumatizing.  This said, the whitening experts at GO SMiLE are excited to launch NEW Colors to the Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System. This system is the first LED sonic, rechargeable toothbrush that harnesses the power of blue light technology tuned to wavelengths shown to kill bacteria, increase whitening efficiency, and reduce plaque. The brush is used in conjunction with the new GO SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel and your toothpaste of choice to whiten your smile in an easy process that replaces your usual brushing, rather than adding an extra step.
Faster results – 2 days = 2+, 1 week = 4+, 2 weeks = 5+ and 30 days = 7+ shades
No extra steps – Simply pair the Teeth Whitening Gel with your favorite toothpaste to whiten and gently lift stains with virtually zero sensitivity
Kills bacteria – Emits specific light wavelengths that are shown to safely kill bad oral bacteria that cause gingivitis, gum disease and plaque

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.44.23 PM

Clarisonic Alpha Fit
PRICE: $189
SHOP: Available at in September
Translation: Men you can drop the soap on a rope to cleanse your face and try something new and better: Introducing Alpha Fit – Clarisonic’s first device engineered specifically to clean men’s tougher skin. Patented sonic technology cleanses away oil, sweat and grime for healthier feeling, more energized skin — whether you’re ready for a smoother, closer shave or a beard that looks and feel its best. The device features two simple settings to energize men’s skin:
1. Clean-Shaven – daily cleansing for clean-shaven faces to prep skin for a closer, smoother shave
2. Bearded or Power Cleaning – to deep clean for a more comfortable beard or for more cleansing power post-workout
After four weeks of use, 100% of men felt their skin was cleaner, more comfortable, and smoother, and over 90% of men experienced less shaving nicks, razor bumps, and a closer shave. After only two weeks of use, over 90% of men felt their skin was energized, revived and hydrated, and men with beards felt a cleaner, softer and more comfortable beard.
A brand new, compact and waterproof design fits in the palm of your hand and is easily portable for gym, travel and on-the-go cleansing. The Alpha Fit kit includes a Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush Head, specifically designed for more resilient skin to provide an invigorating sonic cleanse for bearded or clean-shaven men.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.38.47 PM

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