Albolene’s New Eye Makeup Remover = Award Show Season MUST!

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The Red Carpet Beauty Secret Hollywood Is Buzzing Over…

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Who: Stacy Cox, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert

Where: Universal Studios, CA
When: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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What: Tune Into NBC Access Hollywood Live today for my beauty report

Ladies and teens love a good beauty hack plus we’re all equally enamored with getting the inside scoop on what celebrity makeup artists stash in their beauty arsenals to glam stars up throughout the current award show season. So today, I’m landing front and center on NBC’s Access Hollywood Live and get the opportunity to cover both topics using just ONE key beauty aid. The brand is Albolene! And their newly launched eye makeup remover is slaying it’s competition and your long wear, bullet proof eye makeup like a champ. The most exciting thing to note here is NO water (yes you read this correctly ZERO H2O) is required to use it and remove makeup. Lazy Gals are you picking up what I’m putting down? And this is just the icing on the cake. If you read on, I’ll break it all down for you in super easy to digest, simple terms PLUS share 3 clever beauty hacks using Albolene great for your lips, body and fixing broken shadows and blushes in a snap.

WHAT: Albolene’s Moisturizing Cleanser & New Eye Makeup Remover

PROBLEM: Take a look at this lovely “sleeping beauty” in the photo below…

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Clearly the notion of walking herself to the bathroom and washing and removing the day’s makeup from her complexion was too taxing on her soul, LOL.  So this little lady, makeup and all, hit the hay. However, what if I tell you there’s a new eye makeup remover that’s kicking butt and kicking long wear mascara and eyeliner to the curb? The reality is: you’ll never need to leave your bed for sake of your beauty routine again… if you choose not to.

Albolene puts the”V”in veteran! It debuted back in 1885! If you can,wrap your head around this.  The “hero” product was and today still is their moisturizing cleanser. What’s so exciting and well worth looping you into is the cleanser requires NO water to remove your tough as nails, long wear makeup. It’s missing the big 3: preservatives, parabens and fragrance. So you can apply it all over your face and effectively and gently remove makeup and dirt and leave the thin layer that remains, alone and intact on your face. It’s acting as a gentle but effective moisturizer.  So if you’re limited on your beauty dollars… here’s a savvy anti-aging tip that might afford you the luxury of not investing in a pricy face serum or eye cream moving forward! Not to mention the time you’re saving by not needing to apply additional skincare products.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Albolene forged forward and is psyched to launch their new Eye Makeup Remover. It’s silky, smooth texture instantly winds up being your first “a-ha” moment. And building off of this,  another great take away is the eye makeup remover is itch, irritation and burn FREE!  The clinical studies indicate the Eye Makeup Remover is way ahead of a few sizable competing brands in as far as effectiveness in getting your long wear eye makeup off while simultaneously hydrating the skin around your eyes.  I wonder, why things alway go on so easy, and after you’ve had them on for a while, you get stuck? Like when you get that tight dress half over your head/half off. And eyeliner and mascara that bunches and fights you when you try to remove it, so you stand their for a moment resembling the lovely Tammy Faye Baker (remember her?)  Good lord, this vision of glamour I’m creating at the moment is anything but! So something industrial strength, but super gentle that works without needing water, yes can easily be considered the 8th wonder of the world.  Think about it! When we’re traveling for vacay or business… on a camping trip… at the gym… it’s genius to have a product that doesn’t require you to find water in order to be able to use it and care for yourself. I can’t stress this one enough. And sparing the environment and using less water day to day is an awesome way to “green your beauty routine.”

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Now That You Understand The Rules: Here’s 3 Fun Ways To Break Them! The Albolene Beauty Hacks

Red Carpet Ready Legs:  Don’t you just love the way that celebrities’ legs look at events? To achieve this look, rub Albolene along your legs and dust with some highlighting powder to make them look sleek and sophisticated. Women with darker-­‐toned skin can combine some sheer bronzer with Albolene for a warm, sexy look.

Luscious Lips: Dab Albolene on the lips. After a few minutes, use a clean, damp, small, soft toothbrush to brush off any flaky bits of dry skin. Finish off by lining lips with a neutral lip liner and pat on some more Albolene for a dewy pout.Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.29.23 AM

Eye Shadow Rescue:  Is your favorite eye shadow broken into tiny bits? Don’t fret. Take the remainder and put it into a small plastic bag or sealable container. Mix in a tiny bit of Albolene to create a creamy shadow of your favorite color instead.

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What’s fun to realize is the very products innovated to safely and gently remove your face and eye makeup… are the very products that are helping you create new eye and lip shades to apply and wear. I love when life, and in this case beauty, comes full circle, stretches our dollars and delivers on the promised results.  To me this personifies the definition of “smart beauty.”

Where To Purchase Albolene: 

  • Walgreens

  • CVS Pharmacy

  • Rite Aid

  • Safeway

  • Albertsons

  • Walmart


DISCLOSURE: Albolene provided me with product samples to educate me and get me up to speed on the new eye makeup remover. They were supportive enough to graciously value me and my time. In doing so, they compensated me for my research, writing and TV appearance on Access Hollywood Live. However this explained, my opinion & point of view are distinctively my own regarding how safe and effective I discovered the brand to be.


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